What Does Eggplant Taste Like?

You have seen it but never tried, Now is the time. Detailed Guide

what does eggplant taste like

Some people like eggplants, others don’t but still, this plant is a frequent guest on our tables.

Those who never tried it often wonder what the eggplant taste is like.

Well, in this article we will reveal all the available information about eggplant that can be found today!

raw eggplant

Eggplant Health Benefits

Even if you are a huge eggplant fan, you may not be aware of all the health benefits this natural product has.

However, if we include raw eggplant into our daily diet, we will get much more of usefulness than when not doing it.

  • Inside of eggplant is a rich source of vitamins C, K, and B6 and minerals such as thiamine, magnesium, copper, and phosphorus.
  • Eggplants are rich in fiber which is a clue element for proper digestion.
  • These purple veggies contribute a lot to our heart health
  • Consuming eggplants regularly, we decrease the level of cholesterol 
  • Eggplants are a great source of antioxidants which makes them useful for protecting us from cancer and other unpleasant diseases
  • Eating this vegetable on a regular basis will make our bones stronger
  • Since eggplants are rich in iron, they prevent the appearance of anemia
  • Finally, they say that these veggies are good for our brain health and activity
eggplant raw
Photo by Diane Helentjaris on Unsplash

Of course, it is possible to intake all these health benefits when consuming the vegetable cooked but when eating eggplant raw, we will get much more of its usefulness.

However, it is important to note that those who suffer from any bones or joints diseases must not eat this food since it can make the health state worse due to the presence of solanine which can cause swelling of joints.

What Is Eggplant?

Surprisingly many people often wonder: is eggplant a fruit or a vegetable?

Well, to find it out, you need to know that while traditionally eggplants are thought of as vegetables and we cook them just like veggies they are in fact…fruit!

All because of the way they grow and reproduce

We will not confuse you even more by saying that some scientists assume that eggplants can also be some sort of berries because they have small seeds in their flesh just like ordinary berries do.

Who cares?! Since they are tasty, their nature doesn’t matter!

How to Eat Eggplant. Ideas and Recipes

If someone didn’t know, eggplants can be consumed both raw and cooked.

Due to the eggplant texture, it can not only be fried but also grilled, stewed, baked, roasted, and steamed. 

Eggplant flavor is perfectly mixed with the flavors of other vegetables that is why it will never ruin the general odor of the dish unless you manage to overdo with the spices!

What Does Eggplant Taste Like

How to eat eggplant raw?

Well, if you really enjoy it raw, then consume it washed and, preferably, pickled with some heated vinegar mixed with salt, sugar, and spices since the raw vegetable is often quite bitter.

what does an eggplant taste like
Photo by Devi Puspita Amartha Yahya on Unsplash

Eating undercooked eggplant is another option.

Just pick any cooking method you prefer and prepare the vegetable until it is almost ready. It will be slightly crispy and a bit hard in texture though but the taste will be much better than of the raw veggie.

And of course, there is plenty of traditional recipes for the eggplant to be cooked. Lasagna, ratatouille, different stews, baked eggplant slices, oven-roasted eggplants, eggplants stuffed with various fillers, dishes with fish or meat paired with eggplants – it can even be used for pizza topping and for making toasts! And of course, let’s not forget about salads and pasta dishes. 

How Does Eggplant Taste?

Finally, we have reached a major theme! What does an eggplant taste like? 

Ok, if you have tasted it many times, it may not be interesting for you but what about those who haven’t?

If someone asks, how to explain what kind of taste this vegetable (or fruit?) has?

Everything will depend on whether we are talking about the raw or cooked eggplant since when cooked, its taste will be mixed with the tastes of all the other ingredients of the dish.

However, a raw vegetable is a totally different thing!

Generally speaking, the inside of an eggplant tastes more pleasant than not even though it can often be somewhat bitter (only slightly!).

On the other hand, cooked vegetable has a more mild and rich taste.

How to Store Eggplants

Like all the veggies, eggplant must be preserved correctly to serve us longer. 

And the good news is that eggplant can be stored…on the counter! Yep, no fridge or freezer, hurrah! Just make sure that the veggie is far away from bananas, melons or other ethylene-producing things and keep it away from the direct sunlight.

If it’s too hot in the kitchen, it’s better to remove it to the cupboard or pantry away from onions and potatoes.

Never cover eggplants as it speeds up spoiling and consume them within three days after the purchase.

How to tell that eggplant has gone bad? 

  • In case you see brownish spots on it
  • If the skin is wrinkled
  • If it’s soft and squishy

discard it instantly without hesitation!

how does eggplant taste
Photo by Diana Akhmetianova on Unsplash

Are Eggplants Poisonous? 

Well…Some do think that eating raw eggplant is dangerous because it’s kinda poisonous. Nonsense! Eggplants are safe to eat raw unless they are rotten. If one does consume a spoiled vegetable, well THEN the problems will start!

Eggplant skin, by the way, isn’t poisonous, too.

The eggplant inside does contain the alkaloid called solanine which is harmful when consumed in the amount of 400 mg per adult. Since one eggplant has only eleven milligrams…think yourself how many of them one must swallow to poison oneself.

While the eggplant itself is not poisonous, its leaves and flowers are indeed toxic so be careful with them.

So don’t be afraid of eggplants! Eat them raw or make various delicious dishes and enjoy them with your family or friends. Eggplants are a great choice for barbeques and open-air parties, they taste great with almost all the other veggies and can be used in dozens of different ways!

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