Рolka Dots, Flowers, Shevron: How to Combine Patterns in the Interior

A small guide that will help you to deal with a different wall patterns

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Everyone who had to plan the design of their apartment or house knows how difficult it is to combine several types of patterns in one interior. But this isn’t a reason to completely abandon this idea.

We present you a small guide that will help you to deal with a variety of patterns and finally create the interior of your dream.

Before you start choosing the decor, think about what atmosphere you would like to create in the room?

So, floral prints give the interior femininity and tenderness. Animalistic prints are characteristic of eclecticism and glamor style, while the cage and strip reflect the conservative taste of the designer.

How to combine patterns

  • Use at least three types of patterns in the interior, differing in size and severity. Use one large pattern, the second with medium-sized patterns, and the third with a small pattern.
  • Use colors with the same degree of saturation. For example, don’t mix pastel and shades of a juicy berry palette in one interior.
  • Try to evenly distribute the patterned elements throughout the room. They should not be concentrated in one place.
  • Between the patterned elements, there should always be free space painted in one tone. Eyes need a place to relax.
  • Avoid sharp contrasts. Patterns that differ from the background color by only a few tones look more elegant.

Combination Examples

Damask pattern

combine patterns in the interior

Style: traditional, formal and glamorous

Where to use: wallpaper, upholstery

Combined with: a thin strip, voluminous figures, and small floral ornaments.


Flower pattern

right combination of patterns

Style: romantic, feminine

Where to use: wallpaper, curtains, bedspreads, sofa cushions, furniture upholstery

Combined with: strip, geometric ornament (cage, pea) of a similar color.


combine a pattern

Style: playful, vintage

Where to use: sofa cushions and other accent elements

Combined with: stripe and floral patterns of a similar shade.



patterns in the interior

Style: Bohemian with a hint of formality

Where to use: curtains, sofa cushions, furniture upholstery

Combined with: herringbone pattern and strip


Chevron  “Herringbone”

 how to choose a pattern


Style: large – bold and energetic, small – formal and traditional

Where to use: dosed on curtains and sofa cushions

Combine with: any patterns of well-matching shades.


Pattern “Tual de Jouy”

 patterns in the interior

Style: Elegant, Classic

Where to use: wallpapers, pillows, bedspreads and other textiles

Combined with: a thin strip and “tartan”. Does not tolerate neighborhood with floral ornaments


“Ikat” pattern

correct curtain patterns

Style: Exotic, Naturalistic, Ethnic

Where to use: carpet, sofa cushions and other accent elements

Combined with: non-contrast strip


Animalistic pattern

animal pattern

Style: modern, eclectic

Where to use: carpets, poufs, sofa cushions, decor

Compatible with: other graphic patterns


Scottish pattern

scottish pattern in the interior

Style: Conservative, Classic

Where to use: curtains, bedspreads and other textiles

Combined with: floral ornaments.

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