Should You Wash Your Hair Everyday? 12 Tips From The Trichologist

Is it bad to wash your hair every day?

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on should you wash your hair everyday
This simple and familiar procedure of head washing, many of us doing wrong.
That is why we decided to talk with the specialist and find out what is the correct algorithm for washing hair, and what are the nuances in this important stuff.
Have you ever wondered how much shampoo should you use? How often to wash your hair? Do you harm your hair? Does grey hair need special care?
We asked all about this our trichologist, who dispelled some myths and told us how to properly care for your hair.
“Head should be washed as the skin becomes dirty.
As confirmed by studies conducted by trichologists and dermatologists in different countries, the head skin and hair are much more affected by pollution that accumulates at the top of the hair and doesn’t clean up in time.
The greasy secretions, dust, dirt creates a good place for the bacteria’s development, prevents the skins breath, the hair roots receive less beneficial substances, all of which disrupt the normal functioning of the scalp and slow down hair growth.”

Don’t afraid of the shampoos

shampoo using every day
Shampoos, on which we have a mark that we can use them every day, are the most neutral, delicate, hypoallergenic and have a non-aggressive composition.
Accordingly, they can be used on a daily basis.

Have your own washing schedule

The frequency of washing hair should be selected individually, you should understand the type of your hair and quality of water.
If you have oily hair, then a 3-4 day break will accumulate greasy secretions, which can lead to the beginning of small inflammation.

Apply shampoo properly

apply shampoo properly
The amount of shampoo depends on the length of the hair.
Interesting! that is not recommended to pour the product directly on the head.
At first, it will be difficult to control its quantity; secondly, too much of product will be located on a limited area and that can cause irritation.
Therefore, you have to foam the shampoo in your hands, and only then put it on the hair and wash them.

Right hair washing algorithm

Before you start to wash your hair, you must comb your hair thoroughly.
You need to wash your hair from ear to ear, along the so-called conditional lines, and then go to the back of the head.
Movement should be massaging and made with fingertips, but be careful of your nails them can scratch the skin.
During the shampooing, it is recommended to massage your head, it is useful for the hair roots.

How much shampoo should you use

It all depends on the frequency of washing and the shampoos type.
If you have to wash your hair every day, then double cleansing is not necessary.
For those who wash their hair 2 times a week, it is better to apply shampoo twice.
The second time is recommended to use half of the portion.

Water temperature

Many people make a gross mistake and wash their heads with too hot water that leaches hair and activates the sebaceous glands.
The optimal water temperature for washing hair is 40−50 degrees.
This temperature regime promotes good dissolution of sebum, easy removal of dirt, and also improves blood circulation.

Complete the head wash with cold water

complete hair wash with cold water

It is desirable to complete the washing procedure with a cool or cold shower that stimulates the blood supply to the scalp and makes the hair shiny.
You’re Washing Your Hair Too Much!You’re Washing Your Hair Too Much!

Mask after shampooing

best-hair-mask-hoe to wash your hair properly
The frequency masks usage depends on the condition of the hair.
On the desired effect and of course composition of the mask’s nutrients. If your hair is badly damaged and it needs intensive care, apply a mask every other day. After 8–10 sessions, the result will already be clearly visible, and you will be able to use the hair mask less frequently.
If you plan to put a mask on your hair as a preventive measure, do it no more than 1-2 times a week.
This frequency is approved by trichologists.

Don’t forget about the balm

The balm is applied to the hair after shampooing.
It not only stabilizes the pH level of the hair but also makes it shine, silkier if it contains easily reflective elements.
The balm also smoothes the outer layer, or the hair cuticle, which opens when alkali falls on ithard water, shampoo, and dye or permanent coloring.
Balm CAN be applied over the entire length of the hair (some people believes that it is needed only for the ends), including the roots, but not rubbed into the scalp.
Leave on for 5–7 minutes, then carefully wash. When applied to the scalp, it is likely that the balm will make the hair heavier.

I washed my hair, what to do now?

Depending on the type of your hair you need to use hair oil or a protective spray.
Following the instructions on the bottle, apply a drop of oil to dry or damp hair, depending on how they react to the oil.
Use a very small amount of oil so that the hair does not look greasy or wet.
You need to know that the effect of essential oils on damaged hair is more effective when they are wet. Therefore, if you usually use oil on dry hair, moisten it with water and then apply oil to achieve the desired effect.

Always use thermal protection.

This protective sprays should be used if the hair needs constant styling with a hairdryer or other devices.
Our hair is vulnerable to heat because we have consisted of solid keratin protein in it. When temperature rise especially on the Sun, the smoothed cuticle scales (the upper protective layer of the hair) rise and revealing the cortex. Keratin become softer and water evaporates.
When you have a hot styling, especially on wet hair, moisture evaporates, and even the grease breaks down.
Hair breaks, becoming dull and fragile.
Does Hair Heat Protectant Work?!Does Hair Heat Protectant Work?!
It is important to notice that the composition of thermo protective sprays. They always include natural proteins, vitamins E and B5, and extracts of medicinal plants.
Thanks to these components, the hair is not only neutralized from thermal effects. But also gains additional volume, which makes the hairstyle even more impressive.
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