20 Amazing Facts About Water

Take a look at the water from the new angle

Written by Meredith Hayes. Updated on Take a look at the water from the new angle

Water is such a common liquid in our lives, that we hardly ever ask ourselves how much we have it on our planet or anything about its qualities and abilities.

Nevertheless, H2O even though being seemingly simple liquid, has quite many curious and unexpected traits that a common person hardly knows about.

Are you interested in learning the twenty amazing facts about water?

Then off we go!  

What Do We Know About H2O At All?

If you remember what teachers told you during the chemistry lessons at school, then you probably know that people, as well as all the other known living organisms, consist of it almost completely.

Water can take different states from its ordinary liquid state to hard (ice) and aerosol (fog) ones.

It is also the main constituent of our planet’s hydrosphere covering around seventy-one percent of its surface, and this chemical substance is vitally important for any living being on Earth. It contains no nutrients, vitamins, or minerals, but this liquid helps our body to function properly. 

Our bodies use it in all their cells, organs, and tissues to keep their temperature at the proper level and maintain all the body functions. And since we lose water when breathing, sweating, and even digesting, it is so important to refill ourselves with this liquid by drinking water or eating watery foods, for instance, fruits and veggies.

So Much Water Doesn’t Mean It’s Usable

We have a tricky situation on Earth since our planet. We seem to have so much of it with all the oceans and seas, rains falling, etc, but in fact, this resource is limited. Just imagine that only 1/100 of 1% of all the water we have on our planet can be used by humans!

That is why today it is getting more widespread practice to use various H2O-saving methods and techniques to prevent the excessive use of this precious liquid around the world.

What Do We Know About H2O At All
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Amazing Facts About H2O

Water, even if it may seem somewhat boring due to its colorless and tasteless nature, has in fact many unexpected and astonishing traits that we would like to share with you!

  1.  Our body consists of 50-65% H2O
  2.  Babies have about 78% of H2O in their bodies
  3.  1 liter of H2O weights 1 kilo whereas 1 cubic meter has weight of 1 tonne!
  4.  The atmosphere has more H2O than the rivers together!
  5.  If all the water vapor fell down on Earth from the atmosphere at the same time as a liquid and spread on it evenly, it would be only the 1-inch layer of H2O 
  6.  Over ¼ of bottled water comes from the municipal water supply 
  7.  One American household makes use of 100.000 gallons of this liquid per year
  8. 15 liters of H2O are released by the faucet per minute. We could save up to 4 gallons daily by simply turning it off when we brush our teeth
  9.  An outpouring toilet wastes almost 750 liters of H2O daily
  10.  An outpouring faucet will waste 3.000 gallons per year!
  11.  Taking a shower is a more water-saving option compared to the bath since it uses 15-25 gallons/5 min whereas a bath needs about 70!
  12.  Outflows in the NY water supply system result in 36 million gallons of wasted H2O daily!
  13.  To produce a sheet of paper, it will require 7.5 liters of H2O
  14.  In certain nationalities, women spend 25% of the day on collecting water
  15.  Altogether, South African women and children cover the daily way equal to 16 two-way trips to the Moon only to fetch water 
  16.  97% of all the H2O on our planet is salt liquid of oceans and seas 
  17.  70% of our skin and brain is water
  18.  An adult person needs 2.5 quarts of H2O daily (including watery foods and drinks) to remain healthy
  19.  Almost 67% of the water on Eart is trapped in glaciers
  20.  Hot water can freeze faster than cold liquid under certain conditions (Mpemba effect)
CLEAR tap water doesn't mean CLEAN tap waterCLEAR tap water doesn’t mean CLEAN tap water

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Does water have a memory?

It is an unproven claim that states water can develop some sort of “memory” under certain circumstances.

⭐ How can we save water?

Many ways exist, from fixing our leaking faucets and using water reasonably in our households to reducing food waste and planting drought-resistant trees and plants.

⭐ What are 3 fun facts about drinking water?

Our bodies are 70% water - that’s fact number one. When drinking water, we lose weight faster due to speeding up metabolism - that’s two. We can survive without water for 1 week only - that’s three.

⭐ Why should we drink water?

Water helps to keep our cells, tissues, and organs working properly, besides, it boosts metabolism that leads to losing weight.

⭐ What are 5 interesting facts about water?

1.Most of the water on earth can’t be drunk since it’s salty.
2.Hot water can sometimes freeze faster than cold liquid
3.Good hydration can reduce cavities and tooth decay
4.A well-hydrated body is way less predisposed to arthritis
5.When we drink enough water daily, we prevent the risks of heart diseases and cancer

⭐ Is water good for skin?

Yes, since our skin is 70% water, hydration helps to keep it smooth, elastic, and healthy.

⭐ What does water do for the world?

Water is important for public health, recreation purposes, and domestic use. But also this liquid supports life in general making the global ecosystem work.

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Facts About Global Water Usage and SupplyFacts About Global Water Usage and Supply