Goodbye belly! 10 Belly Busting Food

Add these products to your daily diet - and your belly will stay flat and fit for many years.

Written by Meredith Hayes. Updated on Goodbye belly! 10 Belly Busting Food

Add these products to your daily diet – and your belly will stay flat and fit for many years.

A small belly can be quite sexy and attractive, but if it becomes more and more rounded and large, it can be harmful to not only beauty but also for your health.
The fat that accumulates in the waist area is especially dangerous: it is difficult to “chase”, it increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and can also disrupt the endocrine system.

We recommend to take preventive measures.

These 10 Belly Busting Food will help to prevent the formation of abdominal obesity – include them in your diet.

Oats and nuts

Dietary fiber – the main assistant in maintaining a healthy metabolism, as well as to form the normal digestive tract operation.

Nuts, legumes, berries, and whole grains are rich in fiber, and therefore should appear on your table as often as possible. Start the day with a bowl of oatmeal with berries – and your belly will stay flat and fit for a long time!

Oats and nuts
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Surprised? Meanwhile, bananas are champions of potassium fruits. And potassium helps to remove excess fluid from the cells of your body. Especially useful in those cases if you are a bit overdone with salty foods – or simply prone to the formation of edema.

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A study conducted by specialists from the University of Kentucky confirmed that regular consumption of watermelon juice helps to reduce the percentage of body fat, as well as reduce cholesterol levels. An excellent reason to enjoy this giant berry!

Probiotic Yoghurt

One of our favorite belly-busting food is Probiotic Yogurt. A single portion of yogurt with probiotics (and, of course, without sugar) helps to reduce body fat for 3-4% in a one month. 

This is based on the latest researches from the University of Manitoba (Canada). Probiotics help maintain the balance of “right” bacteria in the intestines and helps its normal operation. And you can easily make yogurt at home with yogurt starters.

Do probiotics really matter?Do probiotics really matter?

So do not deny yourself this delicacy!


The main advantage of these vegetables is their high water content and low-calorie content. Cucumbers help to provide the balance of fluid in the body – and its violation leads to a slower metabolism and weight gain. Also, cucumbers are rich in fiber, and it is very important to support your health.

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This fruit is not very popular, and meanwhile, it contains many proteolytic enzymes that facilitate and speed up digestion.

Also, these fruits contain a lot of fiber, as well as vitamins A and C – it is very useful and tasty fruits.


At first, only one portion of asparagus contains 3 grams of fiber – enough to keep you feeling full for several hours. Secondly, asparagus contains the amino acids asparagine, which makes it a natural diuretic – and again helps to remove excess fluid from the body.

12 Major Benefits of Asparagus | Health And Nutrition12 Major Benefits of Asparagus | Health And Nutrition


Mint is a wonderful product that you don’t need even to eat. Researchers have found that even peppermint scent reduces appetite and hunger. The mint itself – in the form of tea or food supplements – helps to deal with bloating, gas formation, and irritability of the digestive system.

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Chamomile tea

Stress effects badly not only on our health, but also on our bodies: the stress hormone cortisol slows down our metabolism, and we, tend to choose more harmful and high-calorie foods.

At the same time, chamomile extract soothes us, helps reduce stress, and also helps to deal with bloating.

So if you have hard work – drink a cup of chamomile tea in the middle of the day!

Chamomile tea
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Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content (60% and above) is not only tasty but also a very healthy delicacy.

Cocoa contains antioxidants that help to reduce cravings for sweets and high-calorie foods, as well as stimulate digestion. People who regularly consume dark chocolate, as a rule, have a lower body mass index and more easily lose weight than those whose diet does not include this delicacy.

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