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Glasses and Cups Should be Stored Upside Down, That’s Why

Now We Know The Truth!

glasses and cups should be stored upside down

Now we know the truth, should glasses and cups be stored upside down or not?

Should glasses and cups be stored upside down?

This issue has many pros and cons.
But we are convinced that glasses and cups should be stored upside down.

cups upsidedown Glasses and Cups Should be Stored Upside Down

How to store glasses?

Of course, we try to take care of all the dishes and storing glasses right in our house.
However, some items require special attention. Large glasses of red wine brought from a trip will undoubtedly require more care than a massive colored glass tea mug.

When preparing dishes to put them in your cabinet, wash them, and look for cracks and chips.
Throw damaged objects immediately so that you or your kids will not be injured.

The most vulnerable parts of the dishes are the edge, the leg of the glass and the thin handles of the cups.

Keep in mind

Dust, mites, and anything else that floats around us in the air may appear in dishes that were kept bottom-down.

how to store cups

How to store glasses and dishes?

The choice of the place where the long-term storage of your favorite dishes and drinking glasses will take place should be сhosen with special attention.

The air temperature should be constant, without excessive: heat and cold. Also, avoid damp areas, as water can leave stains on the glasses and ruin the appearance of glassware. Thus, an unglazed balcony, wind, and the scorching sun are not suitable for responsible storage.

A cabinet or pantry located far from drafts and heating devices will cope much better with this task.

glasses storage

Honestly, there are several good reasons why cups should be kept in a clean and dry place.

When the cups do not get completely dry, moisture may get inside. If the cups are kept upside down for a long time, mold and bacteria can grow very fast.

How to store crystal glasses?

To save your crystal glassware from damage, we suggest to follow these recommendations:

  • products can be washed at 55 degrees Celsius (gentle mode) in the dishwasher
  • do not use abrasive products when washing
  • wipe dry with a flannel cloth

Usually, you can damage your crystal glasses when washing in a dishwasher while loading and removing it, and the glasses should be placed so as not to touch each other.
If you have crystal glassware, you need to know that the crystal glass storage must be in a dry place, and be always unpacked. 

crystal glasses

How should cleaned and sanitized cups be stored?

There are plenty of ways to store cups. Traditional cabinets or cupboards are good to keep the cups clean and in order. But you may also use:

  • open shelves,
  • hooks,
  • trolleys,
  • rails,
  • wire baskets.

Pretty cups may serve as a decoration element to add some coziness to your kitchen

If you store your cups openly, make sure they are placed away from spills and splashes that often occur in the process of cooking. Cups should be stored far from the cooker so heat and fire won’t damage them. 

Best way to store wine glasses

To storing glasses right put the fragile glasses on their feet. If you store wine glass upside down, then the fragile edges of the glasses will have pressure, and an unpleasant odor of dampness may also appear.

Put cups one in one are a rather unstable idea. If you keep them that way, the risk of cracks increases many times.
Special plates covers will protect them from dust and save you from having to wash the dishes before every party.

wine glasses

Wine glasses are designed to reveal the taste of the drink and let you enjoy it.

If you are a wine lover it is important for you to care for your glasses and to store them properly. Experts recommend storing the fragile wine glasses upright on the cabinet shelf.

Dry the glasses before putting them to the cabinet to prevent the stains on the bottom of the glass. Put them on the shelf upright.

This will help to protect the rim and the fragile edges of the glass from damage. Keep the distance between the glasses to prevent the chipping.

You may also store the wine glasses in the cardboard boxes if you don’t have enough storage space.

Basic tips for saving your  glasses during transportation 

Use additional protection

Regardless of whether you have chosen a heated basement or storage box for your dishes, there are cups and glasses that require additional protection.

Glasses made of the thin glass must be filled with paper, and their legs should be wrapped in bubble wrap. After you have placed the dishes inside the box, empty spaces must be filled with polystyrene or paper.

So the dishes will definitely not move and will not split during transportation.

how to store glassware
Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Main rules how to store glassware

Glassware should be stored in a clean dry place. Open shelves or cupboard is a good decision for storing fragile glasses. Storing the glasses on the shelves will keep them clean and prevent them from breaking.

Glasses with long should be stored upright while glass mugs or rock glasses may be stored upside down.

Wine glasses may be stored on specially designed rails upside down.

Keep in mind that the glass is fragile and may be dangerous for children and pets, so choose the place where the glassware can’t be reached by a small child. Also, make sure the glasses can’t accidentally fall off the shelf and be broken

  • Do not store glassware in places were is the unstable temperature (for example, in a garage or in the attic) — this can lead to microcracks.
  • Cover the boxes with glassware with a soft cloth or white paper
  • Glasses and cups should be stored upside down
  • Wrap each glass or plate in a sheet of white paper (do not use the newspaper — letters can be printed on the plates).
  • Obviously. Do not put heavy items on the box with your glassware

Sign your Kitchen Boxes with FRAGILE Mark

fragile storage

For the sake of space, we put boxes on top of each other.
Cardboard walls may not withstand the pressure of several boxes or one very heavy.

The weight of other things can crush favorite cups.

To avoid such misunderstandings, be sure to mark all the boxes with dishes and indicate that the fragile glass objects are inside.

glasses and cups should be stored upside down

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