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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Graduation Gown

Learn some useful recommendations on making it flawless

ironing graduation gown

How to get wrinkles out of graduation gown

Graduation day is one of the most exciting in life. You or someone close to you have put a lot of effort into studying and everyone wants this day to be brilliant. How to make the graduation gown look excellent on your ceremony? Learn some useful recommendations on making it flawless.

Graduation gown made of 100% polyester will most likely have a lot of wrinkles on it when you unwrap it from the packaging. Polyester is very hard to iron because there is a risk to melt it with high temperature as it is made of plastic.

get wrinkles out of 100 polyester graduation gown
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Using some sheet over the top of the gown while ironing graduation gown is not too effective because of the shape of the garment. The ironing may take a lot of time and the result is questionable. There is a possibility to make new wrinkles while ironing such a big piece of cloth.

Fortunately, there is plenty of excellent working methods to make the wrinkles go away from your celebration gown. Some pretty simple and easy steps will help you to get the regalia in great condition. Let your special day be exciting and your appearance flawless!

How to get wrinkles out of 100 polyester graduation gown

How to get wrinkles out

When you get your gown, unwrap it right away. Do not wait till the graduation day or the day before the celebration to do that! Hang it on a wooden or plastic hanger. Sprinkle it a bit with water and let it hang free till the celebration. Make sure nothing presses it and there is no risk your pets or children will make some trouble with it.  

What may be used to prepare the gown for wearing:

  •         Shower
  •         Water and air
  •         The steamer
  •         The dryer
  •         The hairdryer
  •         Dry cleaner service
how to iron graduation gown

How to steam a graduation gown in the shower

Take the hanger with your gown to the bathroom and hang it on the curtain rail or towel hook while you take shower. The humidity will help the polyester fabric to relax some wrinkles and take the right shape. Let the gown hang there for a couple of days. Be careful not to damage it and not to leave the stains while it is in the bathroom!

However, this might be not the last step you take, but it will definitely ease further work.

The steamer

How to get wrinkles out of graduation gown

The steamer is a great alternative to ironing when it comes to polyester or other delicate fabrics. To get wrinkles out of graduation gown put it on a hanger and gently run it with the steamer from top to bottom. Be careful and try not to ruin the shape of the garment.

In most cases, the steamer will be the answer to your problem. But if it is not an option for you here are other alternatives.

How to get wrinkles out using the dryer

How to get wrinkles out of graduation gown

The next way depends on whether can you put a graduation gown in the dryer.

To manage the problem using the dryer spray on the gown with some water or mix some fabric softener with water (1 tablespoon is enough for 3 cups of water). These ingredients will help to condition the fabric.

Take the garment and one damp towel and put it to the dryer for 10-15 minutes. The heat and the humidity will do their work reducing the wrinkles on the synthetic material.

When the step is done, put the gown on the hanger and take a look at it. If the problem isn’t solved, repeat the process.

Homemade solution for a wrinkled graduation gown

 ironing graduation gown
Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash

To quickly get rid of the wrinkles take these simple ingredients, mix them together and spray the solution onto the garment. You will only need water, conditioner, and vinegar

Add a tablespoon of the softener and two teaspoons of vinegar to the cup of water, pour the solution to the spray bottle and shake it up properly to be sure everything is properly blended together.

You may also add several drops of your favorite essential oil. 3-5 drops will be enough to let the garment smell nicely and to mask the odor of the vinegar.

how to get wrinkles out of graduation gown
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Hang the garment on the hanger and spray the solution over it. Gently rub the wrinkles and tug material. Let it air dry or use the dryer as it was described above. Hanging the gown out in the sun for a couple of hours works perfectly for this method.

The hairdryer

The hairdryer may help you to get rid of some stubborn deep wrinkles. Previous methods most definitely will help you to deal with most of the problems with the garment look. But sometimes there may be some deep, hard to straighten up wrinkles. To defeat them let’s use a hairdryer.

Damp the part of the fabric that has a problem, tug the material using your fingers or slightly dampened cloth. Set the hairdryer on a low temperature and blow on the wrinkle for some time. This should effectively help the material to straighten up.

Take the gown to the professional dry cleaning

How to get wrinkles out
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

This is the most expensive way to solve the problem. But in case you need to fix the problem fast and not worry about the result, take the garment to the dry cleaning service. If you don’t have time or opportunity to use the described tips or you are not sure they will work for you, then let the professionals take care of the wrinkled fabric. This will most surely fix the problem.

As you may see, the wrinkles on the gown in most cases is not a big problem in most cases. There is a list of tips on how to get wrinkles out of graduation gown

 It is often enough only some water and the sun to set the fabric straight and to make the garment look gorgeous at the ceremony. Follow these simple tips to get the wrinkles off it and enjoy your special day. Be confident that only your smile and pride will be captured in the photographs!

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