Healthy sleeping habits: 10 anti-aging rules for young skin

Important habits, to improve the quality of your skin

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on Healthy sleeping Habits

For a healthy sleep is not enough to get enough sleep. We will talk about important habits, if you use them you can improve the quality of the skin.

We know that without getting enough sleep, we risking to become fat. About what happens to the face and hair from lack of sleep, it is hard to imagine.
Very soon, the body begins to avenge the lack of “sleepy time” – and the skin loses shine and elasticity, and the hair starts to fall out.

Moreover: if you do not get enough sleep, the effect of night creams and serums tends to zero.

And if you want to think about the night’s rest from a scientific point of view, then without any face injections you can easily achieve the anti-aging effect and a fresh look in the morning!

1.Healthy sleeping temperature

The bedroom should be cool (64,4−68 degrees °F or 18-20 degrees °C) and air should be Important habits, to improve the quality of your skin.

If you do not have a humidifier (by the way, we strongly recommend you to have one), just place a water container near the bed. And in the winter, a wet towel thrown on the battery will help.

2. Change the bed linen

healthy linen for good sleep

If you have sensitive skin, synthetic pillowcases and duvet covers will consistently cause irritation and redness. It is necessary to sleep on natural materialslinen, silk or cotton. We recommend silk.

3. Is sleeping on the stomach a healthy sleep position?

Definitely not. Yes, it is difficult to control. But it’s worth a try! Try to fall asleep on your side, in the fetal position.

Or on your back, putting a pillow under your feet to relieve tension from the spine. And always sleep on the pillow!

Then the fluid will circulate normally, and the face will not swell.

4. Use Aromatherapy

Moisten a piece of cotton wool with essential oil of geranium, marjoram or lavender and place it in a pillow or under a pillowcase. These scents relax the muscles of the face, and in the morning you will have a rested and fresh look.

5. Wash your face thoroughly before bedtime!

This is a bit of old advice, but believe me, this is really important. The cosmetics leftovers overnight literally kill your skin. Too lazy to wash? Wipe the face with micellar water, it will remove makeup no worse than foam or mousse.

6. Change your pillow to a harder one.

When you turn in your sleep, you “crush” the skin and forming “creases” that will eventually become wrinkles. The harder your pillow is, the less your skin shifts upon contact. By the way, the silk pillowcase also helps!

7. Take a warm bath

During the day, your facial muscles are tired and you may have face cramps: you do not feel them, but your skin – yes! Going to bed with this imperceptible tension, you aggravate mimic wrinkles. Relax!

8. Make a massage

Heat a little olive or sesame oil and massage onto your face. Massage with light circular movements from the center to the periphery and from the bottom up. Then just blot your face with a napkin.

9. Walk barefoot

barefoot-father-and-child beezzly

An hour before bedtime, take off slippers, flip flops, or socks, and walk around the house barefoot. The stimulation of the feet also helps relax all muscles and improves blood and lymph circulation. Say “no” to swelling!

10. Have sex

Honestly, the best anti-aging procedure hasn’t been invented!

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