Valentines Day Decorations Ideas

30+ Great Ideas For Your Valentines Day Decor Inspiration!

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The Valentines Day holiday of all lovers!

How to do without cute hearts on this day? If you are already tired of banal jewelry, we will give you some original ideas. You can use any material, your imagination, and everything that can inspire your soul. And we will pay attention to technical points.

Valentine’s Day decoration for your home

Do it with your own hands great Valentines Day DIY.

To surprise and delight your soulmate, expensive gifts are not necessary. A cute DIY little thing, a cozy interior and a lot of love will bring even more pleasure. The main attribute of this holiday is Valentine’s Day Card.

This is not necessarily a piece of paper in the shape of a heart, as many are used to thinking. Valentines Day Card is a message that speaks of your love. To do it, you can take natural materials (fresh flowers, branches, cones), products (cake is a good option to express your love), and everything you find in your Valentines Day Decoration Storage in the house (ribbons, clothespins, cardboard, fabric, paints, threads).

Let’s go directly to the creation of Valentine’s Day decoration with our own hands.

Valentine’s Day decoration for your home
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Valentine Day decoration DIY with paper

From this material it is easy to create Valentines day decoration for home of various colors and modifications.

  • Next, place them in a chaotic order around the house, tie a garland or hang on a chandelier and curtains. An original solution will be the creation of a “love tree” by decorating a dry branch and a flower pot. This option is great for creating great valentine day crafts with your child.
  • Felt will look great in any interior.
  • From natural materials you can build a wreath in the form of a heart and place it on the front door.
  • From threads it is easy to craft both the original Valentine card and the whole composition using the “ison” technique.

You can also use any other materials available in the house.

Valentine Day decoration DIY with paper
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Valentine Day decoration DIY with paper (2)
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Valentines Day gift wrapping ideas

If you decide not to confine yourself to valentines day crafts, but also present a gift, then it should be beautifully packed.

Original ideas

  1. Print on a wrapping paper a sonnet or a poem about love (your own is perfect), or just gentle words.
  2. Make a cardboard box in the shape of a heart (suitable for a small gift).
  3. Paste the packaging with small photographs, and add some Valentine Day cards to it.
  4. String beads or letter cubes so that they add the word “Love” onto the thread with which the gift is tied.

Valentine’s Day Decoration ideas for home

It is worth taking into account the compatibility of colors in the interior.

Main color Harmonizing colors Psychological effect
red gray, white, green, golden promotes concentration, creates a passionate atmosphere
pink burgundy, gray, black, purple creates a feeling of warmth and freshness
orange brown, green, emerald makes the room visually smaller, attracts attention
brown beige, black, green, gray creates a warm and cozy atmosphere
yellow black, green, gray, blue color of life, uplifting
blue red, gray, burgundy, yellow improves working capacity, promotes concentration of attention
violet gray, green, brown disintegrates, creates a fresh flow
green golden brown, beige, yellow creates a feeling of coolness, helps to enter into a state of relaxation
gray universal color has a calming effect on the psyche, promotes relaxation

Valentine’s Day Decoration ideas for home
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Valentines Day decoration for Party

Let’s start with the door design.

A heart-shaped wreath should be hung on it.

Next we enter the room and pay attention to the windows. Garlands of valentines day cards hang on them and on the windowsill there is a “tree of love.”

We look at the walls: on them are photographs arranged in the shape of a heart held by a boy and a girl (silhouettes are cut out of paper). 

But this is not the only solution, you can apply an alternative design. You can add lights to the windows by hanging a garland, create paintings using lip silhouettes and photographs, and place them on the walls.

Valentine’s Day decor has no limits.

Valentines Day decoration for Party
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Valentines Day decoration for Party DIY
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Valentines Day decoration for tables

The main attribute on the table will be candles. They create the most romantic atmosphere.

There are many options for decorating candlesticks:

  • Use a transparent glass,
  • filling it with rose petals;
  • pour pebbles to the bottom.

You can decorate the candle directly.

For this, you need to string cardboard hearts onto the wire and place around the case.

  • pour into a large transparent container of water,
  • place candle candles there,
  • add rose petals.

In addition to candles on the table, you can pour rose petals or valentines cards, put a garland (it will look better under a red tablecloth), put fresh flowers.

The image is good with the napkins folded in the shape of a heart. And, of course, a delicious dinner will complete the symphony.

Valentines Day decoration for tables
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Valentines Day decoration for tables DIY
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