Does Wine Freeze? 

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Freezing various drinks can be useful for preserving them, especially during the hot summer season. Also, drinking something cold is more pleasant and refreshing than sipping a warm drink when it is +30 degrees Celsius outside!

However, sooner or later a question occurs: will wine freeze?

And it’s not because it might help to preserve the drink (everyone knows that wine can perfectly stay in a pantry or on the cupboard shelf). Making different alcohol-containing frozen desserts may also require some wine.

So below we will try to solve this issue and find out what the freezing temperature of the wine is.

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Does Alcohol Freeze Solid At All?

This is the question that many people are curious about since there is a belief that all alcoholic drinks are impossible to become solid when being exposed to frost. 

They can be cooled down, yes, but freezing them completely?! No way!

But is it really so?

will wine freeze
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To find it out, let’s remember the alcohol freezing point. Here the clue point is to take into account what kind of alcohol it is all about. For example, such sorts of alcohol as ethanol or methanol have freezing points equal to – 114 degrees and – 97 degrees Celsius respectively.  

But if we are talking about alcohol-containing beverages, it all about being different.

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freezing temperature of the wine
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Alcoholic beverages contain more water than alcohol that is why they normally have their freezing points between the freezing point of water (which is zero degrees Celsius) and that of pure ethanol (which es equal to – 114 degrees Celsius).

Of course, one needs to take into account that different alcoholic beverages have a different amount of alcohol which means that they will turn solid at different temperatures rate.

For instance, it is possible to freeze a beer in a home freezing camera whereas vodka and other high proof alcoholic drinks will require more powerful freezing equipment.

At that point, let’s take a closer look at freezing wine at home.

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Wine Freezing Temperature

alcohol freezing point
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As we have already found out, low-alcoholic drinks (and wine is one of them, too) don’t need any specific conditions to turn solid when we expose them to frost. It can be frozen in a home freezing camera quite easily.

Of course, it is important to remember that different sorts of wine have different content of alcohol sine some of them are stronger and others are less intense. But still, any wine will turn solid at the temperature lower than the one that water freezes at. 

Will wine freeze in the ordinary freezer?

freezing wine
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Normally the average freezing point of wine is between -7 and -9 degrees Celsius so if to place a bottle of the drink into a home freezer or the fridge freezing camera where the temperature is about -18 degrees Celsius, it will be cold enough. 

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the bottle of the drink will become ice-hard soon after you put it to the freezer. It will have to spend there some period of time to become completely solid if that’s what you want to get.

How long does it take a bottle of wine to freeze? 

Normally, in a standard freezer, it will take something like twelve hours for a bottle of wine to become solid.

Frozen Wine. Top Useful Tips To Follow (It’s Good to Know!)

Frozen Wine. Top Useful Tips To Follow
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So now all of us know that wine can easily be frozen. But what shall we do with this information?

The very first idea that comes to mind is that it’s good since now we know what to do with the leftover wine. Have some alcohol left after the party? No stress! Just remove a bottle of wine to your freezer!

However, many people complain that freezing wine makes alcohol drink taste different. Well, wine, no matter whether it’s red or white, indeed deteriorate while staying in the freezer.

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But there is a solution to this issue! Check out how you could use the leftover wine that is now staying in your freezer.

  • Ice wine for making food

Yep, you got it right! Frozen wine fits just perfect for almost any cooking purpose.

And what is even better, making ice wine won’t take you much time!

All you have to do is to find a silicone tray for ice cubes. Pick the one with the voluminous sections.

Take the bottle of leftover wine and fill the tray with the drink. It is important! Don’t pour your wine to the very rim of the ice tray since alcohol expands when freezing because of presence of water in it!

After the ice tray is filled with wine, seal it with the plastic frost-friendly wrap and put it to the freezer. Your wine cubes will need some time, at least twenty-four hours to harden properly.

Done! Now each time you will be making food, just take the tray out of the freezer and add the wine cubes to the dish!

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P.S. We don’t recommend you to freeze wine for cooking purposes in a bottle since you’ll find it difficult to take it out later. Besides, frequent defrosting will make wines spoil.

  • Defrost it and drink!

Yes, so easily!

When we put a bottle of wine to freeze, and it gets in contact with frost, the water in it solidifies which makes wine freeze. However, you can find out that wine, both red and white, doesn’t freeze completely. 

That’s because alcohol doesn’t freeze the same fast as water do. 

For the same reason, wine can be easily defrosted. To do this, just remove it to the fridge and leave the bottle there until your wine is liquid again.

Once it’s liquid, drink it as usual but remember that wine is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. That is why don’t re-freeze a bottle of wine repeatedly.

  • Make wine pops for summer!

Yes, summer is coming, and the best way to chill we could find is to make your very special wine lollypops! Sounds great, right?! 

Feel free to use any wine you can find, red, white, rose, or even blue! Of course, freezing them will take you some time but this ice-cold mix of different wines won’t leave anyone ignorant! 

Be ready that your neighbours will want to follow your example! This is truly gonna be the top yummy of the upcoming vacation!

Things To Remember When You Freeze Wine

Things To Remember When You Freeze Wine
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Wines freeze easily because they contain water that hardens faster than alcohol. That is why so many of us decide to freeze a bottle of wine if we have some left.

However, to get tasty wine later, it is important to know what you can’t do when putting a bottle or a glass of wine to the freezer.

  1. If you put wine to freeze in a glass, never fill it to the rim as liquid will expand while cooling, and it can spill and flood your freezing camera
  2. Since wine expands when frozen, avoid putting a full bottle to the freezer. Since the drink has pretty much water, it will expand making the bottle crack. Nobody wants to cut themselves with broken glass, right?
  3. If you do decide to store your wine frozen in its original bottle, ensure it has enough spare space. Otherwise, we would recommend finding a non-glass tank
  4. Make sure that the cork is tightly screwed
  5. Never freeze wine several times! Nothing will happen to the bottle but when wines  contact multiply with frost and then warm air, it makes them spoil faster 
  6. Most wines freeze at 15 F so double-check that the temperature in the freezer where you keep the bottles is around this grade

These simple rules can help you keep wine drinkable longer and will make you free from worrying whether the drink is still ok.

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People often ask whether wine can lose potency when being frozen. For some reason, they think that frost makes water increase in volume making wine alcohol-free. As proof, they say that defrosted wine tastes different and not so strong as usual one.

In fact, wines do tend to change their tastes after thawing but freezing doesn’t make any wine, neither red not any other, weaker. 

And finally, the latest question regarding frozen wine is for how long we can keep bottles with wines frozen.

Well, first of all, wine bottles won’t necessarily explode in the freezer as many people believe. Everything depends on the alcohol content of the drink but usually, wines can stay frozen for quite a long time unless you defrost and then freeze them again several times. 

Tips For Wine to Freeze

Wine Freezing Temperature
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Now that we know that wine can indeed be frozen, it is time to get more precise information about the process since it does have its specifics that must be taken into account.

  • Since wine is a liquid that contains pretty much water, be careful when exposing it to frost. 

During the process of hardening, when the drink reaches the wine freezing point, it will be expanding which will raise the pressure inside the bottle. It can lead to the bottle to crack or to the cork to be pushed out. The solution is not to leave wine there for too long.

  • Frozen wine must be consumed right after defrosting because otherwise, it will oxidize faster than usual and will turn into vinegar.
  • Freezing can slightly change the taste of the drink so be prepared for this in advance. Perhaps, you would prefer to use such wine for cooking rather than for drinking instead.

Anyway, freezing wine for purpose is not recommended because the frost does influence the original qualities of the drink.

How to Defrost Wine

Another important issue that one may face when freezing wine is how to bring it back to the liquid state without causing any harm.

Well, there is nothing to worry about since it is not a big deal in fact!

To defrost a bottle of wine, just remove it to the fridge and leave until the drink is back to liquid again. 

Any other methods like heating up or microwaving are forbidden!


Tips For Wine to Freeze
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Since the most basic information has already been revealed, some additional tips will be very handy to learn now since they can literally save your drink one day. Besides, knowing this is always a good thing.

  • Does red wine freeze?

Yes, red wine can turn solid in a freezing camera if it is cold enough there (about -7 or -9 degrees Celsius).

  • Does white wine freeze?

White sorts of wine can easily be frozen since they have the same freezing point as the red sorts of this drink.

  • Does wine freeze at the cold weather?

If you’re thinking about freezing a bottle of wine in a snowdrift, remember that wine freezes at -7 C to -9 C. If it is cold enough outside, take a try but don’t leave the bottle overnight since the temperature fluctuations can cause it to explode. 

  • Can I leave wine in a cold car to freeze?

Freezing it solid is impossible, however, for cooling it, why not to try?

  • Does freezing wine ruin it?

Generally, it doesn’t. The defrosted drink can indeed taste a bit different but most of us won’t notice that. At that point, drinking defrosted wine is safe but it must be consumed right after opening because otherwise, the air will oxidize it and turn into vinegar.

wine freezing point

  • What is the champagne freezing point?

Even though champagne turns solid at the same temp as wine does, doing it is not recommended since any bubbled drinks will explode in the freezing camera.

Beer freezes faster than wine and its freezing point is about -2 C.

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