Emergency Aid: How to Fix a Broken Nail With a Tea Bag

How to quickly solve this problem at home

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on how to fix a broken nail

A broken nail is always a huge upset.

Urgent salon visit? Or cut out all other nails? Do not rush!

We talked with a manicurist and learned how to quickly solve this problem at home.

Spoiler: an ordinary tea bag will help!

Who would have even thought that a broken nail could be repaired with … a tea bag!

It sounds incredible, but this is true. 

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The fact is that the tea bag is made of thin fibrous paper, which in its composition is similar to a special silk coating used by nail masters to repair nails.

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Of course, this is not a panacea, but this way you can save the nail until your next visit to the salon.

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You will need

  • nail polish remover (a special gel remover if you wear a “long-playing” manicure),
  • medical glue or glue for nails,
  • buff for polishing nails and,
  • a tea bag


blowing on nails

The instruction is simple

1. Remove the varnish from the damaged nail and clean the nail surface of the nail with a cleanser (an antibacterial hand gel is quite suitable);

2. Sand the damaged area with buff and clean the surface of the nail again;

3. Cut a small square piece from the tea bag so that it completely covers the crack;

4. Apply a little medical or special nail glue to and around the crack. Use a transparent nail base. Of course, it is less persistent, but it’ll definitely save your nail;

5. Squeeze a piece of tea bag properly to the fingernail with your finger or tweezers so that there are no air bubbles between them;

6. Apply a little more glue or base on top and let it soak;

7. When the glue dries, again sand the surface of the nail with a buff to smooth finish;

8. Apply 2 layers of nail polish on top. Apply 2 layers of high-quality nail polish on top, you can choose some unusual colors depending on your current mood. 

how to fix a cracked nail
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Fix a Broken Nail with a TEA BAG!! Awesome At-Home DIY SolutionFix a Broken Nail with a TEA BAG!! Awesome At-Home DIY Solution