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What is Barh Sheet and How to Choose the Right One?

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A bath sheet is one of the living essentials, an element of bathroom interior design, and a great gift for any holiday.

We begin our day with bath towels and end the day this way too. The properly chosen towel influences the comfort and mood of its owner. Therefore, you should devote special attention to the choice of towels.

Today, stores offer a huge selection of towels.

They differ in color, shape, size, and quality of the material.

Let’s see what are the basic criteria for choosing the best bath sheets.

bath towel vs bath sheet

Types of Bath Sheets and Towels

  •       Terry towels. They are made of cotton. These towels efficiently absorb moisture and dry quickly;
  •       Velour towels. These are cotton towels with a trimmed fringe. They have a nice glossy look and are ideal for the face but absorb water poorly;
  •       Bamboo towels. This material has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, cools the skin;
  •       Baby towels. These products are soft and with fringes on both sides. They are usually made of pure cotton, preferably Egyptian;
what is a bath sheet

What Are the Sizes of Bath Towel Sets?

Sometimes you need a towel, but you don’t know what size to choose. Everything is very simple.

The size depends on what you need the towel for and where and how it will be used. Like other textiles, towels manufactured following accepted standards for width and length. Some countries have set their own standards, and figures reflecting sizes are slightly different from those generally adopted, but these differences are not so significant.

difference between bath sheet and bath towel

How Big Are Bath Sheets and Towels?

  •       Guest towels or toilet towels are designed for use in the bathroom for hand-washing. Their sizes are 30×50 or 30×30 cm;
  •       Universal kitchen towels are 50×70 cm;
  •       Face towels come in the sizes 50×90 or 50×85 cm;
  •       Small shower towels are produced in the size 50×100 cm;
  •       The average bath towel which is quite suitable for the shower is 70×140 cm;
  •       The classic bath sheet size is 80×160 cm;
  •       A large bath towel that can wrap the entire body of the user is 100×150 or 90×160 cm. They are successfully used in baths,saunas, on beaches, for massage;
  •       For baths, saunas, and massage rooms we use towels 80×200 cm;
  •       You can also find oversized bath sheets in sizes 175×250, 175×200, 160×200, 150×250, 150x200cm.  What is a bath sheet used for? They are multifunctional and can be used on beaches and in the saunas.
towel size

Bath Sheet Vs Bath Towel

Everybody knows how to use a bath towel.

But what is a bath sheet used for?

It performs a lot of useful functions:

  •       You can use it as a blanket on hot summer nights or even in the warm off-season.
  •       It is perfect as a large bath towel.
  •       It can serve as a mat for outdoor games with a child.
  •       It easily replaces the bathrobe after taking a shower.
  •       You can use it as a decorative bedspread.
  •       It can be transformed into a convenient and comfortable beach towel.
standard bath towel sizes

Important Features of Bath Towel Sets

It is so nice to wrap in a cozy bath towel sheet after a shower, bath, or other water treatment.

But sometimes, after a few washes, towels get stiff and irritate the skin.

And here you need to learn about the density, absorption, softness, and pile of the terry towel.


Read carefully the composition of the product indicated on the towel label.

In most cases, you will find cotton in the composition. But not all the producers show the country of origin. The best quality of cotton comes from Egypt and Pakistan. As for the type of yarn, it can be double, twisted, combed, and single. One of the best yarn types is a combed yarn because it provides good moisture absorption.


On average, the towel serves us up to three years of use, but this term can be much longer. It all depends on the density of the towel. Many bath towels quickly become unusable due to their low density (300 g/m2 and less). The sad thing is that the density is not always indicated on the label. But there is a way to check it. To know the density of towels, it just needs to be weighed. For example, a towel with a size of 70×140 cm and a density of 500 g/sq.m will weigh about 490 grams.


Bath towels with too long pile (8 mm and more) are not very convenient to use. The pile should not be too short either. It should be at least 3.5mm long. The explanation is simple, the long pile gives the impression of density, but after the first wash, it loses its appearance. As for the short pile, it does not provide moisture absorption at all. Such a towel just becomes wet and extremely unpleasant to use because of the hard surface. The optimum pile length for bath sheet towels is 5 mm.

bath sheet dimensions


The softness of the towel is not a guarantee of good quality. Many manufacturers add viscose (synthetics), which gives the feeling of softness but affects the quality of water absorption.

If you see that the marking is 100% cotton with PC (polycotton) or M (artificial fibers), then you should know that this is also synthetics. You can check the presence of artificial materials in the composition of a terry towel but after its purchase at home.

How to Choose the Best Bath Sheets?

It is important to pay attention to the material from which a bath sheet is made. Silk products with bamboo fibers absorb moisture very well. It is worth noting that this is an environmentally friendly material with an antibacterial effect.

bath sheet

Towels made of linen or natural cotton have a light massage effect.

Products made from organic raw materials do not have any synthetic additives. And sheets made of hydro-cotton are especially soft and absorb moisture much better.

When choosing bath sheet towels, it is worth considering that a high-quality product must be made from natural raw materials.

Bath Sheet Care

There are certain requirements for washing bath towels, and they are indicated on the label. Towels should be washed strictly in accordance with the instructions. Moreover, the first laundry should be done separately to avoid dye come off and spoil other things.

To preserve the color for a long time, you should not use washing powders with whitening components. They are only suitable for white towels. With the right choice of bath towels, you can get a very good result when using it, and the products will last for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions, Tips, and Advice

What is it so difficult about choosing a bath sheet in housekeeping, you may ask?! However, many people find it surprisingly complicated to find their one and only bath sheet among all the variety of these items being sold in stores.

Here you can find several handy bath sheets buying recommendations that we hope, will make your choice easier.

Bath sheet vs beach towel. Is there a difference?

Well, in fact, there is a difference. Not in their size because bath sheet vs beach towel size is approximately the same (a standard bath sheet is 35×60 inches) but in their ability to absorb. Bath sheet, compared to the beach towels, tends to absorb liquid more effectively than the beach towels.

Bath sheet vs beach towel. Is there a difference
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What are the benefits of a bath sheet made of bamboo?

Bamboo items, both clothes and towels/ sheets, have become more popular today. So what makes them be so? Well, bamboo fabric is very soft and pleasant to the touch, but also it is highly absorbent and odor-resistant which is important for any bathroom items. 

Besides, there’s a great variety of designs so you can even choose an embroidered bath sheet or an elephant bath sheet that will decorate your bathroom.

What is an everplush bath sheet?

Everplush bath sheet is a kind of sheet that is produced using a special Ever plush technology (a mixture of cotton and microfiber) that makes the item always absorbent, fast-dry and long-lasting. These towels can absorb eight times their own weight in water! Besides, the variety of sizes allows buying even an extra-large bath sheet. 

How to Choose the Best Bath Towel  - Everplush HDHow to Choose the Best Bath Towel – Everplush HD

What bath sheet is best for a baby?

When choosing a bath sheet for a newborn, it’s important to buy a non-allergic and safe item that’s soft to touch. Ensure it’s a high-absorbent, too, and is made of natural fabric.

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