A Legacy of Loewe Handbags: the Basket to the Puzzle

What is Loewe famous for?

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Loewe (/lov/; Spanish: [loee]) is a premium fashion brand who designed Loewe Bags and based in Spain that specializes in leather products, apparel, fragrances, and other fashion statements.

Loewe is LVMH’s original high end fashion brand, having been founded in 1846.

Loewe has risen to being one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world.

With names such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Christian Dior as members of the LVMH Collection, it’s reasonable to assume the label is on the rise.

A Legacy of Loewe bags

While delving into the origin of a Loewe bag, it’s useful to realize how well the Spanish tradition label evolved to have a very German-sounding name. (If you aren’t already aware, the e’s are both sharp, and the w sounds like a v.)

Loewe is indeed the first of LVMH’s quality products, and it is perhaps one of the most well-known. The company originated as a collection of artisans working in a factory on Madrid’s Blanco Street, creating leather and suede items.

Leather-making in Spain has an ancient legacy, spanning back to the activity of the Romans in southern Spain in the eighth century, while Cordovan horse leather became extremely desired afterward and valued.

However, the Spanish artisan association was becoming a label once an immigrant put some Germanic corporate pragmatism to that too. Enrique Loewe Rosberg, who awarded the brand his moniker (which means “lion”) in 1872, went ahead and did so. Loewe had obtained the title of “official vendor to the Spanish Royal Throne” by 1905.

Loewe bags were shown on celebrities like Ava Gardner and her then-husband Frank Sinatra on a trip to Spain in the middle of the twentieth century.

Loewe launched the first-ever primed line in 1965, and 5 years later, the company commissioned Spanish painter Vicente Vela to create an emblem famous anagram comprising four scrolling L’s, which is still in service today. Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, and Laura Biagiotti all worked at the brand.

Nevertheless, Loewe It handbags, which have been seen on the shoulders of girls and boys across the universe, have had a lot to do with LVMH, which bought Loewe in 1996. Loewe’s artistic director responsibilities were occupied by Narciso Rodriguez, José Enrique Oa Selfa, and Stuart Vevers.

It was not until Jonathan Anderson, aged 29 years old, acquired the organization in 2013 that Loewe bags genuinely gained renowned.

The Puzzle bag, the Gateway bag, and a renowned high-fashion adaptation of the modest marketplace sack have all been designed by Anderson. These accouterments have an aesthetic that reflects the legendary brand’s adherence to craftsmanship above everything else.

These may be fashioned like an elephant, but the leather excellence is unrivaled. Loewe bags are designed to be handled perpetually because they are decidedly faddish.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most remarkable following.


1. Amazona

The Amazona was designed as an accessory to accompany two of the burgeoning female population to the workplace in the 1970s, notwithstanding having two highest grips and a neatly rectangular frame evoking a physician’s handbag.

LOEWE | The story behind our Amazona bagLOEWE | The story behind our Amazona bag


Introducing the Puzzle bag, which premiered during Anderson’s Loewe’s men’s springtime 2015 exhibition in Paris; handbags should be for everyone at Anderson’s Loewe.

The Puzzle, like all Loewe bags, is manufactured in Madrid from about nine layers of calfskin that are delicately patchworked together.


The Gate bag is distinguished for its understated luminosity, thanks to a metallic connector securing the leather clasp.


The universe has not yet been there since this incredibly enticing element to the Loewe repertoire premiered during the season 2017 fashion presentation.

Loewe Basket Bag Small vs Medium Comparison / Review | Mode Shots | High Street AlternativesLoewe Basket Bag Small vs Medium Comparison / Review | Mode Shots | High Street Alternatives

5. Flamenco

If you’re searching for a bag that can do it all, this is the bag for you.

If the Puzzle bag epitomizes the brand’s vibrancy, then maybe the Flamenco pattern symbolizes the brand’s elegant comfort.

The Flamenco purse is a capacious handbag with delicate rushing suggestive of a flamenco dancer’s outfit, made of nappe leather, which also had previously exclusively been around Loewe’s apparel.

This adaptable item is accented by a sailor’s knot for a hint of whimsy.

6. The Hammock

If you’re searching for a bag that’s both utilitarian and stylish, this is the bag for you.

Admittedly, numerous iconic leather purses have the traditional trapeze design, however left it to Loewe to reimagine an old favorite.

Upon first glance, the Hammock seems to be a regular top handle bag.

However, the side panels extend up to form a bigger, winged shape. The Hammock, with its zipping pouches and interior divisions, is ideal for individuals who need to handle a bunch of thing for all those who simply like the unexplained fascination of a well-made handbag.

Carry it strapless, over your shoulder, or as a handbag.

REVIEWING MY LOEWE MINI VS. SMALL HAMMOCK BAGS. Which One Is My Fave & Ideas On How To Style Them!REVIEWING MY LOEWE MINI VS. SMALL HAMMOCK BAGS. Which One Is My Fave & Ideas On How To Style Them!

7. Balloon

If you’re searching for a bag to use on a daily basis, this is the bag for you.

You should have a sense of Loewe’s design approach by now: keep things clear and attractive, and yet never dull. The Balloon bag is maybe the greatest example of this.

The Balloon, a comparatively new design that launched on the spring semester catwalk, may appear to be a standard bucket bag, but if you look closely, you’ll notice the subtle details:

The purse has wonderfully carved leather, a tied drawstring, and an embossing Loewe enigma at the bottom.

Consider the Balloon bag to be the perfect grown-up bucket bag, offered in a variety of colors and patterns (there’s also one with jacquard!).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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⭐Is Loewe a reputable brand?

To begin with, if its antiquity is any indicator, Loewe is a solid brand.

Its century-old history demonstrates the house’s skill in producing high-quality leather items with long-lasting attractiveness.

In plenty of other words, customers can always rely on Loewe since you will receive classic pieces that will endure a lifetime. (Fun fact: Loewe is the oldest fashion house owned by LVMH.)

⭐Where are Loewe bags manufactured?

Loewe, like other premium goods, is still manufactured in its origin in Spain.

Its items are made in Barcelona and Getafe, while the designer has already been located in Paris since 2014, under Jonathan Anderson’s creative supervision.

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Making the LOEWE Flamenco Clutch bagMaking the LOEWE Flamenco Clutch bag