Why You Shouldn’t Change A Bath To A Shower Cabin. 7 Simple Arguments

Our arguments for leaving the bathroom as it is and saving money.

don’t change a bath

Replacing the bathtub with a shower cabin will free up space – and this is one plus versus seven minuses. Our arguments for leaving the bathroom as it is and saving money.

1. The ability to lie in the bath

Don’t underestimate it. Many can argue- “How can you spend so much time in the bath?” Easy! 

What can relax better than a hot bath at the end of a long day?

bathroom is saving money

2. The bath is easier to clean

Especially if you have hard water. The fight against spots on the transparent glass of the shower will not be easily washed off. If you skip one day – you will lose the battle.

3. The problem with flooding

Even in expensive modern hotels, a centimeter of water always remains on the floor next to the shower. If you think your towels deserve better than lying wet on the floor, choose the bath.

4. The bath is beautiful

bath benefits

Shower always looks like disinfection chambers. Yes, there are some exceptions, but this is rare. You can always decorate a bathtub with a new curtain or other accessories, but you really can’t decorate a shower cabin.

5. Confidentiality issue

bath benefits

If someone enters the room when you are bathing in a regular bathtub, he will only see the curtain drawn up. If you wash in the shower, it will be a real show!

6. A bath can save a life

Sounds awful, but a bath can come in handy in emergency situations: it can be filled up with water or ice

7. Bath will hide “traces of crime”

bath or shower

The mother-in-law arrived without warning? Collect all the rubbish lying around the house, throw it in the bath, and pull the curtain.
Perhaps she will look there, but she will never admit it. When the mother-in-law leaves, you will have a reason for a good cleaning.

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