Can You Freeze Goat Cheese? 

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Goat cheese is famous for its recognizable creamy savor and delicate texture. It fits well any eating and is good for both adults and kids.

Naturally, it would be useful to know the specifics of storing goat cheese at household including the freezing issue in particular, as well as what to consume chevre with.

Keep on reading if you want to find out everything about this foodstuff.

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What Makes Goat Cheese Differ From Other Cheeses

Making Chèvre at Home - Soft Goat CheeseMaking Chèvre at Home – Soft Goat Cheese

When it comes to food, we often can’t properly tell the difference between various kinds of the same foods. As for cheeses, it is all the same. 

Some nationalities like French have been familiar with these products for hundreds of years which means that they are much better not only at cheese-making now but also at defining various sorts of cheeses. 

On the contrary, those who don’t deal with this sort of food that often and don’t know the specifics of the cheese-making process, may not know exactly what makes different types of cheese vary from each other.

What Makes Goat Cheese Differ From Other Cheeses
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So what makes goat cheese different from other cheeses? Except for that it’s nearly spreadable, this foodstuff has several more distinctions that you’re good to be informed about.

  • This type of dairy food has a significant feature that is a white crust on its surface, for example, like on brie cheese heads.
  • The process of making goat cheese is somewhat different compared to how hard cheeses are produced.
  • The main distinction between the goat cheese and cow milk cheeses is that the original soft goat products have a higher concentration of fatty acids. This feature of the recipe gives this food that noticeable tangy aroma. In addition, the chevre has a far lower content of milky protein, that is why its structure is so cream-like and smooth.
  • Unlike hard sorts of this dairy foodstuff, goat cheese is almost spreadable.
  • Goat cheese is way softer compared to cow’s milk foodstuff. 
  • All sorts of goat cheese are sensitive to contact with the heat which leads to separation and turning grainy for them. That is why it’s recommended to provide the foodstuff with proper keeping conditions finding a place with the cool temperature and proper air circulation.

Well, now that you’re aware of these traits, it will give you a better understanding of the major distinctions of this foodstuff so that next time when choosing cheese for the cooking recipe you will no longer be confused.

Photo by Paul La Rosa on Unsplash

But except for such essential external differences, goat cheese possess several curious features that most of us probably don’t even know about!

  • For those who lack calcium, goat cheese is the best to consume since it contains more of this element than cow milk products.
  • Unlike cow cheese, the one made of goat milk has fewer calories, fat, and cholesterol. So if you’re on a diet, goat cheese is the best choice!
  • In addition, due to the content which is the milk of goats, this type of cheese has less D vitamin and lactose, unlike its cow counterpart.
  • Goat cheese is easier to digest, all because its fat cells are nearly as small as those of human milk.
  • Goat milk products can often be safely consumed by those who are lactose intolerant!

Some Unexpected Ways Of Eating Goat Cheese

How to Choose Goat Cheese | Potluck VideoHow to Choose Goat Cheese | Potluck Video

What unusual could be in consuming this foodstuff, someone might ask? Well, indeed, we tend to use cheese mostly for sandwich-making and as toppings for major dishes.

However, goat cheese, even though it’s spreadable, can find its place not only on top of your bread.

  • It can become a perfect substitute for cream cheese in dips
  • When mixed with pesto, it becomes a super tasty spreadable topping 
  • Ever thought of it as a dessert? Then why not give it a try?! Write down the recipe: slice the chevre log, warm it in the oven, place on dessert plate in a pool of chocolate, and sprinkle with chopped nuts.
  • When you have no time for cooking, simply take a solid head of goat cheese, sprinkle it with herbs, fresh or dry, and drizzle with olive oil. Voila! A quick snack can already be served with crackers or bread!
  • If you’re not a fan of cooking but you want to have something tasty to grab in the kitchen, we have the best cooking-free suggestion! Find a pint jar, lay two whole chevre round inside of it, add garlic, cloves, parsley, some peppercorns and other spices you like. Cover everything with olive oil, and leave for a few days in the kitchen (only make sure the temperature isn’t too hot!). Such fastly marinated chevre pairs wonderfully with bread and crackers.
Some Unexpected Ways Of Eating Goat Cheese
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Such information is not only interesting, but it can also serve well when we’re in need of some simple cooking hints!

Goat Cheese: Storage Suggestions And Useful Qualities

How to Properly Store Cheese at HomeHow to Properly Store Cheese at Home

First of all, before we proceed to the major topic of this article, let’s learn a bit more about this delicious dairy good.

Which cheese do you prefer?
Goat cheese
Sheep cheese
Cow cheese

Smooth goat cheese, as it comes from its name, is made of goats’ milk. Usually, it looks like a extended white “log” unlike the ordinary hard cheese head that has round shape. It is all spongelike and in most cases, it has no stiff crust like some other emollient sorts of cheese, for example ricotta or cheese mozzarella.

Goat cheese has a soft and smooth, even, ointment-like texture that is why it is so easy to spread over the toast or cracker. It is easily resolved and stiffer sorts of goat cheese, those that go with the rind, can even be baked in the oven. 

storing goat cheese
Photo by Patryk Sobczak on Unsplash

Also, goat cheese could never be mistaken with any other cheese because of the specific tart flavor that goat’s milk gives to it.

People have known the goat cheese for many thousands of years and traditionally this dairy food is made by letting the raw milk curdle by itself naturally with the further draining and pressing of the curds.

Another method requires acid, normally represented by vinegar or lemon juice, to make the milk coagulate.

what to eat goat cheese with
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Of course, like any dairy foodstuff, goat cheese has its expiry date and special terms of a storage that one must learn to protect it from rotting too soon.

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How much time is goat cheese good for?

If refrigerated and tightly and properly sealed, it will remain edible for two or three weeks without any problem. Remember that emollient and semi-emollient sorts of cheese must be kept in a plastic tank whereas semi-hard kinds are better to be wrapped in paper and aluminum cover or a plastic wrap to protect them from drying.

How often do you eat goat cheese?
I don’t eat goat cheese at all
I eat goat cheese almost every day

Also, note that this sort of cheese is best to be kept in the vegetable section.

Soft goat cheese
Photo by Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash
  • How long does goat cheese last once opened?

After opening, fresh goat cheese will stay consumable for nearly two weeks if being kept under the proper conditions.

How to store goat cheese

Always store the goat cheese refrigerated in a vegetable crisper. If it is a soft or semi-soft sort, keep it in a plastic tank firmly closed. If it’s a semi-hard sort that has a rind, covering it with paper and foil will be enough to prevent the dehydration and further drying.

How to use goat cheese

Sliced goat cheese can be eaten as it is or it can be added to various dishes both breakfast, lunch and repast ones as a topping or one of the ingredients. It also fits salads greatly.

What to Consume With Goat Cheese. Ideas and Recipes

Homemade Fresh Goat CheeseHomemade Fresh Goat Cheese

Since we have mentioned the food issue, why not think about how to intake chevre?

This foodstuff is indeed versatile when it comes to using it in the kitchen! There are so many things to do with goat cheese that one could hardly even imagine!

Except for consuming it raw with a slice of bread or as a sandwich, there is plenty of other uses for goat cheese that, we bet, every cheese lover will appreciate and estimate!

Goat cheese
Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash
  • Goat cheese fits fried eggs and omelet well
  • Goat cheese also unites perfectly with any dishes with pasta and rice
  • Prepare a tasty snack by whipping some emollient goat cheese and filling the mini-tarts with it adding some figs or apples to highlight the savor
  • Goat cheese will add a unique taste to roasted chicken breasts when being combines with herbs
  • Why not try cooked oatmeal with some goat cheese and fruits for a change?
  • Sweet pepper stuffed with goat cheese and vegetables (or rice and meat) will be the perfect choice for dinner
  • And of course, let’s don’t forget pizza! Mixed with other cheeses, soft and hard, goat cheese will make it taste awesome!
  • What else pairs well with goat cheese? Toasts, salads, grilled veggies, and even desserts like mascarpone tart or cookies. Why not?

How to Freeze Goat Cheese

How long is goat cheese good for
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Finally, we have come to the most thrilling moment. Can goat cheese be frozen?

Despite its soft and creamy texture, this sort of cheese can be exposed to the influence of frost pretty well. It will not separate after defrosting as many consumers afraid and will keep its qualities but only if it’s packed properly.

Anyway, freezing goat cheese is not that complicated task to perform.

If needed, divide it into small portions (that’s in case you bought a whole cheese log) and pack each piece thoroughly by wrapping it in parchment and plastic wrap. It will protect the cheese from dehydration and drying and will preserve its taste, texture, and flavor without any changes.

When being properly prepared and frozen, goat cheese will remain edible for something like three months at most.

How long does goat cheese last once opened
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

For unfreezing, just remove it to the fridge for one or two eves. Remember never to defrost it under the heat, in the oven or a microwave, because this cheese is very heat sensitive and will most likely become grainy.

Does goat cheese melt? Well, it won’t melt completely but will change the texture for sure and will soften anyway.

Goat cheese is a very healthy and nutritious product. It contains many vitamins (A, B3 and B2) and minerals together with healthy fats and protein. This product is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, and copper, too.

Daily consumption of it will make the digestion better, prevent inflammations, and will boost the immunity. Besides, goat cheese is much better digested by our bodies and it contributes to decreasing hunger!

Store it correctly so that it will be possible to enjoy this delicious product anytime you want!

Freezing Goat Cheese Solid

How to Make Soft Goat's Milk Cheese: ChèvreHow to Make Soft Goat’s Milk Cheese: Chèvre

The question of “can you freeze goat cheese?” is not valid anymore since we’ve figured out that it can stand the freezer good enough.

However, since we usually prefer freezing goat chevre in pieces, sometimes we might need to preserve the whole log. And then the issue may occur of how to do that correctly without damaging it. In addition, what may confuse us is that it’s quite complicated to find such a big freezer bag to toss in a whole chevre log.

So can you freeze goat cheese whole? Definitely! And the process is surprisingly simple. Only keep in mind that, after the thawing process, the block of cheese won’t look the same appetizing so it will hardly be available for serving it at the party as a snack for wine. That’s why it’s best to make use of it for cooking.

So to manage to stock your chevre in a freezer, do the following:

  • Find a cling film and wrap the cheese log twice thoroughly making sure that the cover is attached tight,
  • Take a frost-resistant container or the ordinary frosting bag that can be re-sealed if necessary, and leave the wrapped log there. Like this, the whole log will live longer in the freezer  
Freezing Goat Cheese Solid
Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

Always keep cheese in its freezer bag inside the freezer and take it out piece by piece only when you’re about to use some. For thawing, simply transfer the chevre to the fridge overnight, or leave it to thaw at room temperature, and don’t defrost the whole block each time you need some cheese, otherwise, you’ll spoil the foodstuff. Room temperature defrosting can take several hours but it is less harmful method compared to heating.

Another useful thing to know is that repeatable chilling is prohibited for chevre. Never freeze it several times even if it’s in a proper bag or container. If we thaw it like this, we will ruin the texture and taste, making the cheese crumbly and curdle down.

We hope this article was a great help to know how to chill, thaw, and what container to keep chevre in!

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