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What Time Is Brunch?

When Does Breakfast Become Brunch?

what time is brunch

What time is brunch?

Brunch is a fun English word brunch that comes from two words “Breakfast” and “Lunch” for the purpose describe of “brunch” or “early lunch”.

Apparently, the Winnie the Pooh was the first to throw the idea of ​​brunch to the world, who went to visit Rabbit just when breakfast had long been over, and lunch had not even thought to start.

A traditional Sunday breakfast, which slowly turns into lunch, is called brunch. 

what time is brunch served

What time is brunch served?

The brunch time starts in the interval between 11:00 and 15:00

Such a time interval is not accidental.

Traditional English breakfasts start at 8 am. But after a fun Saturday night, nobody wants to get up early, so Sunday breakfast transforms into brunch.

Usually the British are fond of brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

what time is brunch hours

Typically, such a “snack” ends with an abundant high-calorie traditional English breakfast, in addition to freshly baked pancakes, abundantly spread with soft butter, while filled to the brim with strawberry jam (“right” jam, like in England saying).

What includes in traditional Brunch?

  1. Fried bacon, with fat, four slices, at least fried to a crisp.
  2. Three, or even four, fried to black English sausages.
  3. Two fresh tomatoes, cut in half and fried in a pan with butter. Peeled tomatoes, pieces two or three, depending of the size, preheated in a microwave. They famously spread out all over the plate, creating a red border for the English breakfast.
  1. Fresh, completely fried champignons in olive oil.
  2. Necessarily two, or even three thick toasts, plentifully smeared and saturated with oil.
  3. The main attribute of the English brunch is white beans in tomato sauce, adored by all Englands, which they are ready to tirelessly eat three times a day in various variations.
  4. And in conclusion — two fried eggs. And that’s not all!
what is brunch time

Do not forget to serve a huge bottle of ketchup for a right brunch. And at the end — tightly brewed tea with milk, sugar, toasters, butter, pancakes and the «right» strawberry jam.

And remember, all this is made for one person

It would seem that after such an abundant and high-calorie brunch breakfast, a person from the kitchen can only roll out.

Plop down heavily on the sofa and digest everything all day, being afraid to move again.

But no! After such a gluttony, the British slowly creep out onto their gardens and begin to cut grass, cut bushes, take care of flowers, while thinking about the upcoming tea party at five o’clock in the evening and Sunday lunch. 

What can We say — a national tradition!

brunch meaning


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