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Can You Freeze Mayonnaise?

How to make a frozen mayonnaise at home

frozen mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a truly all-purpose dressing that can be found in any kitchen. It is used in many different dishes both cold and savory and keeping it fresh is often a great point of concern.

In this article, you will learn all you need about how to make a frozen mayonnaise at home.

Nutrition and Usefulness of Mayonnaise

Freezing Mayonnaise

So why is mayonnaise so popular, you may ask? We can often hear that this product is being banned because of its impact on our figure and weight, however, it does have several useful features that you probably didn’t even know about.

Indeed, if you eat a pack of fatty mayo with a thick slice of bread every day, you will be far from slim. Nevertheless, when being consumed in a proper amount, mayonnaise can bring you a lot of usefulness!

First of all, mayonnaise contains an E vitamin and omega-3 that are good for our heart and prevent heart attacks. Then, the minerals and such vitamins as A, D, E, and K have a fat-soluble effect which means that they absorb fat to be assimilated.

Finally, mayonnaise makes the cholesterol level lower and contributes to preventing the aging process, as well as reduces the impact of free radicals and stabilizes our metabolism.

No wonder that many people ask themselves “Can mayonnaise be frozen to preserve its benefits?”

How-to-Freeze-Mayonnaise Tips and Life Hacks  

an you freeze mayonnaise-based salads?
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

So can you freeze mayo? As you all, probably, know, when being made at home, mayonnaise is made of eggs, vegetable oil, mustard, and some lemon juice. 

It is actually an emulsion so, if you decide to expose it to the frost, its ingredients will most likely break down or separate making the dressing much less appetizing and good-looking.

Often some liquid may appear on top of the mayo after you thaw it and the texture will be less smooth, too.

However, there is a trick that will help to prevent your mayonnaise from being separated.

frozen mayonnaise
Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

To freeze homemade mayonnaise, take a glass jar and sterilize it by putting it into the water and letting boil for five minutes.

When it’s done, take out the jar and fill it with the dressing leaving about an inch of space between the mayo and the lid. Ensure you remove the most of the air from the container and seal the jar.

Now it can be replaced to the freezer. 

When being preserved this way, homemade mayo will delight you with its taste for about five or six days.

However, if we are talking about the mayonnaise that was bought in a store, its shelf life duration will be a priori longer as it contains different stabilizers to prevent it from rotting.

Note that the egg-containing mayonnaise normally is not advised to freeze as eggs are very sensitive to frost and the product can change its taste after defrosting. Also, it is because of the natural ingredients (eggs again) that egg-containing mayo is under the risk of bacteria developing if being defrosted under the wrong conditions!

How Do You Defrost Mayo?

 frozen mayonnaise

How to make your mayonnaise “alive” again without turning it into something uncertain and ugly-looking?

The best way to do it without traumatizing the product is to replace it to the fridge and leave there on the lowest shelf until it is soft and smooth again. Like that, its structure won’t be damaged and the texture of the mayo won’t suffer.

Other Things You Would Like to Know About Freezing Mayonnaise

Freezing Mayonnaise
Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Freezing and defrosting mayonnaise may seem to be not an easy thing to do because of this product, especially when homemade from the natural ingredients, is rather demanding when it comes to storage conditions.

That is why it is even more essential to know any specifics of keeping mayonnaise at home to prevent it from spoiling and possible troubles that it may cause to you.

  • Can you freeze mayonnaise-based salads?

Normally, it is assumed that mayonnaise-based salads don’t freeze well. All because of the mayo that tends to break and separate after defrosting.

  • Can you freeze aioli?

Aioli just like the mayonnaise or any other oil-based condiments has a texture of a thick and creamy emulsion. It means that the product consists of the liquids that can’t be mixed together well under the normal conditions.

That is why, after you defrost it, aioli will most likely break down or separate.

Can mayonnaise be frozen


  • Can you freeze a Miracle Whip?

As we have already figured out, mayonnaise is normally not a perfect thing to freeze. However, Miracle Whip is much better for this purpose as it has somewhat different ingredients and contains stabilizers that save it from spoiling and damage.

  • Can you freeze egg salad with mayonnaise?

If you are going to preserve some egg salad with the store-bought mayonnaise, it may work as mayo bought in a store contains stabilizers that prevent it from spoiling. 

However, if you used a homemade mayo for the salad, you’d better not even start to try.

  • Can you freeze chicken salad with mayo?

In case you used store-bought mayo, you can give it a try. Nevertheless, a homemade dressing will most likely not survive the frost properly.

can you freeze mayo
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  • Can you freeze macaroni salad with mayonnaise?

You can freeze it only if you freeze pasta and the dressing separately because, when being mixed together and put to freeze, they won’t taste good when you thaw them.

Can you freeze seafood salad?

Seafood salad, the same as any meat or poultry salad containing mayo, will not freeze well enough and will change its texture after you take it out from the freezer.

Can you freeze mayonnaise-based sauces?

Everything depends on what those sauces consist of. If they have any dairy product (except for mascarpone cheese), you’d better don’t even try to freeze them as thawing will ruin the mixture.

If it is about the dips, then they can be stored for about one week at most.

Can you freeze aioli
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel from Pexels

How to Find Out That Mayonnaise is Spoiled? 

It’s always important to define any rotting process on the food before you eat it.

To spot any spoilage of the mayo, take a closer look at it. If you notice any mold or spores if the smell will be acidic or putrid, if it turned dark-yellow instead of a very light, nearly white shade of it or if you see any brownish spots on its surface, discard the product at once.

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Can You Freeze Mayonnaise?