Who Gives This Woman?

Wedding day will remain forever in the heart of the bride.

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Who Gives This Woman?

A wedding is a serious step in the life of a couple after propose and a solemn event. Marriage fixed in heaven is what people say about weddings blessed in the church. Some couples are afraid of taking such a step, they say, it is a very big responsibility. And those young couples who are ready to receive a blessing from the church need to be confident in their half and trust in themselves.

Let’s see how the most solemn part of the ceremony looks like. We walk about giving the bride away.

Who is Present at the Blessing Wedding Ceremony?

Many people are attending the wedding ceremony for Catholics. For example, there may be several witnesses on each side, often up to three. The ceremony looks very spectacular with the bride in an elegant wedding dress and three witnesses in the same nice attire like alternative brides.

who gives this bride
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Another significant character of the wedding is a little girl dressed in a white dress. The little girl becomes the decoration of the event, it displays the symbol of innocence, virginity, and pure spirituality.

At this time, witnesses are on the two sides of the couple. The rest of the guests are sitting on the benches.


Presentation of the Bride

The bride’s appearance is the starting point of the ceremony, and everybody anticipates it. One of the main roles here is assigned to the bride’s father. It is he who introduces the bride to the temple and guides her hand across the church to the altar along the beautifully decorated walkway where the bridegroom is waiting for them.

This is the moment of giving daughter away from the parental hands into new hands. And the parents place big hopes of their child’s happy married life. From now on, it is the man who will take care of their beloved daughter and will be responsible for her future. It is worth noting that this is one of the most sentimental moments!

If the bride does not have a father, another person takes on his role, who has taken care of her: an older brother, an uncle, sometimes even the husband’s father.

Who Gives the Bride Away?

Who Gives the Bride Away
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The tradition says that her father should lead the bride in a white dress to the altar. This is truly a touching episode when a father gives daughter away. The man who gave her life now helps her enter a new adult stage. It looks very beautiful and sentimental, and pride for the daughter is read on the faces of absolutely all fathers on such an important mission.

Who Else Can Participate in the Giving of the Bride?

What to do if there is no father or he cannot attend the wedding? There are many solutions so that the bride’s exit remains unforgettable. If the bride does not have a father or he is not available at the wedding, he can be replaced by the bride’s brother, grandfather, godmother or uncle. It can be even a mother giving away daughter at wedding.

Usually, this person should be married, although now this condition has become optional. But another rule has been preserved, the bride walks on the right hand of her companion.

Giving Away the Bride Wording

There is no strict standard for giving away the bride quotes, but usually, it is a common scenario. Parent blessing wedding words can be as follows:

Option 1

“Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”

The responses are:

  • “I do”
  • “Her mother and I do”
  • Or together “We do”

Option 2

“Who gives this woman today to this man?”

Both parents answer:

  • “I do” or “We do.”

Option 3

“Who has the intention to give this woman to this man?”

One of these answers can be given:

  • “I do”
  • “Her mother and I do”
  • Or “We do”

The father can also respond with a speech starting with words “Today I give my daughter away.” And then he can bless a new family.

The Wedding Ceremony

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And so the ceremony begins. It is conducted by a wedding officiant. He says opening words, reads prayers and gives communion to the young couple.

Having said the necessary prayers, the wedding officiant will ask three main questions:

  •   Did the bride and groom come to the ceremony of their own free will?
  •   Are you ready to give each other love and loyalty for the rest of your life?
  •   Are you ready to raise the children in care and according to the church rules?

If the couple positively replied, he is asking an obligatory question: Is there someone or some reason that may impede this marriage?

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Further, the bride and groom give each other marriage vows. This oath is full of beautiful words of gratitude and love.

The classical wedding vow sounds like “I, (name), take you, (name), to be my lawfully wedded (husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” The wording may be changed and a young couple can even exchange poems.

The moment is as emotional as giving away the bride scene.

After that, if no one hindered the marriage and everything was done strictly according to the traditions and rules, the marriage is considered valid.

Wedding Reception

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After the church, the wedding procession goes to celebrate such a joyful event. Toasts and speeches sound in honor of the newlyweds. The first dance during the celebration is performed by the bride and groom.

The couple also cuts the wedding cake. The joint cutting of the wedding cake symbolizes the first dish, which the bride and groom share together.

Giving Away the Bride Wording
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The celebration ends with the young couple set off for their honeymoon. Often the couple goes on a trip the next day, which means that they are waiting for their first wedding night The groom must bring the bride into the house in his arms, which symbolizes the intersection of the line between life before marriage and after.

Wedding day will remain forever in the heart of the bride. She will always remember the moment her father was giving away the bride and the warm parental blessing wedding words.

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