How to Keep Synthetic Hair from Frizzing and Make It Look Cool

List of useful tips for your wig

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People wear wigs for many different reasons and it is not only because they have problems with their own hair. The wig has become the same accessory as a purse or a pair of earrings – simply because it allows to highlight our appearance and style.

However, the owners of these useful items often have trouble with synthetic wig frizzy ends. Want to know how to avoid this disaster once and for all? Then read our defrizz synthetic wig tips below!

Why Does a Wig Become Frizzy?

Let’s try to find out what causes those accessories to be so annoyingly frizzy. 

Generally speaking, it is either natural human hair or synthetic materials that serve as the material for the artificial chevelure. And, if in the first case the item will be pretty much the same as your own hair and behave the same way, its synthetic “brother” needs more attention and care for making it look nice and neat instead of reminding a bird’s nest on your head. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at this point and talk about the synthetic wigs in particular.

Many of those who have these items at home for their personal use often ask questions like why my synthetic wig is frizzy. 

If you don’t wear artificial chevelure on a daily basis, and you are not involved in the wigs producing process, you probably have no idea of what makes them frizz.

The thing is that synthetic wigs tend to lose their shape and stylish looks when their synthetic fibers produce static electricity or, for example, cling. 

frizzy wig ends
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To explain this process in an understandable way, frizzy wig ends appear when they have enough static electricity on them. In its turn, the static charge appears when the ions with negative charges accumulate together. And the most provocative surrounding for them is a rather dry environment.

Also, because the artificial items don’t have natural moisture unlike our own hair, they tend to get very dry and become messy too soon. So, how to stop synthetic hair from frizzing then?

An Itemized Instruction On How to Make a Wig Less Frizzy

my synthetic wig is frizzy
Photo by Chloe Kala from Pexels

One can find lots of different tips telling us how to defrizz synthetic hair. Nevertheless, we have chosen those that appear to be most effective and have a long-lasting effect.

  • Detangling products can work well to bring your item cool looks again. 

Put on your dry wig on its holder. Using a comb with wide teeth and your fingers, untangle the ends carefully.

Take your product (a lotion or a spray) and apply the minimal amount to the small strand. Take from two to five centimeters at a time, but not more because it can make it complicated to apply the liquid thoroughly.

Also, try to choose a detangler meant for hair or wigs specifically.

The second you applied the detangler, comb the moistured area meticulously. If you meet any knots, detangle them with your fingers, and continue combing and spraying the artificial item.

To replace a detangler, an ordinary watered softener for the fabric will do, too.

frizzy wig ends
  • One more option is to “give a bath” the frizzy wig. 

Take a laundry washing product and soak your artificial chevelure with it. Add about a quarter of a bottle’s cup to the sink with water. The temperature of this mixture must be around 29 to 35 Celsius warm.

Leave the item for several minutes and then rinse it thoroughly. 

Blot out the extra moist with a towel, put the wig on its holder and let it dry.

The next stage is to wash the wig with ordinary shampoo.

And finally, apply some softener that you normally use for fabrics on the item while it is still damp. 

Towel-dry it and let it dry.

How to Make a Wig Less Frizzy
Photo by Gratisography from Pexels
  • If your frizzy synthetic wig is heat-resisting, you can try to detangle it with some of the heating tools.

Take a flat iron and st it to the lowest temperature mode.

Take the upper part of the wig up and clip it there to hold. Then straighten the bottom layer taking one small strand of hair at a time. 

Continue the procedure with the top layer until the whole wig is straightened.

As a variant, use a hot-air brush. It can also straighten your artificial chevelure and, in addition, make it look stylish and well-shaped. Only make sure to use a spray for detangling, softener or water before applying the airbrush! 


How to Keep Synthetic Hair Soft and Natural Looking

 defrizz synthetic hair
Photo by Євгеній Симоненко from Pexels

Another point of concern for the wig owners is how to soften synthetic hair as all the artificial wigs get easily dry too much and too fast. 

To be honest, you will have to take some routine actions to take care of your item, but it is worth doing that! So, how to make synthetic hair soft again?

  • Wash it with shampoo.

Comb your wig carefully with a comb with wide teeth . 

Use special mild synthetic-safe shampoo to add it to the washbowl with cool water (approximately one or two cups of shampoo will be enough).

Put the wig into this mixture and leave for ten minutes.

Swish the wig around a bit to soak with the product better.

Rinse the item with cool running water.

  • Conditioner or a laundry softener will do as well.

Take a washbowl of cool water, add 120 milliliters of your product, immerse the item into the mixture and leave for ten minutes. If it’s a bit damaged, keep it in the bowl for half an hour.

Take it out of the water and squeeze the extra liquid. Don’t rinse it! 

Pat gently using the towel and leave air-dry.

  • You can also use special synthetic hair shampoo and conditioner to mind your wig.


 A Super Method of How to Revive Synthetic Hair

soften synthetic hair
Photo by Milena Alicia from Pexels

If you are too lazy or busy to waste your time and money on expensive professional wig-caring products to make your item look good, use one simple but very efficient way for reviving synthetic hair.

All that you will need is some cold water, any fabric softener, and a spray bottle. And of course, your wig!

  • Take two parts of the softener and the same amount of water. Be precise as the total amount of both liquids must be equal! It means that, if let’s say, you take 400 milliliters of water, you will need the same amount of the softener, too.
  • Pour everything into the spray bottle and stir thoroughly. The liquids must mix together completely.
  • Spray this mixture on the wig and wrap it in a towel. Don’t rub it! Simply blot out the extra water and leave it to dry.

This method is best to be used in the evening so that the wig could stay with the healing mixture during the whole night.

synthetic wig frizzy ends
Photo by George Bohunicky on Unsplash

Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Effective Ways to Keep Synthetic Hair From Frizzing.

Synthetic hair is a true miracle for those who like changing their style and looks often and drastically. However, synthetic wigs and hair is not all that fun and magic. When you notice that synthetic hair extensions have gone frizzy or notice synthetic hair frizzy ends, it’s time to do something and act fast.

Here are some easy and well-working tips for keeping your faux mane awesome.

How to make synthetic hair soft?

You probably noticed many times that, after a while, especially if you are wearing your wig every day, it becomes dry and reminds more of a bird’s nest than a human’s hair.

How to soften a wig and prevent it from damage, you may wonder? There are several tricks that may help you with that.

Try to use a synthetic-friendly shampoo. Comb your wig properly, then fill a basin with cool water and dissolve one or two cups of shampoo in it (use the cup from the shampoo bottle). 

Let your wig swim in this “bath” for ten minutes or so, you can even swish it a bit to make the locks get soaked with the treatment product.

How to make synthetic hair soft

Then take it out and rinse under the running cool water.

 Another option is to apply a conditioner or a softener for fabric. Again, use a sink with cool water and 120 milliliters of product in it. Soak the wig in there, rinse and dry.

How to defrizz a curly synthetic wig?

Curly synthetic wigs are a bit more troublesome when taking care of them.

To defrizz a synthetic curly wig, comb it first to delete all the knots.

Prepare a sink of cool water with one big spoon of wig shampoo in it.

Immerse the wig in the water and swish it accurately letting stay there to soak for five minutes. After it’s taken out and rinsed, put the wig on a dry towel with the curls being spread around to breathe. Don’t comb or dry it now!

curly synthetic wig
Photo by Jessica Dabrowski on Unsplash

When the locks get a bit dryer but will still remain damp, pulverize a wig conditioner for synthetics over the curls and leave everything to dry completely. Finally, carefully comb the wig.

This is the easiest method of how to defrizz a synthetic wig without heat.

How to fix a frizzy synthetic wig?

After being disposed to various harmful external factors like heat and cold, sunshine, rain, and dust, your wig may become slightly damaged and lose its looks. 

How to fix synthetic hair when they are more or less damaged? 

How to Fix an Old Synthetic Wig FAST! (This wig is 3 years old!)How to Fix an Old Synthetic Wig FAST! (This wig is 3 years old!)

If the damage is minimal, then it might be enough to run down the locks with the fabric softener dryer sheet.

If you have to deal with mid-range damage or frizz, a flat iron can be a great help to straighten the wig and make the hair evener.

For really stubborn frizziness, you’d better go for a portable steamer. And remember to comb the wig first!

Also, to avoid tangles, apply some leave-in hair conditioner or a fabric softener.

These methods will help to revive the synthetic wig without using such radical ways as trimming and cutting it.

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