74 Ideas How to Respond to What’s Good?

Ever heard this phrase but still not sure what to say in response? Don’t stress, we will give you a few handy suggestions!

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Being polite is quite a bothersome and difficult thing! You need to know for sure what to say in different situations, and how to respond to different phrases people might ask or tell you.

Giving an incorrect or impolite answer, as well as asking the incorrect question, may leave other people with the impression of you being rude or even an ill-mannered person!

One of such phrases that often make people stumble is “What’s good?”. Sounds very simple and clear for the first sight, but in fact, quite many of us would start wondering about how to answer it correctly, and what in fact this phrase means!

So in this article that you will read today, we are going to tell you how to respond to “what’s good?” correctly providing several alternative options to choose from.

Also, you will learn about “what’s good” meaning.

With all that in mind, you will be able to more easily figure out what your interlocutor expects to hear from you in response when he or she asks you “what’s good?” question.

How Would You Respond to What’s Good?

You may feel a little awkward when you hear “what’s good?” phrase for many different reasons. For example, you might just be a little introvert and shy, and any such question that is addressed to you makes you feel a bit worried.

Or you are not very familiar with the slang and thus you are not quite sure how to respond to such questions correctly so that you don’t offend a person.

Or you might not be sure how to respond since you are not quite familiar with this slang phrase and thus you are afraid of making a fool of yourself!

No matter the reason, it is still important to know how to respond in such cases. Otherwise, people might take you as an impolite person! So below you will find several different ways you can respond to “what’s good” depending on who is asking you. You will learn about the correct answers when:

  1. A close person is asking you
  2. A stranger is asking you this question
  3. When you don’t feel good, but you don’t want to talk about your problems

So let’s start diving into the depth of social communication nuances!

How Would You Respond to What’s Good
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How to Respond to “What’s good?” When a Friend Or a Family Member Asks It?

If you are wondering how to respond to someone close when they say what’s good, you have several potentially suitable answers. However, when a close person (for instance, your close friend or a member of your family) asks you this question, it is important to pay attention to what they are doing when this is being said.

For example, if a person says “what’s good?” while still walking, it just means that he or she uses this phrase instead of “hello” and not as a conversation starter.

On the other hand, if a person asks you this question and stops, it is a clear sign that he or she expects to be engaged in a conversation. The same works for the situation when this question is asked in a message, by the way!

So if you don’t pay attention to these nuances, you might seem rude and dismissive, or feel awkward when trying to engage in an unwanted conversation. So grab ten most suitable and polite answers to this question when it is asked by a close one!

How to Respond to “What’s good” When a Friend Or a Family Member Asks It
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Nothing Much. How About You?

You can use this answer when you don’t have a lot of things going on that day, but you want to find out what is happening with the friend or relative who asked the question.

However, it is good to use this answer when you are sure that the person obviously wants to have a conversation with you. Asking “how about you?” means you are interested in talking to them.

Nothing Much. How About You
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Oh, Nothing Special! The Usual!

This is another good one to use when you don’t have anything going on that is out of the ordinary. Note the difference in this one versus number one where the question is returned.

Use this when “in passing”, or in other words when the interaction is supposed to be brief.

How to Answer "WHAT'S UP?"How to Answer “WHAT’S UP?”

Just Counting the Hours Till the Weekend!

It is good to use this with a friend, especially a work friend, or someone who has a similarly busy schedule. It is a way to say you’re tired and that you’re looking forward to some much needed rest.

Just Counting the Hours Till the Weekend!
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Why? What Did You Hear?

This response is meant to be humorous, so make sure you are saying it not too seriously, using a suspicious sounding tone for the other person to understand the joke.

It’s sort of like you’re a celebrity and the friend is tuning into the gossip or latest news.

Living the Dream!

It is good to use this one when you are having a great week, or something good happened to you that day. It is just another way to say that you are in high spirits.

Not Me. It’s Been a Tough Day/Week!

When a friend or family member asks what’s good, and you say, “not me”, clearly that means you are not good.

Adding that it’s been a tough week prompts them to ask what’s wrong or offer words of encouragement.

What’s Happening?/What’s Going On?

Although you were probably told as a kid to not answer a question with a question, people do it quite often.

It is good to use this as a response in passing since it functions as a greeting as well.

What’s HappeningWhat’s Going On
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I’m Hanging In There

It is good to use this response when your day is not going so well but you want to express that you are not letting it get the better of you.

Heck, I’ve Been Better!

It is also good to use this when your day isn’t going so well as you would like it to, and you wish to share what is making it “not good”.

Chances are, your friend or relative will offer words of support in return.

It’s All Good in the Hood

This is a playful and casual response you could use when talking to a friend. It basically means everything is okay or going well.

Same as Always

You can use this response when you feel like nothing new or exciting is happening in your life. It’s a simple way of saying that your life is moving at its regular pace.

Just Trying to Keep My Head Above Water

Use this phrase when things are a bit difficult, and you’re struggling to stay afloat. It shows that you’re enduring, despite the circumstances.

Blessed and Highly Favored

This is a great response when you want to express gratitude and positive feelings about your life. It conveys the idea that things are going well for you.

Just Another Day in Paradise

This phrase is a bit ironic and can be used when things are not going well. Alternatively, it can be used genuinely if you’re really enjoying your day or life.

Rolling with the Punches

This means that you are adapting to the challenges life is throwing at you. It’s a way of saying you’re resilient and able to handle difficulties.

Taking It One Day at a Time

This is a humble response, often used when one is going through tough times but is making an effort to stay positive.

Enjoying the Ride

This can be used when you’re enjoying your life as it is, even with the ups and downs. It implies that you’re embracing your journey.

Livin’ La Vida Loca

Borrowed from the famous Ricky Martin song, this phrase means “living the crazy life” and can be used humorously to describe a chaotic but fun life.

Cruising Along

This is a laid-back response that suggests you’re moving through life at a comfortable and relaxed pace. It gives the impression that you’re not in a hurry and are taking your time to enjoy things.

You Look Amazing Today!

This is good to use when you want to compliment a friend or family member. You can even use it to flirt with a crush to make him/her feel special.

Ok, but these are the answers that will be suitable when this question is asked by someone whom you know very well. What if a stranger asks you the same question, however?

Shall you make use of other phrases instead?

In fact, yes, in this case, the answer will be somewhat different. Below you can see, what exactly.

You Look Amazing Today!
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What to Say to a Stranger When He Or She Asks You “What’s Good?”

If you are not sure about how to respond when someone whom you don’t know says what’s good, the answer will depend on your goal in this conversation. The answers will vary depending on whether you want to continue talking, or you want this person to leave.

Once you decide on that, you can choose from five most common answers we are going to offer to you.

That’s For Me to Know And You to Find Out

This is a good response to use with a stranger you find cute or interesting.

It makes you seem mysterious and will compel the stranger to try to find out more about you.

That’s For Me to Know And You to Find Out
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What’s It to You?

Use this response if you want the stranger to go away or stop talking to you. Hey, it might seem a little mean but it’s one way to get those creeps away from you.

The Muffins, You Should Try Them!

If you are not trying to be mean, but you don’t want to talk to a flirty stranger, you can use this to divert the person’s attention. Of course, the suggestion won’t always be muffins and will depend on your location.

You can even say “the silence” instead of “muffins” if the stranger is getting a little too comfortable talking to you!

Definitely Not This Weather

It is good to use this answer when you are in the same space as a stranger but don’t mind the small talk. The weather is something simple to talk about that isn’t too heavy. This response will only work if the weather is really not good, for instance, if it is a very hot day, or if it is pouring with rain.

I’m Good. Thanks For Asking!

This is a polite response to use with a stranger. Notice that you didn’t ask the question back, which means you aren’t interested in talking. Hopefully, the stranger can take a hint and move along. If you don’t mind them though, you could always add “What’s good with you?” at the end.

Finally, there might be situations when you really don’t feel good enough for different reasons, but you would still not want to discuss your state and your problems with other people. In this case, consider one of the following answers.

Definitely Not This Weather
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How to respond to “what’s good” in a flirty way?

  1. Just thinking about you, makes everything good.
  2. Better now that you’re here.
  3. Everything’s good when I’m with you.
  4. Just enjoying the thought of us together.
  5. It’s always good when I get a message from you.
  6. Everything is good, but it’d be better with you.
  7. Your text just made my day better.
  8. Only you, darling.
  9. Looking forward to our next date.
  10. Life’s good, especially when I’m talking to you.

How to respond to “wsg shawty”?

  1. Just chilling, you?
  2. Keeping it real, how about you?
  3. Enjoying the day, wbu?
  4. Not much, what about you?
  5. Feeling great, what about you, shawty?
  6. Just been thinking about you.
  7. Living my best life, you?

How to respond to “what’s good with you”?

  1. Just enjoying life, how about you?
  2. Life is treating me well, thank you for asking.
  3. Feeling great, thanks! And you?
  4. Taking it easy and loving it, how about you?
  5. All is well on my end, thank you. How about you?
  6. Everything’s fine, thanks! How about yourself?
  7. Living the dream, how about you?

How to reply to “what’s good bro”:

  1. Just chilling, bro. You?
  2. Living the dream, bro. How about you?
  3. Same old, same old. What about you, bro?
  4. Just working on my goals, bro. And you?
  5. Doing great, bro. How’s life treating you?
  6. Just enjoying the day, bro. How about you?
  7. Keep it 100, bro. How about you?
  8. Keep it real, bro. You?

What to Say to “What’s Good?” When You Are Not Actually Good?

So how to respond to what’s good if your current state is far from being good?

If you don’t feel like discussing it with others or talking about it at all, but still you would not like to seem rude, you can make use of one of the following answers.

Nothing. Chilling.

This response might seem cold, but it will get the job done. Notice that the question is not returned, which will let the person know that you do not wish to converse.

Nothing. Chilling.
Credits: PeopleImages, via Canva.com

How Have You Been?

If you are not up for discussing your state of being but don’t mind listening to others, you can use this response. It’s also a good way to get the attention off of yourself, especially when you are approached by a group of people.

Same Old, Same Old

Use this response when you want to say everything is fine and nothing is out of the ordinary. Sure, it’s a lie, so you’ll have to be pretty convincing, otherwise the person will end up seeing right through you.

Just Going with the Flow

This is a relaxed, easy-going response to use when you want to convey that you are simply taking things as they come.

Got My Groove On

Use this response when you are having a really good day, it shows that you’re feeling positive and enthusiastic.

Trying to Stay Positive

This is a good response when things aren’t going well, but you’re doing your best to keep an upbeat attitude.

Just Living My Best Life

This phrase suggests that you’re pursuing your passions and interests, which can inspire the person you’re speaking to.


Use this phrase when you’re busy working or pursuing a goal. It’s a way of saying you’re hustling or working hard.


This response conveys a feeling of gratitude for the good things in your life. It’s a way to say that you’re feeling fortunate and appreciative.

Catching Up on Some Needed Rest

Use this response when you’ve been very busy and you’re taking time to rest and recharge.

Feeling Grateful

This is another response that shows gratitude. It’s a way of saying that you appreciate the good things in your life.

Been Better, Been Worse

This response is a balanced one. It’s not overly positive or negative. Instead, it conveys the reality that life has its ups and downs.

Keeping My Head Up

This response is a good one to use when you’re facing challenges but staying hopeful and positive.

Oh, Can’t Complain

It is good to use this when you do not wish to talk about your problems, and instead, you wish to handle them privately. In other words, you’re not going to whine about it to someone who probably can’t fix things anyway.

Oh, Can’t Complain
Credits: g-stockstudio, via Canva.com

I’m Busy Right Now With [insert]. Let’s Talk Later!

Use this when you want to get away from the conversation entirely if the person seems to want to engage in a conversation. Just be careful to not to be too dismissive or else the person’s feelings might get hurt.

So, now you know how to respond to “what’s good?” in all possible situations, such as when a close person is asking you it, when the question comes from a stranger, or when you don’t feel like answering at all, but you also don’t want to seem rude.

Being aware of all that, you will now be able to communicate with no offense with others!

I’m Busy Right Now With [insert]. Let’s Talk Later!
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What Does What’s Good Mean?

To be able to correctly answer a question, you need to know exactly what the phrase means. However, it may not be that simple with the slang phrases, for instance, with the one like “what’s good?”.

So we recommend you learn about “what’s good” meaning in order to be able to answer correctly and not feel awkward being afraid that you said something wrong in response!

Basically, “what’s good?” means the same as “what’s up?”. And we are pretty sure that you have already guessed about that! Both phrases mean that a person who is saying them wants to know how you are doing or how things are going – in your life in particular, or in general.

Also, this phrase can be used both as a greeting phrase and as a conversation starter. So you should be attentive to how a person says it in order to understand whether he or she waits for continuing the communication, or the question was asked only to greet you.

We hope that now it will be easier for you to figure out in what sense this phrase is used, and thus you will answer it correctly and politely!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How to reply to “how are you?”

Reply with “I’m fine/Not bad/ Pretty good/Great”. Or, if you’re in a bad mood, it’s ok to say “I’ve been better”.

⭐ How to reply to “what’s up” correctly?

“Nothing much/Same old, same old/ Not a lot/Oh, just a usual!” and something like that.

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