What Can Replace Bedside Tables? 10 Unexpected Ideas

These ideas seemed to us the most successful

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In fact, the place where you can hold books or glasses and other little things that you may need before bedtime can be anything. But these ideas seemed to us the most successful.  


Use ordinary chairs instead of bedside tables, following the example of the American designer Casey Kenyon. He arranged the bedroom in his Brooklyn apartment, he used Windsor chairs – tall, massive, with a bent back.

In ordinary life, they can give you comfort at bedtime, and during the ’guests’ visit, they can fulfill their usual function.

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Hanging shelf

This idea will appeal to owners of small bedrooms. If you are unable to place standard cabinets on the floor, consider taking place on the wall next to the headboard.

Hanging baskets, small drawers or folding shelves – there are really many ways to save space. And here are some good ideas:

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Another suitable option for a small bedroom is a hanging organizer. The fabric accessory is attached directly to the bed. In the “pockets” of the organizer, you can store anything – from glasses to electronic devices.

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Folded books

We agree that such a pyramid from books looks very extraordinary (it is better not to remember to think about dust at all!), But the question such as “What should I read before going to bed?” Never coming up.

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In terms of functionality, small shelves (or shelf systems) are not traditional bedside tables at all. And in design – even in many ways surpass them.

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Why not? Retro style almost never goes out of style!

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