10 Ways To Make Stylish Lettering Home Decor

Lettering in home decor is a fashionable and rather simple idea

Written by Camilla Moln. Updated on alphabet letter home decor
Lettering in home decor is a fashionable and rather simple idea.
Choose one of these stunning variants and make your home trendy this year and as cozy as it can be.


If you love home games like “Scrabble”, you can make decorative letters on the sofa cushions.
Each pillow will become a game card with a specific letter and number on it. You will need stencils with letters, numbers and black paint for drawing on the fabric (or special markers).


letter signs home decor
Love Grows Wild
You can decorate an empty wall in the kitchen with a suitable motto, for example, “Time is now!”
Made of clothesline. On the wall, make a chalk inscription with a stencil. Dip the jute rope in a mix of white paint and glue and stick it onto the wall.

Flowers with a name

monogram letter home decor
The Wood Grain Cottage
It is easy to make fashionable white ceramics with monograms from old terracotta pots.
Simply paint the pots white, and then take the stencil with the letters which representing the initials of all family. These pots can be placed on an open shelf in the kitchen or in a cabinet with glass doors.

Phrases on the steps

wood letter home decor
My Passion for Decor
If you have a stairs at home or country house, you can decorate steps with letters, slogans or phrases that reflect the interests of your family.
For example: “we are very friendly”, “we love guests”. With these phrases, your little ones learn how to read. Phrases can be painted or cut out of paper, glued and varnished.

Declaration of love

love home decor letters
Lolly Jane
This letter home decor composition will help to express your feelings in a rustic style.
It will look good on a shelf or fireplace. You will need a wreath of the dry vine, to which you need to attach a red plastic heart, as well as a few letters of wood. Give the letters a rustic look will help of gray and white paint.

Typographic chair

home lettering decor
Dollar Store Crafts


Revive the old armchair with an original alphabet lettering stripe, made right on the upholstery.
You will be helped by a stencil with carved letters and a can of paint with a spray. And then add the final accents with a contrasting color marker.

You are my sun!

wooden block letters home decor
At Home on the Bay
A stencil with these words, attached to the kitchen window instead of the pelmet, will light up your day as well as the sunlight streaming out of the window.
All you need to make it is an old wooden board, a stencil with letters and fixtures for hanging.

Golden letter

brass nail in home decoration
Caught on a Whim
Brass nails for furniture upholstery will help to transform letters made of cardboard or wooden letters.
You can turn them into a vintage element of decor.
Cover the letters with a suitable cloth and attach brass nails with wide caps around the perimeter. Cut off excess fabric with scissors.

Jute wreath with a letter

jute frame with letters
Mardi Gras Outlet
A wreath of gathered burlap is another fashionable idea for lettering in home decor.
It can be hung on the door and personified by a monogram. Make a letter out of plywood or wood and stick a green paper imitating moss on it. This will give your hallway a fresh spring look.

Yarn monograms

jarn decor frame
Let Birds Fly
If you have a semi-antique ornate frame lying on it, use it to decorate the hallway or office.
Attach the frame to the wall, and inside it hang on the carnations printed letters of different sizes and colors.
Made them of cardboard and wrapped with wool yarn. Very impressive! In letters, you can classify someone’s names.
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