Interesting Facts For Happy Valentines Day for Mom

Happy Valentines Day Fact to Surprise Your Mom

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Interesting facts to make happy valentines day for your mom.

Of course, you will say that you love her, but an exciting fact about valentines day always is in handy. And it can be great stories to talk about after it with your mom.

On happy valentines day mom and most other people have thoughts focused on romance, family, and gifts. But it’s always useful to ignore a little amorous euphoria and learn something new and unfamiliar about Valentine’s Day.

The top 20 most interesting facts about valentine day!

  1. In 1797, a “Guide for a Young Man on Writing Valentines” was published in England. It contained many poems and recommendations and was intended to help the unlucky Romeo, who, in the absence of imagination, does not know how to express their feelings in a beautiful way.
  2. The favorite gift for valentine day for mom, of course, is chocolate. So the first box of chocolates was invented by Richard Kalburi on Valentine’s Day. By the way, in the 19th century, psychiatrists prescribed chocolate to their patients suffering from unrequited love.
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     According to legend, in Ancient Rome on valentines day, a holiday was celebrated in honor of the goddess of marriage and motherhood. On this day, the girls wrote love letters, which were then thrown into a huge urn. The young men had to, without looking, pull out one letter and begin to look after the girl whose letter they came across.

  3. According to another legend, the author of one of the first valentines was Charles, Duke of Orleans, who, in 1415, sent it to his wife from tower prison, where he was imprisoned.
    Everyone can still check this fact – the note is stored in the British Museum.

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  4. In ancient Greece, this holiday was called Panurgy – ritual games in honor of the god Pan (in the Roman tradition – Faunus) – the patron saint of herds, forests, fields, and fertility. Pan is a merry fellow and a rake, plays the flute perfectly, and always pursues nymphs with his love.
  5. Records on February 14th. On this day in 2001, 34 couples from 22 countries got married underwater at a depth of ten meters. This happened near the island of Kradan in southern Thailand. At the moment, this event is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest underwater marriage. And in 2010, in Mexico City a world record was recorded for the most massive kiss, in which almost 40 thousand people took part.

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  6. The most expensive valentine card was made of gold and precious stones for Maria Callas by order of Aristotle Onassis. Its cost was approximately $ 300,000.
    And the most comprehensive Valentine’s card was painted at the crosswalk in Chengdu (China) and addressed to the authorities by all residents of the city. And this is 14 million people, not counting tourists.
  7. The Japanese Valentine’s Day is a men’s holiday. On this day, the men is filled up with gifts and congratulations. A month later, the Japanese celebrate White Day, during which women become objects of attention and adoration.

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  8. In Jamaica, during this holiday, shyness and timidity are not in use. There is a tradition according to which “naked weddings” are held there on Valentine’s Day when only wedding rings are at the happy couples.
  9. On this day in France it is common to give jewelry in Denmark – dried white flowers. In Finland, February 14 is considered the Day of Friends and them on this day, congratulate not only their loved ones, but also their best friends.
  10. In Italy, Valentine’s Day is called a sweet day. Italians give each other cakes decorated with pigeons and hearts.

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  11. In English there is an expression “to wear your heart on your sleeve”. This phrase is also associated with the holiday of all lovers. In the Middle Ages, on this day, girls and boys wrote names on pieces of paper and threw these leaflets into a jug. Then each pulled out one piece of paper and recognized the name. They had to wear the name they chose on their sleeves for the whole week.
  12. It is no secret that in the world there are a lot of lonely people who have no one to share this holiday with. Therefore,  Americans buy gifts and valentines for their pets. According to a number of studies, annually, on Valentine’s Day, an average of more than nine million people purchase gifts for their animals.
  13. In the United States, in the state of Nebraska, there is the city of Valentine. Many people think that he got this name because the first train arrived here on February 14th. However, this is not quite true. The city is named after Edward Kimble Valentine, a Nebraska Republican politician.
  14. A good omen is to kiss someone on Valentine’s Day. They say it will bring good luck.
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