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How to Сlean a Сurling Iron?

Step-by-Step Guide

How to clean curling iron

How to clean a curling iron.

You should do it quite often because on the hair curler, it often accumulates oils and other sprays and other things on its heating plates.

In addition to the fact that the curling iron looks bad, dirt can also cause uneven heating of the plates, and, accordingly, make bad curls and poorly strengthen your hair.

If a lot of this substance will be accumulated in the curling iron, then this can even cause damage to your hair. Cleaning the iron can be quite challenging due to the V-shape and flat metal surfaces of the heaters, but it is possible.

Important to know

  • Make sure your iron is turned off and unplugged before cleaning.
  • Keep the plug away from liquids, and never immerse your curling iron completely in water.
  • Keep the heated curling iron out of the reach of children.
  • Do not use household cleaners. They can scratch the surface of the plate for straightening.

Step-by-step instructions on how to clean your curling iron

1. Heat a little bit the curling iron or heat it well and slightly cold. It should be warm, but not too hot to the touch.

Hot to clean curling iron

2. Unplug the iron before cleaning.

unplug the curling iron

3. Damp a small terry towel in warm water. Do not use hot water or cold. It should be just warm. With your finger, gently wipe one plate in the place where there is dirt. Avoid sharp movements on ceramic plates, so you do not scratch or damage them.

Clean the curling iron

4.Wipe the plates thoroughly, and be sure to remove all dirt from them. You can use a cotton swab if it is hard to remove dirt from the corners with a towel.

wipe a curling iron

5. Also, clean the iron itself from styling and dirt. Use the fresh side of the towel as needed.

hot shot tools curling iron

6. Before use, be sure to wait until the iron is completely dry. Never use the iron while it is wet. This is not dangerous, you just can’t do this for the same reason that you can’t straighten damp hair, you can simply damage or burn them. If you need a curling iron right now, then simply wipe the plates with a dry terry towel.

how to clean flat iron

7. To ensure that your iron is not very dirty, clean it regularly. After you curl or straighten your hair, use a paper or ordinary towel. Moisten it with warm water or alcohol and wipe the already cooled plates to remove the hairstyling product. Do this every time after straightening, and then you will avoid the accumulation of dirt.

terry towel clean


If you use your hair flat iron, be sure to wipe it completely, not just the plates themselves.
If the coating is so dense and burned so badly that you cannot clean it, then do not try to scrape your iron with all the force, but take it to your stylist. Usually, stylists have a special tool for cleaning irons. Ask him to spray this product on your iron, so as not to buy a whole bottle of this product.
Use a little alcohol mixed with warm water for cleaning tough spots.


What you need to clean a curling iron

  • Small terry towel
  • Warm water
  • Curling Hair
  • (Optional) cotton swab
  • (Optional) medical alcohol
how to clean a curling iron

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