How to Respond to Happy Valentine’s Day?

Don’t know how to reply to happy valentine's day? This article can offer you a few handy ideas!

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St. Valentine’s Day is when we can express our feelings to our loved ones and/or let our crush know that we like him or her. However, when it comes to action, most people, both men, and women, often feel puzzled not knowing how to say happy valentines day to your crush.

Today, we will try to make it easier for you and share a few tips and life hacks on how to respond to happy valentines day texts. You will learn a few variants of responses that can be used in different situations, for example, when you need to respond to your crush or your friend.

Like this, you will always know what to say or text back in response to “Happy Valentine’s Day!” and what response would be suitable depending on who is greeting you.

What Do You Say When Someone Says Happy Valentine’s Day?

Usually, it’s pretty easy to figure out what to say or write in response to someone’s greeting. But when it comes to figuring out what to say when someone says happy Valentine’s Day, we often tend to stumble!

If you receive such a greeting from your spouse or a boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s pretty easy to decide what to say or write back in response.

Meaning of HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY - A Short English Lesson with SubtitlesMeaning of HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY – A Short English Lesson with Subtitles

But what about the rest of the situations? What if your boss or colleague greets you with the lovers’ day? And what shall you say if it’s your friend or a relative greeting you?

Below, you can find many helpful responses to the “Happy Valentine’s Day” greeting. Read them to learn what you might want to say or send them back in response in case you receive this greeting from a friend, a relative, a colleague or a boss, or your loved one!

What Do You Say When Someone Says Happy Valentine’s Day
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What to Say In response to Valentine’s Message From Your Husband or Wife?

Although it may seem clear what you should say if your husband or wife greets you and says “Happy Valentine’s Day” to you, quite many of us still feel awkward and can’t find the right words when someone says happy valentines day to them.

So grab a few ideas that you might find helpful.

  • Thank you for loving me the way you do. Here, you can also be more specific and list something that makes you feel loved!
  • I love that you love me so much! Thanks for being there for me all the time!
    Thank you for supporting the family and me so I can stay home with the children.
  • Thank you for showing me how much you love me. I appreciate the things you do to express your love, like packing my lunch and having a meal ready when I come home from work.
  • Thank you for supporting my new ideas! It’s precious to me!
  • I am grateful that we are married and love spending time with you. I’m happy I chose you back then when I said yes to your marriage proposal!
What to Say In response to Valentine’s Message From Your Husband or Wife
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What to Write In a Message to Your Friend Who Says “Happy Valentine’s Day” to You?

Here are a few happy valentine’s day responses you might find helpful in case you need to reply to your friend for whom you don’t have romantic feelings.

  • I am so happy that we are friends! Thank you for being there for me.
  • Thanks for being my friend! I appreciate that a lot!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! I enjoy every minute we share and look forward to many more!
  • Thanks for being there and supporting me whenever I need a friend.
  • You are a wonderful friend! You are so much appreciated!
  • Thank you for everything that you do for me. I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!
  • I’m glad we are friends that can celebrate Valentine’s day together!
What to Write In a Message to Your Friend Who Says “Happy Valentine’s Day” to You
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Valentine’s Message to Your Boss Or a Colleague

It might be a bit more complicated and trickier to figure out what to say or write in response to a message that your boss sends you on St. valentine’s Day! Since you are in a formal relationship, you must use different words and phrases to show respect and greet the person.

So here is what a happy valentines day reply may look like for your boss or a coworker:

  • Thank you for making our team great! (to a colleague)
  • I’m thankful that we are on the same team. (to a coworker)
  • I am grateful that we’ve become friends while working together. (to a colleague)
  • Thank you for helping me with the big project (if you have finished an important project with the person’s help).
  • You’re a wonderful boss! Thanks for bringing in the treats for Valentine’s Day.

Knowing what to say when someone like your boss or a coworker tells you happy valentine’s day will help you be polite and show you care for these people.

Of course, what exactly you write or say will depend on how well you communicate with your boss or colleagues. But even if you are in a very formal relationship, you can always send them a card saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”. It will anyway be appreciated!

Valentine’s Message to Your Boss Or a Colleague
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How to Respond to Happy Valentine’s Day From Family Members and Relatives?

When you receive Happy Valentine’s Day messages from your family members, the very first thing you should do is thank them for all they have done for you and let them know how much you appreciate their attention and care.

Whether it’s your parents, kids, siblings, or other family members, all our loved ones deserve to be greeted on this special day! Here is how you can express your gratitude in a message or with words:

  • Wishing my dear father (mother/brother/sister/cousin, etc.) the happiest Valentine’s Day!
  • I wish you a happy St. Valentine’s Day, dad/mom! Go on a date with mom/dad and have a great time. Love you!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear family! I am lucky to have you in my life! I love you more than anything.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, mother! Thank you for everything you do for our family. Wish this day is filled with the love and surprises you deserve!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to my daughter/cousin/sister. Sending you all my love and hugs!
  • I am so lucky to have you as my dad/mom. You are the best! I love you so much and always will. Happy V-Day!
  • I am proud to call you my dad. Thanks for always being there for me. Lots of love and fun on this day of love!
  • Mom, you are the most inspiring person in my life! I love you a lot, and I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

Of course, it doesn’t mean you can’t make up your very own greeting when someone says happy valentine’s day to you! The rule of thumb is very simple here: the more sincere you sound, the better!

How to Respond to Happy Valentine’s Day From Family Members and Relatives
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How to Respond to Happy Valentine’s Day From Your Crush?

If you want your crush to know what they mean to you, St. Valentine’s Day is the best time to express your feelings. Below, you can check out a few suggestions on how to respond to Happy Valentine’s Day text from your crush:

  • I have had you on my mind from the very moment we met. I hope to have you as my Valentine for the day!
  • Seeing you every day makes me happy! I have a crush on you, my girl/my dear! May this Valentine’s Day be the start of something more for both of us!
  • Thanks! My Valentine’s Day wish would be to spend it with you.
  • Will you be my Valentine? This would be the best gift for me on this special day!

Now you know what phrases you can use as responses to a traditional “Happy Valentine’s Day!” from all kinds of people in your life! Now you can pick the correct response for your parents, relatives, friends, loved ones/partners, coworkers, and even your boss!

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Now, we would like to address another, the same essential part of this holiday that folks often feel uncertain about. We mean gifts! Below, you can learn what presents would be appropriate on St. Valentine’s Day, and also, we will share a few simple and helpful gift ideas with you.

What Should I Give as a St. Valentine’s Gift?

Although you have clarified what to say in response to “Happy V-Day!” you may have another, even more, complicated challenge: what should you give as a gift to your loved one? And people often feel quite puzzled about it.

Luckily, there are a few easy and relatively cheap ways of greeting your special person with a gift!

  • Order a custom couple portrait of you and your partner to give it to him or her as a V-Day gift! It can be your photo or a piece of artwork (e.g., a portrait). You decide!
  • Buy kissing mugs for both of you! This is a perfect and sweet gift for those who love spending evenings at home, watching TV, and enjoying tea or coffee!
  • Order a poster with the lyrics of your first dance! It can feature a night sky image at the center of the print, with lyrics from one of your favorite songs.
  • Give your girlfriend/wife a necklace with her birthstone(-stones)! This lovely and unique piece of jewelry will show her how much you love and appreciate her!
  • Order a 24-stem bouquet for your wife or girlfriend! It’s a classic because your lady will receive fresh flowers for 24 days!
  • Give your loved one a piece of personalized something! It can be a mug, a personalized shaving kit, or anything else. If it’s handmade, the value of the gift will be endless!
  • Make a collage of the photos of you and your loved one and put it in a frame. This will be a sweet and romantic gift to your partner!

Of course, if there is something very unique that you know your loved one will appreciate, this could also work great as a V-Day gift! Anyway, it can even be his or her favorite tasty treat! It only matters that it was received from you with love.

So, now you know what to say or write in response to a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” message or a verbal greeting.

We shared a few variants of responses that can be used for your partners, family members, friends, colleagues, and even your boss! With their help, you will never get stuck or feel puzzled deciding what to say or text back in response to a greeting.

In addition, you are now aware of several helpful gift ideas for a St. Valentine’s Day. Although we have not shared so many of them, still, you can select the one that seems suitable for you.

Besides, these ideas can help you figure out what you might want to give to your close ones on this holiday!

What Should I Give as a St. Valentine’s Gift
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐For how long have we been celebrating St. Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day was not celebrated as a day of romance until about the 14th century.

⭐Whom can I greet on St. V-Day?

You can greet any person that’s important to you! It can be your crush/ partner, your friend, or a relative.

⭐Is St. V-Day only for lovers and couples?

Initially, it was. But now, this is a holiday for everyone. People greet each other and those whom they value in their lives.

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