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Learn what is the correct and polite answer and in what cases it will be suitable

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Nowadays conversations are far from what they used to be a couple of decades ago or especially earlier! Modern generation doesn’t feel like wasting its time on endless polite things, so young men and women simply prefer chatting in a more casual way.

However, even though you are a very chatty person and you don’t mind messaging all day long, you might get frustrated with such a simple text message as “hey”! And yes, this is the very message that we tend to receive more often than others when we chat on dating sites and apps!

So how to respond to hey on tinder or any other dating platform? What shall you text back to not seem too rude? How to respond when a guy says hey? Or what to write back if you don’t feel like continuing the conversation? Below you will find answers to all of these questions!

How to Respond to Hey Text From a Guy?

If you spend quite enough time on various dating platforms and websites, you surely already received those lonely heys many times! And let’s be honest, it does look quite frustrating when you receive a message, you open it, and all that you see there is this single word. And nothing more. Sooo?! What am I supposed to do with it, you might be wondering?

It might be even more stumbling for you if such a message is received from a guy, andit will definitely turn the most frustrating thing if that guy is handsome!

How to respond to a text that says hey in such a situation? Do you need to give any response at all? Does such a message mean that a person is really interested in talking to you, or is it just a mere fun chat attempt?

You may be surprised but there are quite many ways of responding to such a message, no matter whether you received it on your email or on your Tinder (or another dating app or platform).

Which one to use will depend on whether you want your conversation to keep on going or not. Also, there are a few general rules of conversational politeness that are good to be aware of if you don’t want to accidentally offend your vis-a-vis.

Do’s And Don’ts When Responding to Hey

So before you lay your fingers on the keyboard and start texting, let us remind you of a few simple yet very useful rules of conversational politeness that are always good to follow. Even if you are messaging in the twenty-first century!
If you want to know how to respond to someone saying hey politely, you first need to learn what ways of answering will be considered rude or impolite. So in order not to offend your interlocutor by accident when messaging, consider keeping the following recommendations in mind:

  • Always respond in a timely manner
  • Remember to start your response with a greeting, for instance, “Hi”, “Hey”, “Good morning”, etc.
  • If you know the person’s name, use it when greeting him or her
  • Never try to force a conversation with someone whom you don’t like much
  • Stop the conversation if you are not interested in talking to this person
  • Don’t leave the message on read, especially if you like the person! It may cause offense or give him or her the wrong impression of you

With these tips in mind, you can now learn more about how to correctly respond to hey messages no matter where you receive them.

Do’s And Don’ts When Responding to Hey
Credits: Brosa, via Canva.com

How to Respond to Hey Text If You Want to Continue the Conversation?

When we start messaging someone, especially on dating platforms or websites, it is always unclear first whether this is the person we would like to keep on talking to. However, if you suddenly realize that you want the conversation to continue (for example, after you read the person’s date profile), you might start wondering what you should say to his or her “hey” to be able to keep your chat alive and make it go on.

So how to respond to a text from a guy (or a girl) that says hey to make it last longer? We can suggest to you a list of options which can be used as alternative variants of your response.

  1. Simply say “hey” back. Like this, you will appear to be cool and casual.
  2. Want to look more intimate and friendly? Then stick to a quick “Hi”!
  3. A formal “hello” is a better choice if you are answering someone whom you don’t know that well. Such a reply will cue the person to lead the conversation.
  4. If you see that your conversation partner has a great sense of humor, why not amuse him or her with a cool “Howdy”?
  5. “Hey, what’s up?” By saying this, you will show that you are interested in proceeding with your chat.
  6. Interested in a more detailed description of a person’s day? Then simply ask “Hey, how is your day going?”. Like this, you will let him or her know that you have interest in their daily activities!
  7. “Hi, person’s name. How is it going?” When we use someone’s name, we show our sincere interest in this person. It will also indicate that you are glad that they reach out!
  8. If you are really interested in the person, the ideal response to hey will be “Good morning, I’m happy you texted me! How are you doing?”. It will be the crystal clear sign that you are interested in continuing your conversation.
  9. If the person who sent “hey” message to you is someone you know very well, but you have not heard from him or her for quite a while, answering with “What took you so long? I missed you!” will be the perfect reply.
  10. Simply asking back with “How are you” without any greetings is also fine.
  11. Want to keep your conversation going and let the person know that you are up for a chat? Then ask back using “What are you doing?”
  12. “How is your night/day/morning/evening going?” is a perfect way to make the conversation proceed and also show the person that you are personally interested in him or her.
  13. If you are familiar with the one who sent a “hey” message to you, feel free to message back with “What’s popping?”. It is another way of saying “What’s up”, by the way!
  14. Haven’t heard from a person for long enough and really glad he or she texted to you? Then don’t hesitate to say “What a nice surprise to hear from you!”. Your friend will be happy!

If you were thinking of writing a message to someone but this person did it before you, feel free to say “I was just going to send you a message! What a coincidence!”

How to Respond to Hey Text From a Guy, Examples To Copy:

In Neutral manner

  1. “Hey there! How’s your day going?”
  2. “Hello! What have you been up to today?”
  3. “Hey! Got any fun plans for the rest of the day?”
  4. “Hi! I was just thinking about you.”
  5. “Hello! It’s great to hear from you.”
  6. “Hey, nice to get a message from you! How’s everything?”
  7. “Hiya! How’s life treating you?”
  8. “Hey, what’s up?”
  9. “Hello! How’s your week been?”
  10. “Hi! What’s the latest on your end?”
  11. “Hey there, what brings you to my messages today?”
  12. “Hey, how’s your day unfolding?”
  13. “Hi, got any good news to share?”
  14. “Hello! What’s the good word?”
  15. “Hey, what’s going on in your world?”
  16. “Hey! Anything exciting happening in your life right now?”
  17. “Hello, how’s everything with you?”
  18. “Hi! What’s new since we last talked?”
  19. “Hey, any interesting updates from your side?”
  20. “Hey, how are you holding up?”

More personal:

  1. “Hey! Just sipping on my third coffee of the day. How about you?”
  2. “Hi there, dreamer! Working on your next big idea?”
  3. “Hello, adventurer! Been on any cool hikes lately?”
  4. “Hiya! In the middle of a good book. What are you up to?”
  5. “Hey, sunshine! How’s your day looking so far?”
  6. “Hey, Mr. Funny! Heard any good jokes lately?”
  7. “Hello, movie man! Watched any cool films recently?”
  8. “Hey! Here, battling a Sudoku puzzle. What’s happening with you?”
  9. “Hello, chef! Tried any new recipes lately?”
  10. “Hi! Just out of yoga class and feeling zen. How about you?”
  11. “Hey, just debating whether I need a second lunch. How’s your day going?”
  12. “Hello! Listening to some old school rock. What’s on your playlist today?”
  13. “Hi there! Practicing my guitar chords. What’s your day looking like?”
  14. “Hey! Attempting to grow my own herbs. How’s your day going?”
  15. “Hello, mastermind! Are you conquering the world yet?”
  16. “Hey! Just ran 5K, feeling accomplished. What about you?”
  17. “Hi there, just taking a break from my paint brushes. What’s new with you?”
  18. “Hey! Making homemade pizza tonight. What’s cooking on your end?”
  19. “Hello! I’m just planning my next travel adventure. How’s your day?”
  20. “Hey, got caught in a downpour, quite an adventure! How are you?”

All of these replies are informal and casual (well, maybe except for “Hello”) so you can easily make use of any of them when you need to answer a person who sent you a “hi” message.

How to Respond to Hey Text If You Want to Continue the Conversation
Credits: gaiamoments, via Canva.com

How to respond to hey on Tinder?

In the context of Tinder or any online dating app, your response can be a combination of being engaging, showing interest, and being authentic.

  1. “Hey! I see from your profile that you love hiking. What’s the best trail you’ve ever been on?”
  2. “Hello! You mention you’re a foodie. What’s your all-time favorite dish?”
  3. “Hi! Your dog in the photo is adorable. What’s his/her name?”
  4. “Hey there! I’m intrigued by your travel photos. What’s the most memorable place you’ve visited?”
  5. “Hey! You mentioned you love reading. What book are you currently into?”
  6. “Hi! So, tell me, what’s your idea of a perfect Sunday?”
  7. “Hello! I see you’re a coffee enthusiast. Ever tried making your own brew?”
  8. “Hey, fellow adventurer! Where’s your next journey taking you?”
  9. “Hi there! You mentioned you’re a movie buff. What’s the last great film you watched?”
  10. “Hey! Loved your profile. If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be?”
  11. “Hello! I see you like to cook. Ever had a cooking disaster you could laugh about now?”
  12. “Hey, music lover! What’s your go-to karaoke song?”
  13. “Hello! You’re into photography? What’s the best photo you’ve ever taken?”
  14. “Hi! Noticed you love playing guitar. What’s your favorite song to play?”
  15. “Hey there! You’re a yoga enthusiast. How did you get started with it?”
  16. “Hello! As a fellow travel enthusiast, I’m curious about your favorite travel destination.”
  17. “Hey! So you’re a sports fan? Who’s your favorite team?”
  18. “Hi! Your profile says you love the outdoors. What’s your favorite outdoor activity?”
  19. “Hey there! So, you’re into stand-up comedy? Who’s your favorite comedian?”
  20. “Hello! You mentioned you’re into fitness. What’s your favorite workout routine?”

How to Respond to Hey Text Message If You Don’t Want to Talk Anymore?

Situations can be different, and it’s not always that we want or can continue the chatting. Why is that? Well, the reasons may be rather distinct. Perhaps, you are just too busy right now so you are simply not able to answer. Or, maybe, your conversation partner is not the person you would like to keep on talking to.

No matter what the reason is, you always need to be aware of how to respond to someone saying hey in case you want the conversation to stop! And pay attention that your response must be clear and state your intention to stop the chat immediately.

  1. Do not respond at all. Ignoring them will clearly show your position.
  2. Respond very slowly. Late responses, as well as large time gaps between the messages, clearly state that you don’t feel like keep your conversation going.
  3. “Hey. I’m busy, let’s try later”. Even if you are not busy, this reply will cut the chat down without even letting it begin. Works every time!
  4. Want to be short and right to the point? “Can’t talk now”. And that’s it.
  5. If you want to deter someone from having long conversations with you, simply reply with “Yes?”. A bit rude but very effective.
  6. “I’m super tired. Going to bed”. And no more messages.
  7. If someone is texting you pretty late at night, and you two are not that well acquainted, don’t hesitate to say directly: “It’s pretty late”. Let them know they are a bit too pushy.
  8. “At work. Text you in a few”. Normally, people at work have no time for messaging. So this is a good reason to not reply at all (especially if you don’t want to).
  9. “I don’t feel like talking right now”. Sometimes it is just fine to be completely sincere!
  10. Need to keep your conversation short and to the point? Simply ask the person “What do you want?”.
  11. If you are not interested in long conversations with the person who is messaging you, just ask in response “How can I help you?”. It will let them know you are not into long sentences.
  12. If a person fails to take your hints, and keeps on texting to you, it is ok if you tell him or her to leave you alone. It does sound rude, but who cares as long as they don’t understand?
  13. For very annoying people, don’t hesitate to block them if you feel that your conversations do not make you happy.

With all of these alternative ways of saying “no” when chatting, you will be able to stop any conversation much easier with just a few words.

How to Respond to Hey Text Message If You Don’t Want to Talk Anymore, Ready to Copy Examples.

  1. “Hey, I think it’s best if we don’t chat as much anymore.”
  2. “Hello, I’m currently needing some space. Let’s talk another time.”
  3. “Hi, I’m working on setting some boundaries, and one is less texting. Thanks for understanding.”
  4. “Hey, I’ve realized our conversations aren’t beneficial for me. It’s best we minimize our contact.”
  5. “Hi, I’m focusing on personal growth right now and need to limit our chats.”
  6. “Hey, I appreciate your texts but I think it’s best we don’t communicate as much anymore.”
  7. “Hello, I feel it’s time for me to move on from our conversations. Thanks for understanding.”
  8. “Hey, I think it would be best for both of us if we talk less.”
  9. “Hi, I need to focus on other areas of my life right now and can’t engage in our chats as before.”
  10. “Hello, I’ve decided to take a break from our conversations.”
  11. “Hey, I feel our chats aren’t helping me grow. I’d prefer not to continue them.”
  12. “Hi, for my own reasons, I think it’s best if we don’t text as much anymore.”
  13. “Hey, I believe our conversations are a distraction for me. I’d prefer if we didn’t continue.”
  14. “Hello, I’m looking to distance myself from our chats. Hope you understand.”
  15. “Hi, I’m going through some personal changes and need to cut down on our communication.”
  16. “Hey, I’ve decided that it’s best if we don’t text each other as much.”
  17. “Hello, I think it’s healthier for me to move away from our chats.”
  18. “Hi, for personal reasons, I’ve decided to minimize our text exchanges.”
  19. “Hey, I appreciate our past chats, but I think it’s time we limit them.”
  20. “Hello, for my wellbeing, I’ve chosen to decrease our communication.”

Why Are They Sending Those Heys?

Even when you know very well how to respond when someone texts hey, you may still be wondering what makes those people start their conversation with such a poor greeting. However, you should not think ill of them at all!

Of course, quite many of those hey-sayers are simply impolite whilst others simply surf the dating apps and platforms sending “hey” messages to everyone they see there just to see who will bite and respond.

Nevertheless, there are still quite many people out there who have other reasons for starting their conversation this way. And we are going to explain why they might be doing this.

Reason Number One. They Are Online Dating Newbies

If a person is new to dating online, he or she may simply be unaware that a mere “hey” is definitely not enough for attracting someone’s attention online! It is ok to use it in a loud bar or a club, and even in a less crowded place, this greeting is still acceptable (even though not always the best one!).

However, online, it takes a bit more effort to grab someone’s attention and interest a person in yourself! So what shall you do in such a situation? Well, if you read the person’s profile and you like him or her, feel free to text back and greet your interlocutor. If not, then use one of the methods to say stop to the conversation we have described above.

Reason Number Two. They Send “Hey” Messages to Everyone

This is also called blanket-messaging when someone is sending such “hey” messages to every profile on the dating platform or an app. As you could already guess, this is a lazy way of playing the odds since such a person is definitely not interested in getting to know you better.

✅ How to Respond to a Hey Text Message 📱✅ How to Respond to a Hey Text Message 📱

Reason Number Three. They Are Simply Not Good At Conversations

It is unfortunately true: some people simply do not shine online! And to be honest, it is also pretty sad since being good at what is called small talk allows us to better understand what a person wants from talking to us. Like this, we can clearer understand their motivation to message us.

Why Are They Sending Those Heys
Credits: GlobalStock, via Canva.com

How to Stop Heys?

We know that it can be not only annoying but also quite madding to receive those endless heys from people who just have nothing else to do! Naturally, most of the dating apps users wonder what can be done to halt this type of garbage messages and stem the tide.

Well, first of all, try to apply message filters if the app or a dating platform you are using is a user-friendly one. Like this, all single-word messages, as well as those of them that are keyword-specific will be immediately sent to the trash folder.

Also, turning notifications off may help. Like this, you will have more time for checking all the incoming messages and cleaning those heys away. But we would not recommend putting a note on your profile that says you don’t answer “hey” messages. Those who send these usually never read profiles, you know.

How to Stop Heys
Credits: Azmanjaka, via Canva.com

A Couple Of More Ways Of Answering to a Hey Message

Of course, you can simply write hey back, but this is not quite interesting and eye-catching. Besides, when using a dating app, you need to be noticeable and attract other users’ attention in order for them to write you a message.

This is why people are always looking for alternative ways of answering a “hey” message politely and in an interesting way. And if this is what you are bothering about, we have a few options that might be useful.

  • Do a clickbait
  • Ask specific questions based on their profile information
  • Respond in a witty and sarcastic way
  • Ask a fun question

Now let us explain in detail what each of these variants is about. So let’s start with a clickbait reply. It is a sort of reply that is short (usually consisting of three or four words) and catchy. Once you read it, you will not be able to think of anything else but getting the answer!
For example, you may ask a person whether he or she knows what makes him/her interesting to people. Or ask whether a person is aware of what makes people attracted to him or her.

Also, you can ask something that you read about in a person’s profile. If it is a guy that is crazy about biking, ask whether he has one, or for how long he has been biking. Such questions show your true interest in a person, and besides, they indicate that you took time and read their profile.

Being witty can also be a good way of making people want to answer you! However, be careful since witty replies mean that the person needs to answer with a more meaningful phrase next time. It is important to keep the balance here and not make anyone feel offended.

By the way, if you want to know a person better but you would like to avoid boring questions and even more boring answers, asking fun questions is a great way of starting a conversation. Ask what movies a person would choose for you two to watch together, or what he or she notices first when meeting a new person.

Like this, you will make your chat more vivid and bright, and your interlocutor will definitely want to come back to you to talk more.

So now that you learned how to respond to ‘hey?’, and how to keep your chat going freely and funny, you will have no problems with chatting online!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Are “hey” and “hey there” greetings the same?

Basically yes, they are the same being both informal.

⭐ Is it polite to greet a person with “hey”?

If it’s your friend, then yes, it’s fine. But if you don’t know each other, it’s better to use a more polite alternative e.g. “hello”.

⭐ How to respond to a hey you text?

It sounds quite rude so you should not continue the conversation.

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💡Tips & Advice HOW to Respond to "hey" Text Message from a Guy (or Girl) | Say THIS!💡Tips & Advice HOW to Respond to "hey" Text Message from a Guy (or Girl) | Say THIS!