5 Laundry Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Clothes And Machine

We will tell you about the most common mistakes and try to keep clothes, regardless of its quality.

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Why does your friend have a skirt like a new one, and your are completely spoiled? We will tell you about the most common mistakes and try to keep clothes, regardless of its quality.

More doesn’t mean better

Most of us use the washing powder incorrectly and put it almost twice as much as required. As a result, it is poorly washed out from the tissues, remaining in the seams and folds, the cloth becomes dull and looks worse.
Not only laundry become worse from it, but we also spend extra money on laundry detergent.
More doesn’t mean better
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Rub it, and there will be a hole

Everyone knows that if you rub for a very long time, you can get a hole.
If you rub it and rub it too vigorously, the fabric will become thinner and your clothes.
Rub it, and there will be a hole
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Sort by type of fabric

Yes, of course, you need to separate the dark from the white and color when you are washing.

But it would also be nice to sort the laundry by the type of fabric. So you will save your dark T-shirts and blouses from jeans zippers and buttons.
Sort by type of fabric
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How to hang?

There are special hangers for skirts and trousers, and it is for a reason.
They prevent the formation of the folds on the laundry. This will help to prevent too frequent ironing, because of the iron fabric also spoils faster.
For soft thin sweaters, there are also soft hangers with foam pads, from which a thin woolen fabric does not sag and stretches in the shoulders.
But it is better not to hang on the hanger heavy clothes at all, but carefully fold them properly onto a shelf. 
How to hang
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Have an old towel?

If it is necessary to wring out the delicate thing that needs hand washing, do not screw it, but put it on a dry clean towel and carefully wrap it and press it.

The towel will absorb excess moisture and clothes will have fewer creases and folds. In addition, the delicate clothing will not lose its shape. Drying such things is also better on a towel.

Do not fill up the washing machine

Firstly, in this way you shorten the life of the machine itself because bearings, in this case, wear out faster.
Secondly, underwear is messing up and breaks faster.
Do not fill up the washing machine
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Lingerie, tights, and socks – put them into the bag

If you wash them together with the rest of the laundry, you will get a tangled knot out of the washing machine.

Special laundry bags will protect the pantyhose from holes, and you from the painful unraveling the laundry, which you are going to hang on linen drying.
And remember that bras and baby little socks also need to be washed in bags.
The most common cause of washing machines damage is the underwire and tiny baby socks stucks between the drum and the washing machine hull.
Lingerie, tights, and socks – put them into the bag
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Do not forget to clean the washing machine

To prevent laundry from smelling mold after washing, we recommend preventive cleaning of the machine.
Wash the tray for washing powders and conditioners, wipe the gum of the drum, and once every 4 months run a full wash cycle without laundry.

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Laundry seems to be quite an easy process: just toss the pile of clothes in a barrel and press the “start” button! But no, it has its specifics and nuances that can help you to avoid the most common mistakes and save both your time and clothes.

What’s so bad about doing laundry with bleach?

If you have to deal with some nasty blots, you reach for a bottle of bleach, don’t you? And what most of us usually do?

Right, we just add some to a whole load of wash. However, adding too much bleach every time we wash clothes will ruin their fabrics after a while. 

It’s better to use bleach only on the items that can stand it and do it before you put them to the barrel, also, read your machine instruction to know whether bleaching is allowed or you’d better use other laundry cleaners.

One more thing is to check the laundry symbols on the items’ labels to ensure that the fabric is bleach-friendly.

What’s so bad about doing laundry with bleach
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How to make laundry smell good?

If you happened to take out the washed clothes from the machine too late after the cycle was finished, you may notice that they have a slightly bad smell. Don’t panic, you can remove it by using a laundry freshener when rewashing the load!

Another option is to use a laundry egg – it gives a light and pleasant scent and cleans items very well.

Is doing laundry with essential oil safe for clothes?

Washing with essential oil can give your clothes a nice scent. However, remember not to apply the oil onto the fabric directly or drip it into the barrel! Instead, add one or two drops into the container with the laundry product and put it to the barrel.

Is doing laundry with essential oil safe for clothes
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How to use laundry disinfectant correctly?

Whenever we need to disinfect our laundry, there are several issues regarding the disinfectants that must be remembered.

There are disinfectants that can be used both for color and white clothes and both in cold and hot water.

These are pine oil disinfectants and phenolic disinfectants. Both of them can be added to the wash at the beginning of the cycle.

However, chlorine disinfectants must be used on white clothes only. To avoid ruining your clothes, check its laundry labels for the instructions!

Laundry gel vs liquid

Some people are often confused with choosing either the laundry gel or washing pods. As for the liquid, it’s very effective on grease and oily stains indeed, however, it’s the same easy to overuse it as there’s no measuring scale on the bottle top.

On the contrary, pods are already pre-measured for an average load of the middle-level soil.

Also, pods’ cleaning agents stay on the fabric longer and have a better result.

Should You Wash Clothes in Hot Water? | Consumer ReportsShould You Wash Clothes in Hot Water? | Consumer Reports

Can I kill the germs with hot-water laundry?

Unfortunately, simply using hot water won’t destroy all the bacteria and germs on your apparel. To reach a better effect, apply any laundry sanitizer like chlorine bleach, pine oil or a phenolic disinfectant to sanitize the laundry and the washer.

Laundry room decor tips

When planning how to organize your laundry room, remember to follow several rules to make it effective. 

Ensure it has a floor slope directed to the drain, like that, you’ll avoid a flood in case of any leak or an overflow.

Leave enough room for dryer ventilation, otherwise, it can cause a fire. 

Ensure that the necessary supplies like an iron board, shelves, laundry folding board, and baskets are easy to reach.

Laundry room decor tips
Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash

How to wash lingerie correctly?

How many of us simply load the underwear to the barrel and wash it?

After such a “treatment” many items can get simply ruined, especially delicate ones.

To avoid that, use a special laundry wash bag to put the delicate items inside to wash.

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