How Long to Leave Hair Dye On. 7 Hair Dyeing Mistakes

For home hair dyeing, avoid those crucial mistakes and you can get a professional result.    

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Hair dye is a trendy procedure. We like to dye our hair at home. Often it seems that this is a very simple process: it is enough to apply the dye, hold the right amount of time, wash off, and a new hairstyle is ready.

And for how long to leave hair dye in? You should leave hair dye in for 30-45 minutes. Follow the instructions on the box. After 30 minutes, the ammonia and peroxide from hair dye go deeper into the hair structure and change its pigment. The procedure lasts from 30 minutes to three hours, depending on the hair length, dyes type, and color. 

Of course, dying in itself is not particularly difficult, it requires only thoroughness, accuracy, and attentiveness.

Why does the result not always meet expectations?

  • the color is not as expected and is far from that presented on the package;
  • the shade is unpleasant;
  • color does not fit ;
  • the strands became dull and naughty;
  • hair splits, breaks, falls out.

How long to leave hair dye in the hair on black hair?

As a rule, the procedure lasts from 30 minutes to three hours, depending on the hair length, dyes type, and color. You should not radically change your hairstyle, it can really harm your scalp.

For the very first at home dying, you can use temporary dye, which is washed off in 3 times.

Mistakes you make dyeing your hair

Your hair is too clean

dyeing mistakes clean head


Do not wash your hair on the day when you are planning to color. A little natural fat on the hair and scalp will protect you against irritation and burning.

You radically change the hair color

radicall change haircolor dyeing mistakes
For home-based hair dyeing, try to change the shade for just one or two tones.
If you want more noticeable changes in color, better visit your hair colorist.

You color your hair with the eyebrow color

  • First, it is not safe for your eyes. You are risking with your sign.
  • Secondly, the color of the eyebrows, in any case, will differ from the hair color, since they have different thicknesses.

How long to leave hair dye on eyebrows?

  • Apply eyebrow dyeing, starting from the outer edge, from the tail, and gradually moving to the inner side of the eyebrow.
  • Make sure that the dye does not swell beyond the contour!
  • Leave the dye for 5-15 minutes: the duration of dying is usually indicated in the instructions on the dye and depends on the tone you choose.
  • Remove the dye with a cotton swab dipped in warm water.
  • Attention – eyebrows should be dying one at a time, and not both at once.
eyebrows color

You too quickly wash the dye out

If you have thick gray hair, try to dye one strand first to see how long it takes to get the desired color.
So you don’t have to dye the entire hair to find out that the existing hair color will not give the desired effect.

You don’t follow the instructions

Carefully read through the instructions. Some manufacturers recommend first adding water and applying on the hair the foaming product.
This is an important step that allows you to increase your hair color and decrease its flushing.
If you Skip it, you risk leaving some of the dye on your hair and skin.

You overdo dye on gray hair

grey hair coloring mistakes
If less than a third of your hair is affected by gray, there is no need to use a permanent dye.
Even temporary dye will provide the desired effect and at the same time bring less damage to the hair structure, give them shine and smoothness.
And also choose dye color with the words “natural” and “neutral” : they are better suited for dyeing gray hair.

You use only one color

one hair color coloring mistakes
With just two different shades, you can achieve a more natural result even at home.
That “wig effect”, when dyed hair does not look like natural, occurs if,  you constantly dye them with ammonia and its molecules are practically embedded into the hair.
In this case, the hair becomes too porous, and the pigment oversaturates them.
  1. To achieve a natural effect, first of all, dye overgrown roots with permanent ammonia paint.
  2. Dry the hair with a towel
  3. then dye the entire hair with an ammonia-free paint one tone lighter.
  4. Leave it for 10 minutes, rinse and condition.

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