Decor Ideas: Sofa Cushions

How to use your favorite cushions for interior decoration?

bed cushions idea
Sofa and bed cushions quickly and significantly change the look of the bedroom and are able to make it cozier, more fun, create style and mood.
In this case, the decor pillows are not difficult to pick up, and they are inexpensive.

Couch Cushions

sofa cushions ideas

Love the modern decor?
Choose an odd number of sofa cushions. The most optimal – 3 or 5, of different sizes and colors.
If the style is to the classic, you can choose a pair of decor cushions and symmetrically arrange one, two, three pairs on both sides of the sofa.
Regardless of the style of the house, do not be afraid of the combination of textures and colors.
In order not to be mistaken with the choice of colors, use the basic color palette of your room.

Bed pillows

bed pillows idea
How to choose right bed pillows?
Disputes over pillow quantity arise quite often.
But, regardless of your preferences, it is worth remembering that pillows should not dominate in your bedroom.
The most proven method: a pair of square pillows 60 by 60 cm, the next row – rectangular pillows, and between them – one small pillow.

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