5 Decor Tips for a Studio Apartment

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Written by Camilla Moln. Updated on Decor Tips for a Studio Apartment

For many people looking for a place to live, a studio apartment is a perfect fit for their needs.

This style of apartment tends to be a little more budget-friendly, and they are often located in some of the most desirable places. Because they don’t have as much space, they are easy to maintain and keep clean and it gives you a chance to enjoy having your own space.
For all their benefits, when it comes to decorating a studio apartment, it can prove a bit tricky. The lack of space can sometimes throw people for a loop.

We’ve gone ahead and collected five décor tips that are perfect for those with studio apartments who are looking to make the most of their space.

Use Multi-Functional Pieces

The first tip is to embrace multi-functional pieces whenever possible. These act as space savers and can provide a really useful purpose in your apartment. Some great multi-functional pieces can include such items as:

  • An ottoman with built-in storage that can also act as extra seating when necessary
  • Convertible furniture such as a sofa bed or a convertible chair bed, providing you with extra sleeping space when needed
  • A kitchen table with built-in storage
  • A lift-top coffee table with storage under the top
  • An extendable dining table or a dropdown leaf table
  • Each of these should help you save space while remaining functional.

Does Your Bed Need to Act as Extra Seating?

Depending on the size of your studio apartment, you may need to use your bed as extra seating. Many turn to daybeds as an option in this scenario, but this isn’t always the most comfortable and practical solution. Instead, you may want to find the adjustable bed, as these allow you to be comfortable even in an upright seated position. Sometimes you just need to think outside the box and get a little creative.

my STUDIO APARTMENT TOUR | Small Space Livingmy STUDIO APARTMENT TOUR | Small Space Living

Create Zones or Spaces in the Apartment

If you don’t like the idea of one open space, why not create different zones or spaces in your studio apartment? Again, it comes back to creativity and thinking outside the box. You can use furniture pieces to divide the space such as your couch, a bed, a privacy screen, or bookcases. Just be careful not to make the space feel too segmented as this can close it in and make it appear smaller than it is.

Create Zones or Spaces in the Apartment
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The Color Palette Will Have a Huge Impact

By definition, a studio apartment tends to be a small space, which means every design choice you make has a huge impact. One of the most impactful decisions you can make is the color palette. You want to establish flow throughout the entire space, so it’s best to stick with one color palette.

As for what colors work best, light, bright, airy colors tend to make a space feel open and bright.

This can give the illusion of more space. If you want to add a little drama, you can always create an accent wall or add drama through artwork and pops of color in the furniture and décor.
As well as using screens, furniture, and plants to delineate different areas of your studio apartment, pay close attention to color too. Use color to create partitions between separate areas, such as painting the kitchen cool blue and then switching to warm terracotta for the living/sleeping area.

This can easily be done using masking tape and a spirit level to create a vertical and smooth line between two different colors.

The Color Palette Will Have a Huge Impact
Photo by Nathan Van Egmond on Unsplash

Make Full Use of Vertical Space

If storage is an issue, be sure to make use of the vertical space in your apartment. This means running shelves right to the ceiling so that you give yourself extra places to put things. For those with high ceilings, this can make a massive difference.

Ladder bookcases are great in apartments with high ceilings, but built-in shelving is also a great idea.

When hanging drapes or blinds, ensure they are ceiling to floor length, as this will make the ceiling feel even higher. Sheer drapes that let the light flood in are a great choice for tall windows. If you need more control over light ingress, fit Venetian binds or light-control blinds with a sheer layer and opaque layer.

Again, bold use of color really helps create extra space in a small studio apartment with high ceilings. Add a picture rail and paint the wall above, as well as the ceiling, in brilliant white. Below the picture rail, switch to a more vibrant color, to create the illusion of even more ceiling height.
These design and décor tips will make it possible for you to create a studio apartment space that looks like it is straight out of a home décor magazine.

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