How to Iron Without an Ironing Board

Cool tips for the surfaces that can be a nice ironing board

Written by Olivia Paxton. Updated on how to iron without an ironing board

How to iron without an ironing board

Although, the ironing board is a useful thing to have at home, sometimes you have to manage without it. If you are a traveler or move often, or just don’t have much space at home you may consider some tips on how to iron clothes without an ironing board.

And here are several surfaces that can be a nice ironing board replacement:

  •   Floor
  •   Bed
  •   Board
  •   Washing machine
  •   Board
  •   Table
  •   Ironing bag

At least one of these surfaces you may have available every time you need it.

Learn how to iron without ironing board safely.

The Floor

You can easily iron your clothes on the floor. Just clean the needed spot on the floor, cover it with some woolen blanket or a towel, put the cloth you need to iron on it and get the thing done!

It is important to make sure the floor is clean before starting ironing. Any stains or dust from the floor may leave your clothes dirty.

how to iron clothes without an ironing board
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The next important thing to remember is that the floor should be protected properly from heat. Especially tile floor or hardwood. Use some thick blanket, towel or another piece of cloth. Make sure it is made of natural material! Polyester will melt and may destroy both flooring and the cloth. Also, the color from the synthetic material may bleed into the garment.

Another point is you have to be sure the place you are ironing is out of reach of little children and pets to avoid the tragedy badly with the hot iron.

The floor may serve ouy well if you have to deal with a small piece of clothing. It may be difficult to iron something bigger on the floor.

A table

The kitchen table may serve you as the ironing board too. The benefits of it includes the point it is high enough to stand comfortably while ironing, which is good for your back. Using the kitchen table instead of the ironing board may be a good decision if you have not much storage space or just iron not too often.

no ironing board

If you iron every morning using the kitchen table, it may be a little problematic. Here are the reasons:

  •         You have to take away everything for the table and put it back every time.
  •         Bringing the cloth to cover the table back and forth may be annoying too.
  •         If you live with your family, it may be a problem if you need to iron something very quickly and someone is taking their breakfast at the kitchen table at the same time.
  •         There is a chance to get a stain on your clothes or to damage something with a hot iron if you are in a morning rush.

Consider whether it really works for you to use the kitchen table if you have no ironing board.

how to iron clothes without an ironing board
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A Board

If you have a nice thick board, you may place it between two chairs, protect with the cloth and use it for ironing. A nice way to create a makeshift ironing board.

It is important to make sure the construction would not fall or break while ironing, otherwise you may get a burn and damage the floor or furniture with an iron. Also, watch the children and pets from running into it.

A bed

 makeshift ironing board
Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

A bed may work for quick ironing. It may be used pretty much quicker than any previously reviewed surfaces. It is most often already covered, clean and there is no need to move something back and forth to get the nice surface.

One of the main concerns of using the bed as an alternative to the ironing board is that it is too soft and it is hard to get a crisp line when you iron on it. It even may not be possible to get any results from ironing on some materials. It is better to have some harder surfaces for some clothes to iron on it.

There is also much chance to burn the bedding or to get the burn on your skin if the iron wouldn’t stand on some firm surface.

It may be also uncomfortable to stand while ironing if your bed is low.

Washing machine

A washing machine may be used for ironing too. It has the firm surface and the right height and is usually located in the laundry room.

Cover it with a towel and iron on top of it. Be careful and don’t melt the plastic parts of the machine accidentally.

An Ironing bag

alternative to ironing

It is a great decision for saving space and ironing without board!

An ironing pad is easy to use on every hard surface, turning it to the alternative to ironing board really quick and easily. Rolled into a small bundle, it is easily stored in the wardrobe or laundry room. Easy to take with you while traveling and for use at home.

Ironing bags are sold in different sizes. You may choose the right one for you and your needs.

The outer side of it is heat-resistant and non-skid. The ironing side is 100% cotton, so it won’t transfer the color on your garment and won’t melt on it.

how to iron clothes without an ironing board
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The drawback of an ironing bag is that it may not be used on soft surfaces. Bed, for example, doesn’t fit. The clothes won’t iron properly if the needed pressure isn’t provided.

Although an ironing bag protects the surfaces, it is still not recommended to use it on some fragile surfaces to prevent the damage.

Modern life sometimes requires mobility and we have to find a balance to make our everyday life comfortable and to save our time, effort and space. If you don’t use iron every day or just don’t have enough space for the ironing board, it’s not a big deal.

Buy a compact ironing bag or just use a towel on the surfaces you already have. There are also alternatives to ironing, like steamers that may be used every day, saving your time and space in the apartment.

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How to iron without an ironing boardHow to iron without an ironing board