How Long Do Potatoes Last?

All that you should know for an excellent pantry

How Long Do Potatoes Last

Potato is one of the most popular foods all over the world. We consume it cooked, fried, baked, and in many other kinds. 

Naturally, potato expiration is a great point of concern for everyone.

For learning how long it takes until potatoes go bad, we have prepared this article with a bunch of handy tips and useful info regarding this issue.

How Long Do Potatoes Last

Potato Shelf Life

Storage Nuances And Tips

Keeping potatoes under proper conditions is a guarantee of their long life at our homes.

Some might not know but not all sorts of this root crop must be stored the same way. What is good for white potatoes can be harmful to fingerlings.

To make sure that you store potatoes correctly, check out these basic points one needs to remember to extend its lifespan to its longest.

How long do raw potatoes last?

Everything depends on its sort but normally the average storage period lasts between two and five weeks when using a pantry.

Potato Shelf Life
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How long do potatoes last in the fridge?

Refrigerated potatoes will have a significantly extended lifespan, of course, if we mean raw root crops. Usually, it consists of two to four months.

Do all potatoes have equal shelf-life duration?

No. Raw root crops have different lifespan depending on what sort of potato it is.  


Also, you could probably notice many times that originally fresh potatoes turned greyish and soft after some time of keeping them at home. Why does it happen?

Potato is the sort of root crop that likes airflow and shade. For this reason, always store it away from the direct sunlight, in a cool (45-55 F) and dry place with good ventilation.

potato expiration
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The tank for storage must also be properly ventilated.

The easiest thing that one can do is to place the root crops into a perforated paper bag or a carton box with some small holes for ventilation. Choose the coolest area in the kitchen or store them in a dry part of the basement if you live in a house.

Refrigerator, unlike the widespread belief, is a bit too cool for potatoes which will make them become brown faster than they should be.

And never store potatoes in plastic packets since they don’t have enough air and the root crops will spoil very soon.

Do Potatoes Go Bad? Reasons And Signs

until potatoes go bad,
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Just like any veggies, potatoes also turn bad. The reason is obvious: improper storage which includes both the storage conditions and the tank the root crops are held into.

How to tell if a potato is bad?

Actually, one doesn’t have to be an experienced farmer to see the difference between the fresh and slightly or too spoiled root crops.

  • When potatoes have gone bad, you will see the growths on the surface of the root crops
  • Discoloration can also take place
  • Spoiled root crops become much softer and wither
  • Mold is another sign of spoilage


Some think that green sprouts are also the symptom of spoilage but it is not true. Since potato is alive after picking, it continues growing and, if we expose it to direct light for quite a long period of time, the sprouts will appear. Just cut them off and use the root crops as usual.

What Makes Potatoes Spoil?

How long do raw potatoes last
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To protect potato from rotting, one needs to know what exactly causes destruction and spoilage.

So, first of all, no light is allowed.

Also, avoid moisture and never wet the root crops, otherwise, they will get rotten.

The lack of ventilation is another enemy.

And the last but not least, the too hot or too cold surroundings will also harm the root crops and make them rotten faster.

Do All Sorts Of Potatoes Expire The Same Fast?

How long do potatoes last in the fridge
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Some people wonder whether all sorts of potatoes last the same period of time.

Maybe, the answer will be disappointing but they don’t.

White and sweet potatoes are the most long-lasting and will stay edible for five weeks. Yukon gold potatoes, red potatoes, and fingerlings all last for two or three weeks – all in a pantry.

As for the fridge, the white sort can be kept for four months, and the sweet sort, the same as all the others, will remain usable for three months.

How to Extend Potato Lifespan

Do Potatoes Go Bad
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Of course, sooner or later someone will ask whether these root crops can be exposed to frost.

Unfortunately, raw root crops won’t survive the freezing camera. However, cooked, baked, mashed and french fries will perfectly withstand it!

How long can you store prepared potatoes frozen?

All kinds of potatoes listed above can remain frozen for six to eight months easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if a potato is bad
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Since we have gone through the most essential issues regarding potato storage, let’s see what else people want to know about this root crop for better storage.

When do potatoes go bad?

Any sort of potato will turn spoiled if it’s kept under improper conditions e.g. too humid or too cold environment, lack of air or direct light.

How long do russet potatoes last?

This sort of potato will stay edible for three to five weeks in a pantry and for up to four months refrigerated.

potatoes have gone bad
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How long do red potatoes last?

This sort remains consumable for three weeks in a pantry or three months refrigerated.

How long are potatoes good for in the pantry?

It hangs upon what sort of it we mean. Normally, the average duration of storage is between two and five weeks.

Now you know how long each sort of potatoes lasts and what can be done to extend its lifespan and keep the root crops fresh and edible to their longest. 

Since the storage requirements are simple, remember to use them anytime you purchase fresh potatoes on the market or in a store and avoid buying too much, otherwise, some spoilage can take place because you won’t be able to use all the amount of it in time.

Buy, store and use reasonably!

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