5 Life Hacks How to Wash Underwear?

What do manufacturers recommend?

Written by Olivia Paxton. Updated on wash underwear

It seems that there is nothing complicated in washing bras. However, with improper care, underwear may be used not last as long as we would like. What do manufacturers recommend?

1. Underwire

Such bras are the best to wash by hand. But if this is not possible, put them in a laundry bag: so they will not lose their shape and will not spin inside the machine. It’s best to fasten them.

2. Pushap

It is advisable to wash with your hands so that the filler does not wrinkle, especially if the bra is strapless. Put it in a small bowl filled with water, pour a little powder, leave for an hour, then gently wash and hang.

3. Sports

Such bras often contain spandex, and hot water is harmful to them. Take out the inserts, if there is any.

4. Bralette

They are often lacy and with pads, so it is best to wash them with your hands. 

5. For pregnant and nursung moms

It all depends on the material, but most often they are made of cotton and you can wash them in a washer.

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