Sunstroke: How to Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

You wish to know it before going out in a sunny day!

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on sun hair damage

How to protect your hair from the sun?

Sun ultraviolet negatively affects not only on your skin but also the hair, making it dry and dull. So special hair protection is not tricks of cunning marketers, but a necessity.

Beautiful sun-streaked hair – often is the result of the work of an excellent colorist, but not the sun. The sun, especially in combination with salt, badly spoils the hair, making it dry and lifeless. Hide them under a hat and never pour lemon on them in the hope of brightening.

In the city, you can use only hair conditioners, indelible masks, and styling with UV-filters for sun protection. But for the beach, you have to pick up a special product. “UVA rays destroy keratin and melanin, which is responsible for hair color,” says Jessica Krautz, manager of Marrocon oil.
“Seawater, salt, sand, wind, chlorine also contribute to the destruction of the hair cuticle, accelerating the harmful effects of the sun on its fiber. “
There is a theory that if you wash your hair with fresh running water before bathing in the sea, they will become more resistant to salt and protect your hair from the sun damage.
But Jessica Krautz refutes this: “Water is about purification and does not protect your hair.”
Returning from the beach, be sure to remove the remnants of salt with shampoo to protect your hair. “It is better to use soft and nourishing shampoos that will moisturize and gently cleanse the hair,” continues Jessica Krautz.
“Also, do not forget about the balm: it will restore the hair along its entire length.”

Everything’s under control

To return from a summer sea vacation with healthy hair, you have to protect them from the sun very well and take good care of them. Be sure to bring along a protective hair oil, like an invisible shield.
Due to UVA & UVB filters, the oil reliably protects hair from all external influences.
Shampoo gently cleanses the hair, and the conditioner with vegetable keratin and shea butter nourishes and facilitates combing.
Try to give freedom on the vacation to your hair and give up the hairdryer and curling irons.
In case you cannot go out without styling, always apply sunscreen on top!
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