How To Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable? 10 Ideas

What should be in the most comfortable home?

Written by Camilla Moln. Updated on How To Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable 10 Ideas

Remove unnecessary things, add green plants, take time for yourself – and life will become better and more fun! We have compiled a shortlist of interior ideas that will make a living in a house more comfortable.

Spend time for yourself

Make a habit of relaxing in bed longer on weekends: no matter what the time management gurus say, it’s sometimes important to give yourself a chance for a short vacation.

Breakfast in bed is a dubious idea from films, which in practice is more remembered for sandwich crumbs in bed. But it is quite possible to arrange a morning coffee ceremony: the main thing is to have a stable tray.

By the way, it will come in handy in the evening – to transport tea and desserts from the kitchen to the living room.

Spend time for yourself
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Add plants

The green color is very calming, and if your garden doesn’t rustle under the window, try to create a mini copy of it in the house.

Plants such as aglaonema, dwarf ficus, and dracaena bordered well tolerate in even insufficient lighting, so the risk of ruining them in a dark corner is minimal.

But if you know for sure that caring for plants is not your best side, choose a useful floral decor – for example, coasters in the form of large leaves or home textiles with floral prints.

This is a much more organic and successful solution than decorating a house with artificial greenery. Plants ideally help to create coziness in a comfortable house.

Have reminders

For a long time, we don’t have to keep in mind all the important dates and to-do lists: the calendar on your mobile will remind you of the birthday of your beloved mother-in-law, and a hungry husband will remind you of the need to go shopping.

What if even this doesn’t help you to plan the day? Hang a reminder in your visual area, for example, write on a chalkboard. By the way, chalk paint is also sold in stores – if there is not enough space on the board, you can paint the whole wall.

Have reminders
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Choose good curtains

In a comfortable home should be properly selected curtains. The harsh light from street lamps or the house in the opposite is just as big a problem for a city apartment as low light.

Don’t want to clutter the space with heavy, dense draperies?

Sew for windows laconic Roman curtains or roller blinds from fabrics with blackout function – they will reliably protect from aggressive light and will give you an opportunity to sleep.

Use fragrances for home

Candles, scented sachets, or cinnamon sticks in open bowls are budget and effective helpers in creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Do you think that home accessories are dust collectors? Buy fresh flowers: they have not yet spoiled the appearance of a single house.

Use fragrances for home
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Look at favorites frequently

To organize a home photo gallery, you don’t need to have the skills of a decorator. Print a few large photos of your loved ones on the foam board and decorate an empty wall: this is how your home is guaranteed will have a new source of inspiration.

By the way, if you know the basic techniques of working in graphic editors, try styling your pictures with pop art: this technique is now at the peak of popularity.

Photos of your favorite people will help you feel comfortable when you being at home.

Add eco details

Trends in interior design dictate a course on eco-style – also because proximity to nature significantly improves the quality of life. You can learn how to use comfortable things for your home from our northern neighbors.

The Scandinavians just bring branches from the nearest park to the house and create small compositions from them in pots or vases – it turns out modestly, tastefully and completely free of charge.

Use visualization

Each of us sometimes needs an encouraging word. If you have a favorite quote that always reminds you that the best is ahead, don’t hesitate to place it on the wall – vinyl stickers with letters or volumetric decor made of wood and plastic will help.

Add symmetry to the interior

Can’t relax in the evenings, even at home? Perhaps you need a more relaxed interior. This doesn’t mean that the walls will urgently have to be repainted in white: a symmetrical arrangement of furniture and accessories helps to put things in order much better.

To get started, try to find a couple of small decor items like bedside lamps. If it doesn’t help, feel free to move the furniture so that the situation becomes intuitive – this will help to make the house truly comfortable.

Add symmetry to the interior
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Clutter – perhaps the main reason for discomfort in the house – occurs for two reasons: either you have too many unnecessary things, or they do not have a clearly defined place.

However, to deal with domestic chaos, there have some useful things that can be found in any construction or interior store – for example, a magnetic strip for knives, which will allow not only to collect everything that stabs and cuts in one place but also to free the working surface on the kitchen.

To remove excess wires from your eyes, try the following option: in many drawers, the back wall is lower than the front – a wire can easily creep into this space, and charging gadgets will hide from prying eyes.

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