How to Get Rid of Mice in the Walls?

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Mice can make a serious disaster in a house, which will threaten your walls, roofs and surely food supplies. These unwilling visitors aim our houses to get food, warmth in winter and comfortable living.

The great thing not to offer them get into the house at all.

How to avoid rodents in walls?

There are some easy tips to prevent mice appearance in a house:

  1. Inspect all the gaps outs, vents and slots from the outside. Remember that small mice can find their way even through tiny crack. What you need is just close the cracks, slots and others not with plastic or stones, but cloth or net. The air should come freely into the house.
  2. In case your house stands on the route of mice it’s a wise idea to use your cats litter on the perimeter of the outer area. The smell of enemy will frighten them. 
  3. Of course you are advised to have a pet like cat to avoid the rodents. The easiest way which can give many pleasant opportunities to the mice hunt and smell to prevent their penetration inside. We can surely say it is the most lovely and cosy mean against the rodents. 

If you still don’t have a pet we sincerely recommend to take one and enjoy the life! They are mostly pleasant and funny by their nature and so tender predators.

However the problem is mostly seen after and we face the results of gnawer penetration.

What can you see to be sure there is a mouse in your private living area?

  1. Firstly it’s droppings on the floor, near the food and on the paths of mice. 
  2. Some people hear even noise of small paws inside the walls at night. It’s obvious as far as rodents in walls sleep during the day time and avoid the sunlight. That is why sometimes the residents even don’t suspect they have small visitors in a house. 

They can come to the house and what is more serious creates the homes. When mice get to your house crawl space they are extremely happy to get a dry and warm place without any light. The additional pluses are easy access to the place of meals like a kitchen or pantry. People to mice’s luck don’t use these crawl spaces as well and all the time have stocked food.

How to get rid of mice in walls and ceilings?

mice in walls

What you should know is that mice infest in a building  in air ducts, crawl spaces and wall cavities. The walls are rather good surfaces for paths too unlike to cats and big animals. 

Firstly it is a good practice to stop leaving food and snacks anywhere in the living area. If you pack everything properly with lids or containers mice wouldn’t strive to get it. They will look for food in other places. 

As we said before they are afraid of light so you can use the automatic light in your crawl space. These places should also be dry to prevent them give any water.

There are special ultrasonic pest control units that will fight the rodents with the help of special noises harming only for mice.  

how to keep mice out of your house

How to get mice out of walls?

  • Use the traps for catching.
  • You need some food for the pitfall which will make good smell like cheese, peanuts, cookies, etc.
  • Place these tricky items close to the wall, or supposed mice paths. 

how to get rid of mice in the walls

If you have already holes or know where is house of mouse we strongly don’t recommend any poison procedures. The results of poisoned lure are difficult to prevent or eliminate.

Imagine the mouse ate the poisoned piece and ran to a wall while was alive. This way you get an awful case with a dead mouse inside the wall with a horrible smell.

how do exterminators get rid of mice

How to create the mouse traps yourself?

  1. One way is to do it by the help of a nickel-sized hole you should make in a wall.
  2. Prepare the same path in a cardboard box. Connect them and put the trap inside the box. 
  3. It is rather comfortable to use something transparent on the top of the box to check the process.Your first victim will soon appear.
  4. Your next steps will be cleaning the trap and repeating the hunting up to the last mouse. 

There are ready-made glue trays, snap traps on the market to get rid of mice in wall.

However bigger problem with a dead mouse should not be left. Here you need an electronic borescope to find the place of death. Start the searching operation and make holes for ventilation and for cleaning when the mouse will be detected. 

All the holes should be closed after the procedure.  Inspect the outside entrances of rodents and seal them too. Use something strong but still giving the air entrance inside. 

What to do with live mouse from a trap?

The caught mice are serious threats until they are somewhere close. We recommend to put it or them into the pack and take pretty far away from the house. A good idea to leave them in a forest. 

mouse nest

But let’s repeat that the easiest way is to take a lovely cat and start your mouse preventing campaign. Cats know for sure how to get rid of rats in the walls. Plus you will overcome the problem of new rodents visit and infection. 

Cats can create some charming comfort and relax for the owners as well. All that they need is your love and some food, especially when the mice are caught!

If you can’t do it inspect all the gaps outs, vents, and slots from the outside of your house. Don’t let mice find their way even through a tiny crack. Close the cracks, slots, and others thoroughly and leave the entrance for the air. 

How to Get Rid of Mice In Walls
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Having mice or any other rodents in the house is trouble. They don’t only destroy your food but they also cause noise and can be dangerous to your health as some of these little guests can be carriers of the disease. 

Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions from those who have ever had to deal with mice in walls and other places.

How to Get Rid of Mice In Walls? Frequently Asked Questions

Those who found out they have rodents in their house often ask questions regarding how to deal with this disaster. Check out the most frequent of them.

Can a mouse make a nest in the house?

Yes, it can and it will do it if it finds a proper place to live. You need to know that mice prefer dark places with access to water and food that is why crawl space, air ducts and any cavities in your walls are very attractive to them.

Mousy Nest BuildingMousy Nest Building

Can rats live in the walls?

Unfortunately, they can. Moreover, most of the rats are born inside the people’s houses and in the walls in particular! It often happens that people hear rat in crawl space, in the attic or behind the wall. 

Also, as rats have strong teeth that are constantly growing, these rodents can chew through almost anything starting from wood and brick and ending with concrete and even aluminum!

How do exterminators get rid of mice?

Calling a professional exterminator can save you time when dealing with rodents in your home. What they do is they spot any entries that mice can use to get inside, then the exterminator sets mousetraps and the bait points inside and around the house. If the problem is severe, they can call for fumigators.

How do exterminators get rid of mice
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Can mice climb walls?

Can mice climb? Many people ask this question when spotting mice in their houses, especially if it’s an apartment on one of the upper floors.

In fact, mice do climb walls but they can’t get higher than 13 inches up on the smooth wall of any other vertical surface. 

mouse climbing wallmouse climbing wall

How to get rid of mice in the walls?

To cast out those animals, you can use several methods.

Methods More details
Use mouse traps How to kill a mouse if you can’t keep a cat? Set mouse traps all over the house and outside of it, too. However, we don’t recommend using poison as it can be dangerous to yourself.
Call for the exterminator service If the mice’s problem is already severe, it would be better to call for professional help.
Remove all that they like Mice prefer dark places where they have access to water and food. To stop encouraging them to visit you, stop leaving food around the house, close all the cracks and gaps in the walls and fences with the net, and install automatic light in the crawl spaces.
Use pest control To make sure you get rid of mice for sure, try to use the ultrasonic pest control device. It affects only mice with the special noises it produces.

What to do if I hear scratching in my walls?

Scratching and chewing sound in your wall means that you have rodents. What you have to do is to define which ones – rats or mice – you have before you start fighting them.

If it’s mice, then you will see droppings on the floor and hear scratching noises. If you have rats, you will more likely hear squeaking, soft footsteps sound at night, gnawed traces on your food packages and marks that remind dirt or grease.

After you define the rodents, use any methods you know to trap them.

What if I hear scratching noise under floorboards?

Scratching sounds that come from the floorboards can mean that you have either mice or rats. If you can’t define which of the rodents you have, call the exterminators’ service for help.

What if I hear scratching noise under floorboards
Photo by Shashank Kumawat from Pexels

What to do if I hear rats in my walls?

If you found rats and you’re sure it’s them, you can try to get rid of them yourself. Otherwise, it would be better to ask professional exterminators to take care of the rodents once and for all.

If you use these tips, no chewing sound in a wall at night will ever disturb you at home.

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How to Get Rid of House Mice (4 Easy Steps)How to Get Rid of House Mice (4 Easy Steps)