Can You Freeze Yogurt?

Things You Need to Know About Freezing It Properly

Written by Elisa Chan. Updated on how to make frozen yogurt

Yogurt is not only tasty but it is also a very healthy product. We often use it in our kitchens for salad dressings, cakes, and bakery toppings, as well as for various desserts. 

Naturally, a question comes up on how to make frozen yogurt and whether it is possible to do at home at all.

Below you will find all the necessary answers and tips regarding this topic.

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What Is Yogurt And How It Is Made

To begin with, let’s refresh some of the facts regarding the history of this tasty dairy product. You could probably think that yogurt is made of cream due to its creamy and smooth texture and a delicate taste but it is not true.

In fact, yogurt is produced out of milk. Depending on the country of origin, different kinds of milk can be used for yogurt-making, and it is not only such well-known kinds like cow milk or goat milk – in some parts of the world even sheep milk and camel milk is used!

So how is it made? Simply by adding special bacteria to fresh milk which starts the fermentation process. The process takes place in a special environment under constant control while the process of fermentation is going on.

Can I freeze yogurt
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Thanks to this method, yogurt achieves its famous smooth and rich texture and a delicate flavor and taste.

As a food, yogurt is a good alternative to various snacks because it is rich in protein and minerals, and usually is a low-fat product (but not all kinds of it!).

No wonder that many people ask themselves: “Can I freeze yogurt to enjoy it whenever I want?”

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 Can You Freeze Yogurt to Make Frozen Yogurt? Tips and Guide

making frozen yogurt
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The good news is that yogurt can be frozen, actually, the same as any other product made of milk. What you shall take into account when making frozen yogurt it is how and what you are going to use it for. For example, frozen yogurt is good for making smoothies, for using it in a bakery, etc. 

On the other hand, freezing yogurt has its own specific features that you must remember. 

Use a strong container

Yogurt is partially liquid as you know. What will happen to yogurt if we freeze it? That’s right, it will expand under the influence of the frost which, in its turn, may lead to its plastic cup to crack. It can be avoided if you remove your yogurt to a glass or ceramic bowl with some extra empty space in it.

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Prolong its shelf-life

To help yogurt to remain fresh and eatable longer, it is better to store it in the freezer. When this product is being kept at the temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit constantly, it will not get spoiled. Also, it will be possible to use it during the six or eight weeks after you froze it.

Texture changes

Because yogurt contains pretty much liquid in it when you make frozen yogurt and then defrost it, it can change its texture a bit. Yogurts, especially those that are low-fat, may become somewhat crunchy after unfreezing. That is why, after you freeze it, it is better to use such yogurt as an ingredient in a dessert rather than eating it from the spoon.

Can You Freeze Yogurt to Make Frozen Yogurt
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So now we have approached to the most exciting moment. How is frozen yogurt made? How can you freeze it so that it will be possible to enjoy it later? 

  • Take a cookie sheet and cover it with a baking parchment paper
  • Using a tablespoon or an ice cream scoop, make some sort ob “yogurt balls” and put them evenly on the paper cover. Ensure that there is enough space between the portions 
  • Now you can place that cookie sheet in the freezer. A couple of hours is enough for yogurt to harden but if you leave it for a night, it will work much better!
  • When you see that yogurt balls are completely frozen, remove them to any freezer-friendly container and freeze. Like that, your yogurt can last for three months more 

 Frozen Yogurt Recipes. Tasty, Quick and Healthy 

make frozen yogurt
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Now, let’s talk about frozen yogurt. No-no, it’s not the same as yogurt you put in the freezer for later use! We are talking about a delicious dessert that has become so popular recently.

You definitely have seen those frozen yogurt desserts in a restaurant or in a cafe many times. But is it possible to make something the same delicious yourself without paying each time for it? 

Of course, it is possible! Homemade frozen yogurt is not a big deal to make yourself. The recipe is very simple and it won’t take you much time till you can enjoy this cool and tasty yummy.

Many people ask: “Can you simply freeze yogurt to make frozen yogurt?” Well, guys, that won’t work. You see, when we simply freeze yogurt, it becomes hard and crunchy and it will rather taste like a piece of creamy ice than a delicious dessert. Besides, after it is melted, it will become crumbly and separated.

make frozen yogurt
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So how to make homemade frozen yogurt without any machines? You are free to use any ingredients but the general basic ones will always be yogurt, fruits or berries, sweetener (sugar, honey, syrup, etc.), and a blender.

  • Simply cut your fruits in small pieces
  • Mix in yogurt and sweetener. You can also add any additional ingredients like vanilla sugar/powder, cocoa, raisins, nuts, etc.
  • Blend until the texture is smooth and even
  • Place into the container or portion boxes and toss into the freezer for at least one night

How to make yogurt ice cream? Well, to tell the truth, it is impossible to make traditional ice cream out of ordinary yogurt because the structure of these products is different. However, it is possible to make a “fake” yogurt ice cream!

 Frozen Yogurt Recipes

All you need to do is to take some ordinary yogurt (sweet yogurt in small portion cups is the best), take off the lids, put in wooden ice cream sticks and leave those cups in the freezer till the yogurt is hard. 

Afterward, simply remove the plastic cups and enjoy the dessert!

There is also a homemade frozen greek yogurt recipe that you will definitely enjoy!

Greek yogurt is easy to freeze so what you need to do is to take some whole-milk Greek yogurt, mix in some lemon juice and honey, stir thoroughly and put to freeze in a freezer-safe bowl. After a couple of hours, the dessert will be ready to eat!

 Frozen Yogurt Recipe With Ice Cream Maker

Homemade frozen yogurt
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If you don’t have time for a hand-made frozen yogurt, to faster the process, you can make some frozen yogurt using ice cream maker.

To make a dessert, mix some yogurt, sugar, and vanilla together until sugar is dissolved. Then cover the container with aluminum foil and toll it into the freezer for one hour.

Afterward, pour the cool yogurt blend into the ice cream maker and freeze following the instructions. 

Now you can freeze your DIY frozen yogurt!

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How To Make Frozen Yogurt + 4 New Frozen Yogurt Recipes | A Sweet Pea ChefHow To Make Frozen Yogurt + 4 New Frozen Yogurt Recipes | A Sweet Pea Chef