Extraordinary Ways to Use Onions At Home

We bet you never even thought of them!

Written by Elisa Chan. Updated on We bet you never even thought of them!

We think of onions as of veggies that we keep for cooking. Indeed, we add them to anything from fried potatoes to soups. But are you aware of onions having way more areas of use? 

Today we decided to reveal several extraordinary ways to use onions at home so that everyone could make use of them to the full.

How Long Do We Know About Onions?

An onion seems to be a very common vegetable on our tables, but it has been known for centuries. The onion we know it today became popular in the 16th century due to its healing abilities. People used it to fight the flu and cold during the cold season, but also these vegs were known as a powerful anti-inflammatory remedy, a great help for relieving joint pain, and for dealing with ear infections.

However, scientists assume that wild onions – the ancestors of the modern veggie – were used by humans long before they became cultivated, and even way before farming developed! No wonder that the onion story counts five thousand years, or even more!

They say the historical motherland of these vegs is Iran, however, they were widely spread in Asia, and even in ancient Egypt.

Onions We Know 

Today, people know three main sorts of this vegetable that are widely used for culinary purposes.

  • Yellow/brown onion that includes many sweet sorts 
  •  Red onion has a strong savor and aroma and it is mostly used for grilling and consuming it raw
  • White onion is milder in flavor. They are used in Mexican cuisine and get golden color when fried, and slightly sweet savor when sauteed

We mostly consume fully grown bulbs, but it is also acceptable to eat onions at their immature stage. Those baby bulbs are picked when the bulbing has just begun and often called summer onions.

Use And Keeping Of Onions

Most people would just chop them to mix in a salad or fry with some potatoes and other veggies. However, this healthy vegetable has more ways of use.

Harvesting Onions & How To Tell When They Are Ready To Be HarvestedHarvesting Onions & How To Tell When They Are Ready To Be Harvested
  • Onions are popular as a clue ingredient for the famous French onion soup 
  • These vegetables can be pickled
  • Caramelizing onions may not be that popular, but it is still used
  • They can be sold granulated, kibbled, or even powdered!
  • Onions found their place even in chutney 

Such a number of areas of use turns onion into a truly versatile vegetable which allows us to consume it in all possible ways. Onions can even be stuffed!

Onions We Know 
Photo by Thomas Martinsen

There’s one more thing everyone needs to know about these veggies: different sorts of onions have different storage duration! That is why we often find these bulbs spoiled, and that is why we decided to provide you with a handy chart to always be aware of how long each sort will last.

Pantry Fridge
Green onion no pantry storage allowed 1-2 weeks (can be extended up to 5 weeks)
Shallot (fresh) up to 1 month three months or more
Onion bulbs 2-3 months 7-10 days

Why Are Onions Useful?

So are people so in a good way “obsessed” with this veggie? It is not that nutritious and doesn’t provide us with much energy either. But for centuries, these gifts of nature were known for their medical and healing abilities. 

This veg can be used as a real home remedy for quite many health issues:

10 Health Benefits of Onion10 Health Benefits of Onion
  1. They contain antioxidants that fight inflammation, high blood pressure, and blood clots
  2. They are rich in vitamins and minerals
  3. Onions prevent heart diseases
  4. They help to prevent diabetes 
  5. Eating onions will let us keep our blood sugar level under control
  6. Onions contribute to our bones strength
  7. They are bacteria killers
  8. Including onions to the diet will improve the digestion

And since they can be eaten in almost any possible way, onions are super easy to incorporate into our daily eating.

What About Some Unexpected Ways Of Using Them?

But culinary and medical uses are not the only ways we can make use of these veggies! Onions have surprisingly many areas of use that most of us would not even think about!
And if you don’t feel like sticking to the onion diet, or replace traditional medicines with it, why not use it for household duties?

What About Some Unexpected Ways Of Using Them
Photo by Amber Engle
  • Remove rust from your kitchen utensils using onions! Just plunge your rusty knife or another metal item into a big onion for a few seconds, and then pull it out. Repeat as many times as needed until the rust is gone, then wash the item.
  • Onions deal with ink and scorch perfectly. Take half a bulb and rub the spot with its juicy cut for 5-10 min. Then launder the item as usual.
  • Onions can ease the pain from a bee sting. After the stinger is taken out, apply a fresh chopped bulb to the place that was stung. 
  • If your locks are getting thinner day after day, bulbs can help to bring them back to life. Take a juice of one fresh bulb, and massage into the scalp leaving there for 15 min. Then wash away with shampoo. Not everyone might like this method since the onion smell will be pretty strong.
  •  Onion juice fights age spots when mixed with white acetum and hydrogen peroxide. Take the juice of ½ bulb, 2 tsp acetum, and 1 tbsp peroxide, dab onto the spots twice a day, and in a few weeks, you’ll already see the result!
  • These vegs can even protect the plants from beetles. Chop one bulb, and puree it with water until liquid. Then pulverize this blend over the bugs-eaten greens.

Now you know in what way to make use of onions for culinary, medical, and cleaning purposes!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Is it good to eat onions every day?

Yes, onions are very healthy so you will benefit from consuming it daily (unless you have an allergy, of course).

⭐ Which onion is best to eat raw?

Vidalia onions are the best due to their mild taste and flavor, and juicy, slightly sweet flesh.

⭐ Is onion antiviral?

Yes, onions have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

⭐ Does cooking onions kill bacteria?

Cooked onions still have antibacterial powers, however, they can not be used for purifying water since it will taste and smell onion.

⭐ Do onions attract bacteria?

No, this is not true. Onions are not the bacteria magnets.

⭐ Do onions cause food poisoning?

Unless you eat a rotten or moldy vegetable (which is hardly possible), onions are safe to eat both raw and cooked.

⭐ What do Onion and honey do to the body?

A blend of onion juice and honey is good for fighting cold and fever.

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