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Running a household is not an easy task and we know that.

That is why we decided to create an online space where every housewife and anyone who wants their home to become even cozier could find all the handy information on any topic!

Our team

Is a group of experienced writers, editors, and managers who thrive for making your life easier.

We know on our own experience what it means (and what it takes) to keep the living space neat and tidy, and what it is to deal with lots of other household duties, and we want to help others to make this process easier.

We are also eager to help our readers to learn more handy hints about beauty and lifestyle so that they could look even more gorgeous! 

Our mission is to help our readers to organize their homes and lives so that both of them become pleasant and enjoying.

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In case you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or you would like to share your opinion with our team of editors, you are very welcomed to get in touch with us.

Editor Manager

Olivia Herringhton

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Camilla Moln

Camilla Moln

She worked as a consultant for more than 60 articles and has 20 years of work experience as a freelance writer. Now her focus is on decoration tips that are affordable for every family and what you can do without special consultants at home. Read more

Elisa Chan

Elisa Chan

She is a passionate cooker because of her education she loves to make healthy and delicious dishes. She is happy to share with us her proper freezing and storing tips to keep all the nutrients. Currently working on easy to implement storing food guide. Read more

Kate Holmsy

Kate Holmsy

She was working in The Fashion magazine for 4 years, and she loves to consult people about their style. Her passion is hair dye and cool and trendy fashion looks. She always tries to find something new for our reader and she never stops learning and always trying to find easy answers for difficult questions. Read more


Meredith Hayes

Meredith is a family therapist, and you can always visit her with any problem or question that you have. She can consult or help you in any situation. Also, she fond of her library, and she is a garden-amateur, as she says, in Camden. Read more

Olivia Paxton

Olivia Paxton

Olivia is a Former Four Season Service Manager she worked there for 15 years. She knows all the nuances and secrets of hotels, houses, and apartment cleaning. We are very proud that she is a part of our team of Experts and shares her knowledge and experience with us. Read more