10 Best Home Improvement Ideas

Want to make summer home improvement or just want to refresh the interior? Summer is the time!

Written by Camilla Moln. Updated on 10 best home improvement ideas
Want to make summer home improvement or just want to refresh the interior?
Summer is the time!

More sunlight in your home

yellow bed improvement ideas beezzly
Yellow confidently saves the best positions of a fashionable wave, which, fortunately, has reached the best home interior designers.
This vital light will give you a little bit of sun even on the gloomiest day.

The simpler the better

sczndinavian home improvement decor ideas
This season’s Scandinavian interior style, which does not lose its relevance, is replenished with white shades of pink and aqua this season.
No mess and extra details, because the styles motto is – the simpler the better!

You can never have too much!

bright home improvement ideas
And here, on the contrary, maximalism goes into the lead. A riot of colors, the most inconceivable combinations of patterns, indoor jungle from home plants.
Golden elements enhance a sense of luxury and sophistication of your home interior.

Charming pastels in your home decor

sofa cushions in room decor beezzly
For this summer home improvement idea, you can try pastel. That palette this season is expanding due to more bold and bright colors. Combine them and mix – for example, in a nest of multi-colored cushions.
Matt ceramics perfectly go with pastels colors.

African flavor

african style pink wall room idea
You can choose high fashionable home improvement ideas for your inspiration. Wicker furniture will decorate the interior in the African style.
Textured surfaces, lime paint, neutral tones.
And don’t forget a couple of soft fleecy bedspreads!

Flights of imagination

butterfly wall decor idea
Butterflies wall decor and textiles are trendy for more than one season.
And now they shine in a new way –  a gold pattern on a bright saturated background of any precious stones color.

Bright green

minimalistic blue kitchen idea
The king for home improvement inspiration of this season is green.
We give under his magnificent power for kitchen walls and sets and wrap the rest of the room in soothing.
Dull colors support the overall image of wooden furniture and accessories.

Hotel room

hotel room bedroom decoration
Do you sleep better in the hotels too?
The elegant interior design of a mini-hotel room – what you need for your bedroom inspiration in 2019 summer.
Group bedding and decorative pillows at the head of the bed,  you can cover them with a pair of rolled-up bedspreads.

Retro motifs

10 Best Home Improvement Ideas
Frame furniture for a reason gaining popularity: it looks advantageous in a compact space because it creates a feeling of spaciousness.
Combine it with orange hues and revive the spirit of the 1970s.


wall decoration kitchen ideas
Monochrome surfaces are an ideal solution for your home improvement in a loft style: aged wood, brown leather, metal parts, and painted floorboards …
Houseplants and accessories in a strict order create a rational adjusted image.
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