How to Wash a Sleeping Bag?

If You Have a Real Need You Can Do It!

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We want to note right away that washing sleeping bags should be done only when there is a real need.

They don’t really like to be washed. No matter how carefully you try to wash the sleeping bag, the insulation will lose the part of its heat-insulating properties.

Synthetic sleeping bags deal with washing better, but you should not wash them more they need it.

However, a dirty sleeping bag loses much more of its properties. Many tourists are especially afraid to wash down-filled sleeping bags, but with proper washing and drying, you will renew it and return the lost thermal insulation properties.

So, here are a few rules for the care, washing, and storage of sleeping bags.

Remember them, and they will serve you faithfully for many years.

If you want the sleeping bag to retain its properties for as long as possible, it would be useful to ventilate it every day throughout your trip. You can throw it over the tent, hang it on a tree branch, or lay it down on the stones.

It is possible to protect the surface of the sleeping bag from grease and other impurities by using special protective tools.

Thus, you can reduce the number of washings required and extend the life of your sleeping bag.

how to wash a sleeping bag

Silk liners in the sleeping bag serve as an additional heat-insulating layer, and they are light and extremely compact. Cotton liners are a cheaper way to keep your sleeping bag clean.

How to Wash a Sleeping Bag?

Small spots on the sleeping bag can be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water.

The inner surface of the sleeping bag can be wiped with a solution of potassium permanganate, and this will save him from unpleasant smells.

Before washing, you have to turn the sleeping bag inside out.

Companies try to use external materials for waterproof, especially in sleeping bags for extreme sports. Also, internal tissues are more prone to grease.

Detergent for sleeping bags

For washing sleeping bags, do not use regular detergent and any other products which contain bleaching or other corrosive substances.

You can use baby soap or liquid laundry detergent. For downy sleeping bags, it will be handy to buy a special detergent for fluff.

The most popular detergents are Nikwax Down Wash and Granger’s Down Cleaner.

how to wash a synthetic sleeping bag
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Hand washing of the sleeping bag

It is recommended to hand wash the sleeping bag (whether it is downy or synthetic).

  • Fill the bathtub with warm water, add detergent.
  • Clean with the sponge all the dirty spots.
  • To prevent the sleeping bag from floating up, it is necessary to fold it as tightly as possible before immersing in water to expel all excess air.
  • You can stand on your sleeping bag in the bathtub with bare feet to completely immerse it in water. Rinse the sleeping bag thoroughly with plenty of water.
  • It is important to wash all the detergent completely, as it can cause settling and spoilage of fluff after drying.

How to wash a sleeping bag in a washing machine?

If you decide to wash the sleeping bag in the washing machine, set to the delicate wash mode to 30 ° and without spin. Most likely you will need an additional rinse, if there is such an option, turn it on the right before the start, or rinse after the cycle is completed.

Be careful with the dosage of detergent; there can be an extra foam formation when washing sleeping bags.

how to wash a sleeping bag in a washing machine
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Do not remove the washed sleeping bag directly from the washing machine or from the bathtub, let the water drain (wait for 30 minutes).

If the dryer is far from the place of washing, put the sleeping bag in the basin to bring it to drying, otherwise, under the influence of heavy wet filler, the internal partitions may be damaged. And categorically do not squeeze the sleeping bag by twisting.

How to dry a sleeping bag?

Drying a sleeping bag is a long task.

Dry the sleeping bag in a well-ventilated area away from the radiators in a horizontal position, especially downy (so as not to damage the internal partitions that hold the fluff in the right place). The synthetic sleeping bag will drain more easily, and it is advisable to shakedown it regularly so that the fluff straightens and occupies the entire volume of the bag.

Depending on the thickness and quality of the sleeping bag, it can take from one to five days to dry. If you have parquet floors, keep in mind that water will drip onto the floor for quite some time.

how to wash a down sleeping bag

How to storage the sleeping bag?

Before storing, the sleeping bag must be properly dried and ventilated. To do this, unzip all zips and place the sleeping bag on a dryer or hang it on chairs.

You can hang the sleeping bag on a hanger in a closet or put it under a sofa or bed in a drawer.

Downy sleeping bags, as well as synthetic ones, cannot be stored in a compressed form. Between trips, they must be pulled out of the compression bags and stored either unfolded or neatly folded in a loose bag of cotton cloth or in a net (without covering the top with clothes).

Otherwise, being compressed, the filler will be lost its ability to recover, talking about fluff – swellability.

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