8 Home Decor Trends to Say Goodbye in 2023

Looks like it's time to think about renovation?

Written by Camilla Moln. Updated on home decor trends 2019
These home decor trends are found in many homes, and this year they will be considered hopelessly outdated.
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Open lighting

Edison light bulbs and pendant lamps with transparent shades have been popular for several years, but Hanna Crowell of Crowell & Co says that this trend will disappear in 2019.
“I love vintage and stuff with history, but there are too many of them,” she says.
If you do not want the lighting in your apartment to look old-fashioned, replace the transparent bulbs with colored ones. And get rid of the fixtures with a changeable direction of light.
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Granite Countertops

Who would thought that that day would come – granite countertops are going out of fashion – they were shifted by options made of marble, quartz and even wood.
“Granite is highly durable, but it lacks the beauty of marble and the smoothness of quartz,” explains Hanna.
If you have already installed a granite tabletop, do not rush to change it – the fashion has a habit of returning.
But if you are planning a kitchen improvement, think about other options.
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Reclaimed wood

This material has gained popularity in our home decor due to rustic aesthetics.
But, according to Trulia Design experts, the restored wood is about to go out of fashion.
Despite the fact that thanks to it, the interior acquires a cozy, rustic sound, interest in it gradually disappears.
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Bamboo flooring

The bamboo cover instantly became popular after manufacturers launched a marketing campaign that promotes a green alternative to oak and other materials.
But some time ago, designers began to doubt the ability of bamboo for long-term operation. If you decide to change the flooring in the living room, take a look at another type of wood or ultrafashionable seamless terrazzo flooring made from decorative concrete.
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Winter Garden

We all like green plants in the interior, but we are already fed up with the aesthetics of the “bungalow in the middle of the jungle”. We are talking about apartments where home flowers are everywhere – on the floor, window sills, balcony and pots hanging from the ceiling.
Better check this inspiring 2019 patio ideas.
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Inspirational Graffiti

The trend for modern country style has led to the appearance of terribly tasteless decorative elements.
Text installations on the walls no longer inspire anyone – get rid of them.
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Pseudo-maroccan carpets

Why pseudo? Because zigzag carpets have nothing to do with those exquisite textiles that are made in the east.
The presence of such a carpet in the living room is as predictable as the abundance of stainless steel in the kitchen.
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Pink accents

Salmon color has been relevant for many years in a row. It is often used in accents at the beginning of the two thousandth years. What now? In 2019, home decor trends is given to shades of earth and soil.
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