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How to Dye Synthetic hair? Practical Guide

Easy to Follow Instructions

how to dye a wig

Synthetic hair can be easily dyed. If you look at your wig or your new strands and think, can you dye synthetic hair?

The answer is Yes, and this Guide can be very helpful.

You can easily dye synthetic wig or strands at home.

To get the great result, it is essential to know some of the basics

It is not recommended to change the color scheme of strands or use single process technique by more than 2 tones. For example, if wigs color it total black, then if you want to turn it into blond at one time, that will not work

If you want to dye synthetic wig very much, then it is necessary to dye it in the right tone gradually and several times.

synthetic wig

Not all chemical dyes are suitable for synthetic hair coloring and it is obvious that you have to avoid the permanent hair color, it is important to remember that they dye much faster than natural curls. 

Accordingly to it, when you use a dye composition for coloring synthetic hair, it is necessary either to reduce the concentration of dyes or to reduce the time of exposure of the dye on the strands. 

You can pay attention to the dye’s instructions, it should contain not more than 6% percentage of oxidant .

When applying the coloring composition, it is important to avoid the «roots» of the synthetic hair.

How to dye synthetic hair? Types and Tactics

To dye a synthetic wig, you can use tinted shampoos or tonics. But at the same time, tinting agents can not be applied to wig with a thick layer, it is best to dilute a small amount of tonic in a small amount of water, and then dying synthetic hair with a diluted composition.

how to dye synthetic hair

As a rule, when you dye synthetic wig with chemical dye, it is impossible to get the same color as stated on the box with the dye. 

When choosing a color’s shade, you need to pay attention to the table (photo at the bottom of the box) of the natural strands and dyed.

Can you dye fake hair?

To make a fake hair look as natural as possible, it is important to combine the color scheme of hair and skin tone correctly. For example, if the skin of the face is pale, then you do not need to use bright and sunny shades of the coloring base. Conversely, with reddish facial skin, cold shades of hair will look unnatural.

can you dye synthetic hair

Coloring of overhead strands requires to follow certain rules:

  • first, the coloring base is applied to the «roots» of the hair, and then to the ends,
  • it is important to apply the coloring base on the strands sequentially, only if you follow this important rule, you can achieve the complete and rich color.
  • it is strictly forbidden to increase the exposure time of the coloring base on artificial strands. Many girls mistakenly believe that the long-term effect of synthetic dyeing hair will make them brighter and more saturated.
  • this is absolutely not in this case, to increase in the effect of the coloring base (even by 5-10 minutes) will lead to the disruption of the structure of synthetic hairs, after which they become coarse, dry, and brittle.

Should I wash wig before dyeing?

No, you should not do it. On the contrary, for properly dying a synthetic wig you need before procedure thoroughly rinse it with a mild shampoo, this will allow you to rinse off any excess fat, all dirt, and styling products out from the wig. 

The wig must be dry and clean before dyeing.

In order after dying synthetic wig for the color fixing, it is necessary to apply a color fixing balm on the wig.

How to dye a synthetic wig?

Modern wigs, as well as synthetic hair on hairpins, are made not only from synthetic materials but also from natural hair. Of course, the wigs from natural strands are much more expensive, but they look more natural, and their life is much longer. 

A plus is a factor that natural strands can be colored in almost any color tone, and it is easy to make any hairstyle with them. And even use a curling iron or iron for hair straightening.

If you dye a synthetic wig with hair dye with chemical compounds, then this will most likely be the last procedure for him. Under the influence of the chemical, synthetic strands simply «burn out.»

Changing the color of synthetic hair with chemical dyes is harmful and dangerous for them — they will become very fragile and entirely unsuitable for further use.

can you dye a wig

Tips to help you dye a synthetic wig yourself

For these types of wig, special tools for dyeing are made

How to dye a wig with an Indelible marker?

Using a marker, it is very convenient to dye over every synthetic hair also, you can do the highlighting. After using the marker, the color base does not wash off and looks attractive. 

You should prepare for this procedure, you should apply the permanent marker to each strand, and dry and comb it properly after the procedure. 

The marker is ideal for coloring a small amount of synthetic hair or for dying a wig with short curls.

can you dye synthetic hair with semi permanent

How to dye synthetic hair with powder or liquid dye?

Powder or liquid dye designed for dyeing fur, synthetics, and plastics. 

This great tool helps you choose the right color shade, you can mix different color to choose the right one. 

When you use liquid dye for wig coloring, it is important to follow all the rules carefully.

How to dye a synthetic wig with fabric dye?

Dye for fabric or batik- instructions.

To give the necessary color shade to an synthetic wig, it is needed to stir in 1 liter of water with 1 jar of a coloring base, then place the wig in the mixture and leave it for 3 days. 

After this, the synthetic curls need to dry thoroughly, for this, they are placed in a dry and well-ventilated room for 1 day. The procedure ends when you comb your strands thoroughly.

coloring synthetic hair

Which Color Will You Get?

Color Dye Instructions From Beezzly Experts.

Dye Color Original Hair Color You Will Get
Brown + Red Tone
Light red
Dark Brown
Dirty Blue
Light Red
Light Brown
Dirty Yellow

Wig coloring step-by-step

If you decide to start the procedure of dyeing a synthetic wig at home, it is important to prepare for long and hard work. 

To obtain the desired result, you can use any alcohol-based dyeing composition or the methods described above (marker, batik), you can even use ink for printer to dye a synthetic hair ink or any alcohol-based ink.

In any case, it is recommended to follow these rules:

  1. Wear protective gloves.
  2. Protect furniture, clothes and all nearby objects from accidental contact with the dye
  3. In a disposable plate, prepare the dye.
  4. Dip a thin brush in the dye and apply it to a lock of synthetic hair.
  5. Dye synthetic hair over lock by lock until all curls of the wig are colored.

how to dye wigs

Of course, you can dye synthetic hair at home, but for this, you need to have patience and a lot of time. It is important to remember that after the dyeing procedure, the strands will already become completely different than they were. 

Nevertheless, using this procedure, you can change your style and create the most unpredictable shades for hair, which brings you pleasure and a good mood every day.


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