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Can You Freeze Gravy?

Best Storing and Preserving Tips

freeze gravy

Gravy is a perfect supplement for many meat and vegetable dishes, however, it can be also used for any second course, for example, pasta, rice or bulgur.

However, when it’s too much gravy, we may need to keep some for later and many peRelated:ople wonder whether it is fine to freeze gravy.

Below, you will find the most precise guide for freezing gravy properly.

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Gravy Shelf Life and Storage Specifics

You might not know, but there are many more kinds of gravy than simply brown gravy made of meat, like as deli meat, or fowl drippings! There is also a cream gravy that is good with chicken, egg gravy, giblet, and mushroom gravy, and finally vegetable gravy (there is even onion gravy!).

How long is gravy good for? Depending on the ingredients it contains, each kind of gravy has its own storage specifics and conditions, as well as the duration of keeping. Let’s check out several most popular ones.

Can You Freeze Gravy?
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  • How long does beef gravy last?

If you store it properly, your homemade beef gravy will remain eatable for two days only. Also, when you repeatedly heat it, bring it to the rolling boil before you serve it.

  • How long does sausage gravy last in the fridge?

Sausage gravy, if stored in the airtight tank, can last for about three to four days refrigerated.

  • How long can you keep chicken gravy?
How long does beef gravy last
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As any homemade gravy made of fresh meat, the chicken gravy will remain usable for two days when refrigerated properly.

  • When will mushroom gravy expire?

After you cook it, homemade mushroom gravy, when being stored accurately and correctly, will remain eatable for three days when refrigerated.

  • How soon will cream gravy expire?
How to Freeze Gravy
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Cream gravy will be available for eating about two or three days if you store it properly.

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How to Freeze Gravy Correctly. Detailed Instruction

As you can see, keeping gravy fresh will not be possible for more than four days at best no matter how you try. But what if you would like to preserve it for using later?

The best and the only possible way is to freeze gravy.

However, it is better to prepare yourself in advance and learn as much as you can about the freezing procedure to avoid any problems and the ruination of the product in case you do anything wrong.

First of all, you need to know that different types of gravy have their own freezing specifics and requirements.

For example, flour-containing gravy is pretty easy to freeze and it can remain preserved for about four months. Nevertheless, if we are talking about cream-based or milk-based gravy, they will not be able to freeze thoroughly as milk products will make them separate during the defrosting.

How to Freeze Gravy
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So what shall you do to prevent your gravy from spoiling and preserve it longer?

  • If you know that you will leave some gravy for freezing even before you start cooking it, try to use the minimal amount of fat possible. While your gravy is thawing, fats will make it separate and you don’t want that, do you?
  • So after the gravy is ready, let it cool at room temperature first.
  • Then run it through the blender of the food processor to make its texture more solid and even.
  • Use an airtight box or tank, a plastic frost-friendly bag or even the ice cubes trays and pour the gravy in. Now everything that’s left is to only toss it into the freezer.

When being kept this way, your gravy will keep its taste without any noticeable changes

To defrost your gravy, just remove it to the fridge for one night to let it thaw and then repeatedly heat it in a saucepan over the medium-low heat

If it looks too thick, feel free to add some water or even stock and remember to whisk it all the time to avoid lumps to appear! 

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What to Do With Leftover Gravy

How to Freeze Gravy

Leftover gravy, in fact, is not a big deal to handle if you know what and how to do it.

As for preserving it, use the same freezing method as described above for the freshly-cooked gravy. Simply cool the gravy first and then take a container and pour your gravy in it. 

But what to do with it afterward, you may ask? How and where to use it?

Well, you can serve it with mashed potatoes and meat or pour it over your dish with pasta. It will also fit perfectly any soup, stew or casserole adding its flavor to the dish.

How to Preserve Different Kinds of Gravy. Q&A

Leftover gravy
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Different kinds of gravy have different durability period. Want to know which one can last longer?

  • Can you freeze turkey gravy?

Homemade turkey gravy, when being properly frozen, can last for about two or three months. 

  • Can you freeze gravy made with cornstarch?

If you used cornstarch for thickening your gravy, it will freeze well but after defrosting the texture will thin out and you will have to rethicken it again.

Can you freeze turkey gravy
  • Can you freeze sausage gravy?

Sausage gravy will get frozen easily, however, it may separate a bit after thawing. If that happens, simply whisk it actively while reheating.

  • Can turkey gravy be frozen?

To freeze turkey gravy, use the same approach as for the other kinds of gravy described above.

Is It OK to Reheat Gravy?

Can you freeze turkey gravy
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You can’t eat frozen gravy cold so yes, you will have to reheat it anyway. To prevent your gravy from any lumps, whisk it all the time while you are heating it up. Also, if the texture of your gravy looks too thin, you will probably need to thicken it again by adding some flour or cornstarch.

However, take into account that reheating gravy more than one time is not acceptable as the second heating will ruin the sauce completely.

How to Tell That Your Gravy Turned Bad?

Best Storing and Preserving Tips

Any gravy is not the kind of product that you can keep for a long time and it may often happen that the sauce turns bad even when being stored refrigerated.

So how to define whether your gravy is still good or the time has come to say “Good buy” to it?

Simply take a look at it. If you notice any changes in its color, any dark areas or spots on its surface, if it has a weird or unpleasant smell or, moreover, if you spot any signs of mold, discard that sauce instantly as it can’t be consumed anymore.

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