How to Respond to LOL?

The most correct ways of responding to this abbreviation in chats

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LOL is one of the most popular and frequently used slang abbreviations on the Internet! We use it every day in our chats mostly in a context of laughter. However, this slang expression may have many other meanings and ways of being used. You might not be aware of that, but LOL can be used both as an expression of happy-go-lucky demeanor, as well as even an insult! But how do we figure out in what case we shall use this or that meaning of this expression?

Well, if you have been wondering for a long time how to respond to message lol correctly and not misunderstand your interlocutor, we are here to help you out with this uneasy task! Today we will try to investigate the most widely used meanings of LOL abbreviation, define when each of them is supposed to be used in a text, and also we will provide you with a few tips on how to lol to be understood correctly when texting.

How to Respond to LOL In a Text?

Basically, LOL response will depend on the meaning of this slang abbreviation which is suitable in a particular text and conversation. Since a simple LOL expression may have lots of different meanings behind it, one can find it rather challenging to figure out which one of them is supposed to be used in a particular situation!

So how to respond to someone saying lol to you in a text message? An appropriate response to LOL must always hang upon the context of your conversation, as well as on the previous history of your messages. For instance, if the person you are texting with tends to use LOL frequently (like almost in every sentence!), then there is no need for you to respond further. However, if this is not the case, you should probably ask if everything is alright.

Nevertheless, there are in general a few ways you can answer that LOL in a text without insulting a person on the other side of the screen. But still, do please remember about the context of your conversation and its previous history to not mess up with an answer!

1. Lol back to them

It is absolutely fine to do this if your previous chat was all fun and easy. In this case, sending lol back to a person will simply show him or her that you do find something hilarious as well! As an alternative option, you may use a good old “hahaha” as well.

Such an answer will keep up the light tone of your chat and show your interlocutor that you share his or her vibe.

2. Send an emoji in response

This is not going to be considered as something impolite or rude since today emojis are an irreplaceable part of any text conversation on the Internet. Besides, this is a handy option for those who are tired of constant typing! And of course, let’s not forget about their adorable designs that will make your chat more personalized!

Send an emoji in response

3. Try to change the subject

Sometimes, your conversation can turn sour, especially if you see that a person on the other side of the screen took quite a long time to only reply with that LOL. What shall you do in such a case?

The best solution will be to change the subject. Who knows, perhaps your conversation turned awkward, or even offensive in a way, or your interlocutor got bored with texting. No matter the reason, just take a hint and try to talk about something else.

You know, some people may not want to say it out loud so they prefer to drop hints like that to make you understand they don’t want to continue this conversation on this particular topic anymore. Don’t be persistent, adhere to what they want and make the conversation comfortable for both of you!

And if you have no idea of what could the new subject of your chat be, feel free to proceed with any of these:

  • Anyway, how is your work these days?
  • You know, I think we should drop this and talk about something else!
  • I think I have something else in mind. Want to hear about it?

Like this, you will shift the topic and won’t make the person feel guilty or uneasy for that.

Try to change the subject

4. Simply end the conversation

Yes, sometimes this can be the only way out. Especially if you feel that the tone of your conversation is getting more and more tense, and your replies are turning hostile. In this case the best choice is to end it all right there with no regret.

You are not bound to talk to anybody! So stop the flow of words firmly but politely and leave the chat. It will help you not only to release the stress but you will also avoid unnecessary arguments that may grow into a direct insult!

What can you say to finish the toxic conversation politely yet firmly? Grab these suggestions!

  • I’m sorry but I need to cut this chat short. Thanks for your time.
  • I think things are going too far for my comfort. I will just see you next time.
  • Hey, I’m going to be busy. See you next time.

5. Ignore

That may sound as not the super polite way of ending the conversation, but sometimes, this is the only possible way to get out of it. In some cases, people you are chatting with are just not worth your time, so if you feel like your discussion is going nowhere, end it right there. Do not react. Do not reply. Simply exit the page.


How to Respond to LOL From a Guy?

Have you ever wondered whether your lol reply depends on who is sending this message to you? For instance, will that LOL come from a guy, will your response be different than if it is sent by a girl?

Well, here you need to remember the basic nuances regarding the use of LOL. We already made it clear that this abbreviation does have different meanings depending on the context of your conversation. In addition, guys often use LOL in a bit different way than girls do.

For example, if a guy says “Today was just amazing lol” it most likely means that the day sucked but he is laughing at that. On the other hand, LOL from a guy may mean he is joking with a comment. And of course, it may have the literal meaning of him laughing out loud with something!

So depending on what your previous chat was about, your answer can vary from a smiling emoji in response (in case you are talking about something hilarious) to asking him for more details on a subject if his LOL means he had a bad day or something.

How to Respond to LOL From a Guy

How to Reply to LOL From a Girl?

Girls use LOL in their texts mostly to show that they find your message funny in a good way. But how do you respond to it? Shall you continue the conversation? Or is it she who must keep it going?

To know how to reply to a LOL from a girl, see how she is using this expression. If she is sending you lols all the time and isn’t involved in your chat, then she is probably not interested in talking much. In this case, you could ask if everything is ok.

But if her LOL is a response to your joke or something funny you sent her, it’s ok if you make the conversation go further by developing the topic. Or simply change the subject if there is nothing more to discuss.

How to Reply to LOL From a Girl

What Does Context Matter When Responding to LOL?

As we have already mentioned, the context of your conversation means a lot when deciding how to reply to LOL in a text message. The same word may have totally different meanings depending on the given context! There are people out there, who use LOL sincerely, but also, there are those who use it as a way of showing their callousness!

This is why we suggest you take a few factors into account that will help you to make it clear what the meaning of LOL is in your particular case.

What Does Context Matter When Responding to LOL

Consider Whom You Are Talking to

Is it a close friend, a family member, or your colleague from work? Like this, you will know whether writing LOL is a usual way of texting for this person. But of course, the typing style may change and if you see that your interlocutor suddenly switches from lols to “hahaha”, it might be useful to ask him or her whether everything is alright.

Consider Whom You Are Talking to

Look Back At Your Previous Conversation

Of course, if you know the typing style of this person from A to Z, you will know for sure where that LOL came from! But in general, each part of your conversation matters when you are trying to decipher your interlocutor’s emotions.

Did you just tell a joke? Were you talking about something funny? Or maybe your chat turned into something awkward? read through your responses and see what could make that LOL appear.

Look Back At Your Previous Conversation
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How Is This Phrase Written?

Yes, the way that LOL is written also matters! A single “lol” with all lowercase may or may not mean anything. But when it is combined with a period, then you should be prepared since something is wrong! Also, if you are texting someone who uses LOL with all the caps, chances are that this person genuinely means it.

How Is This Phrase Written
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Different Meanings Of LOL

In most cases, the expression “lol” is used as an acronym for “laughing out loud”. As it comes from the phrase, the LOL abbreviation is initially used when someone wants to say that he or she finds something exceptionally funny.

You might not be aware of this, but this term was created by Wayne Pearson in the 1980s. Later, the phrase became exceptionally popular in texting culture since it is a quick way of saying quite a long expression and thus to express your emotions in a cool and swift way. However, these days, LOL is way less widely used, and less than two percent of Americans still write it in their text messages.

Are there any other meanings of LOL, you may wonder? In fact, there are, but there are not so many of them. Today, when people use LOL, this expression usually means either a smile or a slight amusement. However, in rare cases, lols can be used if a person wants to show his or her disappointment about something (e.g. The day sucks lol).

Different Meanings Of LOL
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How to Use LOL Correctly In a Text?

It may seem that saying lol is not a big deal, however, we would not advise you to take this abbreviation that easily. Depending on the context of your conversation and your interlocutor’s personality, as well as yours, this phrase may have completely distinct meanings!

So in order to be sure that you will use this acronym correctly, decide on what meaning you give to it in your text messages.

  • Write LOL when replying to a funny joke that really made you cry of laughter!
  • You may use it with irony but only if you are sure that your interlocutor will be ok with that.
  • It is ok if you use LOL to show to the person you are texting that you are smiling right now at what he or she said. In this case, lol will mean your positive attitude and fun mood.
  • Finally, lol is ok to be used as a sign of amusement. Again, you need to be sure that another person will understand that this is the meaning!

Naturally, it is easier to use such abbreviations freely if you are texting with a close friend or a family member whose typing patterns are well-known and clear for you. So we suggest that in conversations with less familiar people you use LOL only in its initial meaning which is “laughing out loud”. It will help you to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

So right now you already know a brief history of LOL abbreviation and its major meanings that people use today in their text messages. We also provided you with a brief guide on how to use this expression correctly to not make your interlocutor offended. You even know how to respond to lol from a girl or from a guy!

How to Use LOL Correctly In a Text

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Why do people say lol?

This is the shortest way of saying “laughing out loud”.

⭐How to respond to who is this in a text message?

Simply answer the question.

⭐What does it mean when a girl just replies lol?

She might not be interested in your chat anymore and drops you hints she wants to stop.

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