Never Leave It in The Car! Water, Yogurt, Glasses and Six More Things.

Check this list of these surprising items.

Written by Meredith Hayes. Updated on never leave in the car in summer
If you forget something from this list what you should never leave in the car.
It can at minimum cause problems but more often cause damage to your car.
Check this list of these surprising items.

Water bottle

Government warns: a plastic bottle with water can cause a fire, so never leave it in the car. Acting as a lens, water shrinks the sun’s rays, concentrating them on one point.
The temperature in its center can reach 120 degrees – this is enough for the seats upholstery and the plastic in the car to start melting.
Also, at the rising air temperatures (and on sunny days it can rise to  118.4℉  degrees inside the machine), plastic releases BPA (bisphenol A) into the water – a chemical that causes significant changes in the body (developmental delay, cancer including prostate and ovarian cancer).


never leave glasses in the car

This is more than obvious. Medical glasses, also without a case, cannot be left in the car – even for a short time.
As shown by practical experiments, under the sighting sunbeam transmitted through the lens, and the car’s upholstery started to burn in a few minutes.


… and any other dairy products. Under the influence of high temperatures, sour milk begins to actively “puff.”
The accumulation of gases in the package may cause an explosion. He is not dangerous, but you will have to scrub the yogurt from the salon for a long time.
Also, you won’t be able to get rid of the scents without professional cleaning.

Dragee sweets

When the air temperature is above 86 degrees multi-colored lollipops begin to melt quickly.
If you have forgotten in the car open packaging of sweets, be prepared for the fact that the car interior will be decorated with rainbow spots. And completely impossible to wash it out from upholstery.
According to the “candies-victims”, traces of dyes that are added to the sweet does not remove even in the dry cleaning.


never leave cosmetic in the car

Do not keep decorative cosmetics in the car – unless you plan to say goodbye to it.
It is not friendly with the heat. Under the influence of sunlight, lipstick, gloss and mascara melt and flow out of the tube.
Leaving poorly visible marks on the upholstery, and shadows and powders change their texture, becoming unsuitable for use.



It is really important information that drug manufacturers indicate the maximum temperature for products – and it rarely exceeds 77 ° F, never leave it in the car without special refrigerator.
In the conditions of heat medications at least lose their beneficial properties, and as a maximum – it can become dangerous to use.
Do not count on first-aid pack that are stored in your car “just in case.” Most likely, they will not work.


gadgets in the warm car

Lithium-ion battery gadgets are a time bomb. It does not tolerate high temperatures and may explode.
At what point it will happen – is unknown, so do not take any chances, and take all the car gadgets with you.


This item causes an ambiguous opinion among experts, but, according to some of them, a can of compressed air can explode.
At a time when the temperature in the car reaches 118 degrees – and this is possible, in summer at some regions of our country.

Bank card

A bank card made of thin plastic left in direct sunlight may melt. And even if this does not happen, in the conditions of heat, it will almost demagnetize with an almost 100% guarantee, which means it will become absolutely useless.
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