15 Homemade And All-Natural Remedies to Cast Mice Away Forever

Totally safe for you, but rodents will be terrified!

Written by Olivia Paxton. Updated on how to get rid of rats with natural ways

No matter whether you live in a country house or you dwell in an apartment, you could probably notice that the second colds arrive, the signs of mice appear. Of course, not everyone had that experience (fortunately), but those who did face constant trouble of destroying the rodents.

Tired of mice traps and severe chemical repellents (that can be harmful to you, by the way)? We offer you our top list of safe and natural methods that can help you in fighting those annual invasions.

What Makes Mice Visit Us?

Have you ever asked yourself why mice come to your house at all? We have to upset you but it is not because your home is so cozy and nice! 

When the temperature outside is getting down, mice start instinctively seek for a safe and warm spot where they could stay until warmth is back. If that spot provides food, too, that a jackpot!

So when these tiny creatures run into a warm, spacious, and foody human house, how can they resist not staying there? And we only make it even more attractive for them if we do the following things:

  • The food we leave on the tables and counters is a welcoming signal for mice to come in
  • Any crumbs that we leave on the floor also attract rodents
  • Dog/cat food left in our pet’s plate during the night
  • Food debris that is not discarded in time
  • Any cluttered areas like attics, garages, or small storage places

So to at least prevent mice invasion, try to keep the house cleaned and tidy.

Are Mice Dangerous?

Most people think that rats are the most dangerous rodents that can visit our homes whereas mice seem to be way more harmless. However, these small furry animals can cause quite serious problems.

What Makes Mice Visit Us
Photo by Mert Guller
  • They carry various diseases and bacteria
  • They can be a reason for a fire hazard since these rodents often chew on wiring
  • They can contaminate the food and the food surfaces

So even if they don’t seem deadly, it’s better to keep them away from where you live.

How to Repel Rodents Easily With Natural Remedies

And here is the question: how to repel rodents safely? Mice traps are often ineffective, and poisons can be harmful to humans. Fortunately, we know several safe remedies that are easy to get.

  1. Hide everything that can attract them e.g. food, grains, and other dry products must be kept in metal tanks tightly sealed. Also, store all the soft and fluffy items (e.g. blankets, rugs, towels, etc) in plastic or metal boxes – like that, mice won’t have nesting materials.
  2.  Seal all entries. Mice can find their way almost anywhere so seal all the holes and even cracks that they can squeeze through. 
  3. Soak cotton balls with peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, or cloves, and leave them where you usually find mice traces. As a variant, make sachets with these dry herbs and spices and leave them at the mice hideouts.
  4. If you have a cat, place its litter close to the entrance. Mice hate the cat’s smell, so it will help.
  5. Rodents can’t stand the smell of ammonia, so leave at the spots where the rodents enter the house.
  6. Try electronic beeper. It produces sounds that irritate mice and scare them off. 
  7. Apple cider acetum&water is a perfect blend to cast rodents away. Pulverize it around the house perimeter, and at any entry spots inside.
  8. It appears that rodents can’t stand the scent of fabric softener! So if you soak some pieces of cloth with it and leave them at the mice entry points,  that will scare them away.
  9. Stuff any holes and cracks with the steel wool since it’s too tough for mice to chew through. To make it sit better, add some silicone. 
  10. Sprinkling instant mashed potatoes can work as mice killers since the rodents won’t survive it expanding in their stomachs.
  11. Leave some coffee powder at the spots that mice like the best (e.g. kitchen counter). They don’t like this smell so the powder will scare them off.
  12. Using Indian mulberry can also help. Leave its pieces at the nest-spots. It will not only deodorize the house but will also repel the pests.
  13. Instead of discarding eggshells, prepare a mice repellent! Blend them into powder, oven-dry, and sprinkle at the mice hidings.
  14. Mice are not vampires, but they also hate garlic. Cut garlic into parts, wrap in gauze, and leave at the mice trails.
  15. Mothballs of naphthalene also work as mice repellents. Place them at the corners where rodents often go through but don’t use those if you have little children or pets that can ingest or touch them since naphthalene is a chemical pesticide. 

When using these methods, your home will definitely be the worse spot for mice to drop in!


  1.  Mice come to our homes attracted by food, food debris, and cluttered spaces like attics or garage
  2.  They come in through the tiniest holes and cracks in the walls and floor
  3.  The most common areas to spot the rodents include the kitchen, the area under the sink, corners of the rooms, and pantry

These rodents can cause serious problems e.g. short circuits since they tend to chew the vires. Also, mice often carry diseases that make them hazardous animals for people.

To naturally repel mice, use the following

  1.  Electronic mice repellent
  2. White vinegar
  3.  Ammonia
  4.  Essential oils (peppermint) or cayenne pepper
  5.  Garlic
  6. Indian mulberry
  7.  Naphthalene
Photo by Zdeněk Macháček

Precaution measures

  • Seal all the holes and cracks previously stuffing them with the steel wool to prevent mice from chewing through
  • Take food debris away regularly
  • Don’t leave food outside 
  • Keep your attic and basement, as well as garage tidy and clean

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What scent will keep mice away?

The smell of white acetum, coffee, onion, and cat litter will make mice stay away from your house.

⭐ Do dryer sheets repel mice?

Yes, they will scare the rodents off since mice don’t like their smell.

⭐ What is the best mouse repellent?

Among the natural ones, a cat is the best mice repellent since it’s their natural enemy! But if you don’t have a cat, then go for ammonia since its smell mimics the odor of the predator’s urine.

⭐ Do mice hate aluminum foil?

They say that mice don’t like it due to its taste and hardness, however, these rodents can chew through a low gauge aluminum, so...this fact is to be questioned.

⭐ What do Mice hate the most?

Mice have poor eyesight, that’s why they don’t like a bright flashing light, also, loud noises and certain smells scare them away.

⭐ What smell do Mice hate the most?

The worse smell for them is the scent of their natural predators - cats.

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