10 Essential Products for Your Beach Survival Kit

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Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on 10 Essential Products for Your Beach Survival Kit

Heading to the beach can be a fun way to unwind and relax while enjoying the summer weather.

However, the sun, sand, and saltwater can be damaging to the skin and hair.

Fortunately, you can offset the damage and focus on the fun by packing a beach survival kit.

Here are ten essential products to throw in your beach bag for a fun, damage-free day.

Mineral Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be a staple in your cosmetics bag, even if you’re spending the day indoors or enjoying winter activities.

During the summer months, wearing a mineral sunscreen lotion is an absolute must.

Be sure to apply sunscreen over your entire body, even if you’re spending time in the shade.

Reapply every two hours to prevent cumulative sun damage, which increases the likelihood of developing skin cancer.

SPF Hair Spray

Wearing sunscreen to protect your skin is a well-known beach survival tip, but what about your hair?

Your hair is also prone to sun damage, especially if you use bleach or color treatments. Furthermore, people rarely apply sunscreen to their sensitive scalps.

In addition to the increased cancer risk, skin damage in this area can contribute to hair loss in the future.

Packing an SPF hair spray allows you to protect your hair and scalp, even if you aren’t wearing a hat.

This simple product will help protect your color treatment and prevent scalp damage.

SPF Hair Spray
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Baby Powder

While baby powder may not seem like a must-have unless you have a baby, it’s a secret weapon commonly used by avid beach-goers.

Sprinkling baby powder on your body will repel the sand, making it fall off with minimal effort.

The baby powder draws in moisture from the skin, making both wet and dry sand fall off.

When searching for baby powder, avoid buying talc-based options as it’s a potential carcinogen.

Instead, look for a cornstarch-based powder (which also works as a dry shampoo if you sweat!)

SPF Lip Balm

The challenge with using sunscreen on your lips is the continued exposure to food and moisture.

Instead, invest in a simple SPF lip balm to keep your lips protected and nourished as you eat and drink.

Choose a tinted SPF for a touch of beach glam.

SPF Lip Balm
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Nourishing Body Oil

Bringing skin oil to the beach for tanning purposes is a big no-no due to the increased potential for skin cancer and irreversible cell damage.

However, you can apply body oil after you’re done in the sun and water to re-introduce nutrients into your parched skin and promote deep healing.

Look for an option with ingredients like:

  • aloe
  • shea butter
  • argan oil
  • coconut oil
  • vitamin E

Don’t apply the body oil until you’re out of the sun and done with your beach day.

Nourishing Body Oil
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Wide-Tooth Comb

A simple wide-tooth comb can be a lifesaver at the beach.

The wind, water, sun, and san can dry your hair out and make it feel crusty and terrible.

Forcing a brush through your beach hair will cause breakage and further damage.

Instead, pack a wide-tooth comb to run through your hair when you get out of the water.

This simple tool will help you detangle your locks while maintaining your beach waves.

Wide-Tooth Comb
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Eco-Friendly Deodorant

Sweating is a natural side-effect of sitting outside in the sun all day.

If you’re self-conscious about body odor, throw an eco-friendly deodorant stick into your beach bag. Look for a clean ingredient list, free of heavy metals, sulfates, and plastic.

In addition to being better for your body, eco-friendly deodorant will protect the local ecosystem as you play in the water.

Many of the ingredients in cosmetics can damage coral reefs and leave harmful residue in the water.

Cleansing Cloths

Cleansing cloths are one of the most versatile items to throw in a cosmetic or beach bag.

You can use these to wipe your hands before and after eating, refresh your skin and body, wipe up spills, etc.

They also come in handy if you discover that the beach you’re visiting has no running water, offering only outhouses as facilities.

Facial Spray

Facial spray is commonly used for setting makeup and creating a soft, dewy look.

However, you can also use facial spray as a soothing, cooling mist to refresh yourself on a hot, sunny day.

Consider storing your facial spray in your cooler or next to a cold pack to get the most of this refreshing mist.

You can purchase a pre-packaged mist, like Evian facial pray, or create your own blends and apply them with a rechargeable Nano facial mister.

What to Pack For the Beach + What's In My Beach Bag!What to Pack For the Beach + What’s In My Beach Bag!

Leave-in Conditioner

As mentioned before, the sun, sand, water, and wind can all be damaging to your luscious locks.

Applying a leave-in conditioner when you’re done in the water will help offset the impacts of your beach day and restore nutrients to your hair.

If possible, rinse your hair under a shower before applying the conditioner or use a spare water bottle to remove some of the sand and salt residue.

Then, comb the conditioner through your hair with your wide-tooth comb.

Not only will this beach survival kit help you stay healthy and fresh while having fun in the sun, but it also ensures that you’re ready for whatever the evening brings after your amazing beach day.

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