Can You Freeze Cheese?

How to preserve cheese this way to keep it edible longer?

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Cheese is one of the most common products on any table. It is widely used in cooking and for eating it fresh, so naturally, sooner or later the question occurs: can cheese be frozen?

How to preserve cheese this way to keep it edible longer? Is it possible at all?

This and other questions will be answered below.

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Freezing Cheese: Possible Or Not?

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Finally, it’s important to know what actions to take to get frozen cheese at home and do it correctly!

Several options exist on how to freeze cheese. 

  • Sliced or shredded cheese

To preserve it this way, cut the cheese in slices of shred it and put it into a resealable plastic package (the one with the zip lock would be the best).

Squeeze out the excess air and close it tightly.

Remember to put the sheets of parchment between the slices to prevent them from sticking together!

  • Another variant is to freeze blocks.

This approach is good for storing big head of cheese since cheese blocks take less space in the freezing camera. 

Cut the cheese in small blocks and stuff the plastic package with them leaving as little air inside as possible.

Put the expiry date on the package and freeze.

Being kept this way, your cheese will remain edible from two to six months.

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Store Cheese For Months With This TechniqueStore Cheese For Months With This Technique