How to Get Gum Out of Hair?

Easy DIY to Remove any Gum from Your or Kids Hair

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Ways Of Deleting Chiclet From Your Locks

A piece of bubblegum stuck in the hair can ruin not only the mood but also the hairstyle. If you find chiclet in your hair, you should stop panicking and grasping on the scissors, intending to cut a bundle of hair that has chew stuck. With simple manipulations, you can easily remove the bubblegum without damaging the hair. The whole procedure will take you no more than 10 minutes and will not require the use of any caustic solvents. Read this article and learn how to get rid of the chew in hair.

Cold and Hot Water for Deleting the Chew From The Strands

This method can be used if the chew has stuck not too close to the roots of the hair. First of all, the affected strand should be dipped into ice water or a piece of ice should be applied to the chiclet itself. Keep freezing the chew until it hardens and starts crumbling.

Gently chip away small pieces deleting as much of the gummy as possible. Then you will need hot water to cope with the remnants of the chew. Avoid boiling water to prevent damage to the hair structure and accidental burns. Hot water should be poured on a strand. Thus, the chew will become soft and can be easily flattened with your fingers, turning into a thin cake.

After that it is necessary to repeat the procedure with freezing again, and, of course, this time a thin layer of the chew will be much simpler to take off. So, by alternating these two procedures, you can completely remove all the gumball. Finally, the hair should be combed with a thick comb and thoroughly washed with shampoo.

How to Take off a Chew from Hair Using Natural Products?

Peanut Butter to Get Gum out of Hair

Olive or any organic oily product is the best way to eliminate bubblegum from your hair. Take 1-2 tbsp. of the oil. This method is universal, but also the only possible to remove chiclet from short hair or from the root zone. Oil can cope with the chew thanks to its ability to soften it. Take the following steps for getting chiclet off from the locks:

  •       Generously soak a cotton swab or a cloth with the natural oily product (olive, sunflower, corn).
  •       Wrap the area with an elastic band for the oil to cover the gumball well.
  •       After 10-15 minutes, when the chew softens, it can be removed.
  •       This method of removal the chew is considered the most convenient and effective.

How to Free Your Hair From Gummy With Olive Oil

How to Get Gum Out of Your HairHow to Get Gum Out of Your Hair

Using food is one of the popular ways of saving our mane from the sticky disaster because it doesn’t require any additional items.

Since we usually have a bottle of olive oil at home, this is what shall be done.

  • Take a spoon or two of the product. That’s the step one
  • Step two is to soak a clean cotton pad
  • Wrap the gummy zone to help the olive oil to spread over the blot completely
  • Leave the treatment for 15 min until the chew is soft
  • Free your locks from the bubblegum

Olive oil application is one of the safest ways since oil is very hair-friendly and works gently.

How to Free Your Mane From Gummy With Food Products? Mayo Will Help!

How to Get Gum Out Of Hair With Coke // DOES THIS REALLY WORK?How to Get Gum Out Of Hair With Coke // DOES THIS REALLY WORK?

Here comes another food-based method of rescuing our chevelure from the chew! 

Everyone has mayonnaise at home, right? So just grab some and solve the issue once and for all! 

The product has natural and thus hair-safe content only so this approach will fit those who are concerned about the chemical means. In addition, no extra items or tools will be needed!

  • The first step if to take a generous amount of mayo with the fingers and massage it into the lock covered with the gummy. Treat the chew mostly but don’t forget about the area around it!
  • Leave the strand alone for a while. That’s the step two!
  • Step three will be to carefully slide the sticky blot from the hair using fingers.

Voila! Your chevelure is now free again!

Groundnut Oil Work to Get Chiclet From The Strands

removing gum from hair

Peanut butter or high-fat mayonnaise are absolutely hair-safe products. They can easily cope with the problem of sticky chew being no less effective than natural oily means. The product should be put in the gumball, and after a while removed with a comb or sponge.

Vaseline or Baby Cream Can Remove Chewing Bubblegum

This should be done in the same way as in the case of other oily remedies. Though, unlike mayonnaise or peanut paste, it is very difficult to completely cleanse off the hair after Vaseline.

Therefore, after removing the chew, it is better to first rub the starch into your hair, comb it properly, and then cleanse with warm water with plenty of shampoo. Cool water, in this case, will definitely not fit, as it will make Vaseline viscous, and it will be even more difficult to wash it.

remove gum with vaseline

Remove Chiclet with Alcohol

Alcohol is a leader in its efficiency and speed to get chiclet off the locks.  Absolutely any alcohol will help. All you need to do is to wet the cotton pad, soak the chew while treating the area around it.

remove gum with alcohol
Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

As a rule, in just a few movements the chiclet is removed, then alcohol must be washed off with shampoo. When using this method, take care to avoid eye contact. It is not recommended for children.

Lemon and Conditioner to Get Chiclet From The Chevelure

to Get Gum out of Hair
Photo by Han Lahandoe on Unsplash

Lemon is considered a safe means of removing chiclet from hair, but not quite effective

  1.       In a small bowl, mix lemon juice and water in a 1: 1 ratio.
  2.       Add a hair conditioner (same amount as you normally use for one douche).
  3.       Apply the solution to the affected strand with your fingers.
  4.       Brush hair thoroughly to delete the gum.
  5.       This method will not work if a big size chew got tangled among the strands.

Toothpaste to Get Rid of Chevelure-Stuck Chiclet

remove gum with toothpaste
Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

Apply some paste on the affected area of hair and rub it in. The bubblegum will become soft and easier to remove. If all the chew has not been removed for the first time, repeat the procedure. You can use a comb or a small brush to simplify the task. After removing the chiclet, it is necessary to douche the hair well with shampoo.

Essential Oils Can Cope with Chew in Hair

How to Remove Gum from Hair
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Eucalyptus and orange oils are best suited for this purpose. But you should know that the essence of eucalypt can cause slight burns, so it is not advisable to use it for sensitive skin.

  •       Take a cotton swab and moisten it with oil.
  •       Rub gently the oil into the affected area.
  •       After the chew begins to thaw, remove it with paper napkins.

How to Remove Chiclet from Hair with Sodium Bicarbonate

  1. Mix sodium bicarbonate with water to a puree consistency.
  2. Put in to the stuck gum.
  3. Wait for the mixture to dry.
  4. Using a comb, remove the baking soda with the chew.

This mechanical removal option is not good for the owners of dry hair. Such hair has a porous structure and the particles of soda will damage it even more.

Having safely completed the operation of getting chew from the chevelure, it is vital to take care of its renewal. The state of hair can be adversely affected by the chiclet itself and the removal procedure.

Therefore, besides washing hair with shampoo, use a balm and make a moisturizing mask for it. It would be beneficial to add castor or turnip oil to the mask. Now you know how to get gummy from the mane without harmful chemicals and radical change of hairstyle.

Best way to remove gum from hair! (in seconds LIFE HACK)Best way to remove gum from hair! (in seconds LIFE HACK)

What Other Methods Can I Use to Save My Locks?

It’s always good to know several extra options just in case. Luckily, we have some tips for you on how to get the irritating chew off the mane.

  • Hair Mousse

This creamy substance that we usually use for styling can be a great help! 

Spray a significant amount of the product onto the chew directly avoiding your face, and carefully rub it into the locks.

Wait for 15-20 min, and then slide the gummy with a toothbrush or a comb (make sure the toothbrush is harsh enough).

  • Lotion

A good working method for sliding the bubblegum off the strands. 

Apply a rich amount of the product over the damaged zone, and let it stay there.

Then, work it off with a comb.

Again, make sure your face is protected from the product!

What Other Methods Can I Use to Save My Locks
Photo by KINN Living on Unsplash
  • Vinegar

Be careful with this liquid since it’s acidic and can irritate the skin of your face or the eyes!

To remove the chew, soak it with the product, wait until it’s loosened, and draw it away with a toothbrush, fingers, or a comb.

Photo by Crema Joe on Unsplash
  • Lighter fluid

Sounds dangerous but in fact it’s not.

Be careful and keep the liquid away from the face, and everything’s going to be ok!

How to use it for deleting the chew from the mane?

Work a small amount of the fluid into the chew and around it, let it work for like 10 min, and then take the softened chew away with a comb or toothbrush that you don’t mind to discard.

Remember to wash everything that was in contact with the fluid with a degreasing soap, and discard the comb/toothbrush!

All these methods use the product that we normally have at home on the regular basis, and even if not, then it is not a problem to get them at the nearest shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bubblegum is tasty and fun but you need to be cautious about it as this sweet is extremely sticky! It is an unpleasant thing when it’s stuck to the carpet or the floor, but what if it happened to your hair?! Here you will find the most frequent questions people ask regarding how to get rid of chewing chew in your hair.

How Do You Get Chewing Chew Off The Chevelure?

What if a piece of chewing chiclet got stuck to your locks? This may turn into real trouble so you must act quickly!

  • If it’s stuck far from the roots, immerse the strand with the chew into ice-cold water or put in an ice cube to it. It will harden the chewing gum and make it crumble and easy to break. The second the gum is hard enough, chip away small pieces of it gently.

To delete the rest of the gum, pour hot water over the strand and remove the softened particles with your fingers. If necessary, repeat from the start.

  • Vegetable oil can also help. Finely moisture a clean cotton pad with any vegetable oil and wrap the damaged strand.
How Do You Get Chewing Gum Out of Hair
Photo by Joe Pregadio on Unsplash

Keep it wrapped for fifteen minutes and then delete the softened gum.

  • Vaseline or baby oil could also work, but both of them are pretty hard to remove from hair afterward. So, it’s up to you whether to use this method or not.
  • What will really work fast and effective is alcohol. Take any alcohol you can find at home, pour it on the cotton pad and moisture the chewing gum. In a couple of minutes, it will be gone. The only thing that’s left to do is to wash your hair properly to delete any traces of alcohol from it.
  • If you don’t have any other means, use ordinary toothpaste. Apply some on the gum and rub it in. Do this until all the bubblegum is deleted.

There are also other ways to cope with chewing gum in hair, for example, baking soda, lemon juice or essential oils. You can try and choose which one/ones fit you best.

How to Get Dried Chew From The Chevelure?

If the gum is already dry, it may require a bit more effort to remove it.

To soften the gum, apply any vegetable oil you have. Also, you can try vaseline or baby oil even though they are quite complicated to cleanse out of hair. 

Alcohol can also help fast and easily, otherwise, use orange or eucalyptus essential oil as they thaw the gum perfectly.

Does Nut Oil Helps for Deleting The Chew From Locks?

As a natural organic product, peanut butter is safe for your hair, besides, it can cope with a sticky problem really well! What can you do to take the chew away from the mane with peanut butter? Simply put in some of it to the gum directly, leave it on your hair for a while and then delete the gum with your comb or sponge.

What to Do to Remove Gum From Blonde Hair?

If you have a blonde mane, avoid using the means that can damage its color. For example, don’t try freshly boiled water to delete gum in blonde wet hair as it will ruin the hair structure. Lemon juice may also leave pale marks on your hair if being applied for too long. Be careful with eucalyptus oil, too, as it can leave burns both on your hair and head’s skin.

How to Extract the Particles of Gum Left In Hair?

If you notice any leftovers of chewing gum in your hair after you removed the most of this sticky substance, don’t worry. They are easy to get rid of!

To take out the gum left in the hair after removal, try to put in a baking soda paste on the damaged lock and then comb out the rest of the gum.

Also, any lubricant or dissolver will help.

How to Remove Gum If It’s Close to Cranium?

If the gum got stuck in the hair by the skull, how to get it out of there? This is going to be a tricky and difficult task. 

First of all, separate the damaged lock from the rest of your hair with a scrunchy.

Put in some vinegar on the gum by pouring it to the gum. After a few minutes, the gum must become loose and soft enough for you to take if off your locks.

Otherwise, you can use rubbing alcohol, too.

Never apply any means that require being rubbed into the gum (like lotion, peanut butter, vaseline, lighter fluid, etc.) because it will only make it stick more firmly to your scalp!

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