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Beezzly is an online resource with hundreds of household tips and recommendations, helping housewives run their house. 

We cover plenty of issues related to our everyday life. Beezzly Team assists everyone to make their homes cozy and run their household chores easily. We also advise on food cooking and food storage issues. You will find cool tips on house improvement and outdoor activities. Articles about beauty, haircare and clothing will guide you through the latest developments and will offer a solution to any question you might have. 

We are happy to share our experience and help you solve your problem quickly and easily. 

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Beezzly Team consists of experienced Writers, Editors, and Managers. Our aim is to make your everyday life much easier for you to have more fun and time for other activities. 

It is not a secret that we can be overwhelmed taking care of our living space and keeping it neat. It takes a lot of energy and time to keep our house or apartment tidy and keep things in order. We want to change that!

Our mission and our main desire is to help people run their homes without too much effort, cook food without spending too much time, and be always in good shape and stay good looking. Is this what you are looking for? Then check our Guides and stay with us, because we have a lot more to share with you!

Our mission is to help our readers to organize their homes and lives so that both of them become pleasant and enjoying.

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Editor Manager

Olivia Herringhton

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Camilla Moln

Camilla is an experienced Consultant with more than 20 years of preparing professional articles for numerous online resources. She has done a tremendous job and has learned a lot during her career. Camilla will advise you on the latest trends and give amazing tips on how to decorate a house. Read more

Elisa Chan

Elisa is a passionate cook who will advise you on healthy and delicious food topics! With her help, you will discover how to properly store and freeze food, as well as learn important nuances about preserving vitamins in your meals to make them stay nutritious. Read more

Kate Holmsy

Kate worked in "The Fashion Magazine" for four years as a freelance writer and loved to consult and help people with their style. How to create your own style, how to look beautiful, and select trendy colors for your hair - these are just a few of many issues Kate will happily explain in Beezzly Beauty blogs! Read more

Meredith Hayes

Health and Well-being
Meredith will assist you with your health and family problems. She is a professional therapist who has huge experience in the field of family health care. Read more

Olivia Paxton

Olivia shares all she knows about the hotels, houses, and home cleaning with Beezzly readers. And she knows a lot! 15 years of work experience as a Manager in a former Four Season Service gave Olivia an exceptional base of professional knowledge and practical experience. Read more